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Publication numberUS87655 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 9, 1869
Publication numberUS 87655 A, US 87655A, US-A-87655, US87655 A, US87655A
InventorsS. Foster
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Improved boot and shoe-lacing
US 87655 A
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@Huit il 5mm y s .3P-MW @zum i "PHILANDER s. FOSTER, 0F' RICHMOND, MAiNE.

Lam Patent No. 81,655, daad March 9, 1869.' l


The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of 'th'e same.

To all whom it' ma/y concern Be it known that I, PHILANDER S. FOSTER, otRiohmond, in the county of Sagadahoc, and State of Maine, have invented a new and valuable Improvement in Boot and Shoe-Lacings;-and1 do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the construction and operation of the same,'reference being.l yhad to the` annexed drawings, making a part of this My invention relates to devices for lacing boots, and

it consists in adjusting and arranging a 'series of tongues,

-or aps, over the front side of the boot-leg, in such manner that they shall -respectively assume the position of Wedges, completely covering the front side of the ankle, together with a series of staples, or rings, attached to the ends of said flaps, or tongues, and the boot-leg, through which cords are passed, for the purpose of tightening the boot-leg at will, the object 'being to provide means by which the frontpart of the ankle may be more fully wrapped and protected, and the boot laced and unlaced with greater ease and efficiency than byI any similar device heretofore invented. l

The letter A, of the drawings, represents a bootleg,

open in front, witha series of aps, or tongues, attached thereto, of the foi-m, and in the manner shown. Y These flaps are marked B on the drawings.

They are respectively sewed on Vthe sides oi' the bootleg, and are graduated in size from the top to the bottom, those at the top being the largest. They are formed in the shape of wedges, the sides of which tit closely against each other when the boot is laced, forming a full covering for thefront side of the ankle.

The letters` a represent staples, fastened in the boot# leg, and letters c are' staples attached tothe front ends :of the ilaps respectively, as shown.

The letters s are cords, or lacers, that are passed through the staples a and c respectively, in the manner represented, and the boot is laced by pulling the same upward.

In addition to the above-named devices, I sometimes add, at the ends of the liaps, or tongues, respectively, elastic straps, marked d on g. 2.

The outer or pointed ends of these. straps, respectnesses.



ively, are fastened, at will, to buttons, studs, or hooks,

What 'I claim as my invention, and desire to secure l

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US5467537 *Mar 18, 1994Nov 21, 1995Nike, Inc.Shoe with adjustable closure system
Cooperative ClassificationA43B23/26