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Publication numberUS877115 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 21, 1908
Filing dateMay 8, 1906
Priority dateMay 8, 1906
Publication numberUS 877115 A, US 877115A, US-A-877115, US877115 A, US877115A
InventorsFredrick E Patterson
Original AssigneeFredrick E Patterson
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US 877115 A
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N0. 77,11 PATENTED JAN. 21, 1908.





Specification of Letters Eatent.

Application filed May 8.190s. Berialhlo.

ouses for use in bath-room for the laundry. and-similar pur oses, and as for its object I to simplify an I and increase the uti ity and eficiency of deim rove the construction,

vices-of this character.

With these and other objects in view which I will appear as the nature of the invention is better understood, the invention consists in certain novel features of construction as hereinafter fully described and claimed.

, In the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification and in which crrespending parts are denoted by like designating characters, is illustrated the preferred form of the embodimentoi' the invention capable of carrying the same into practical operation.

In the drawings:Figure 1 is a sectional elevation of the improved device. Fig. 2 is a transverse section on the line 2- -'2 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is an enlarged sectional detail of, the burner. "Fig. 4 is a detail' of a portion of the inner shell, illustrating a slight modification in the construction. V Figs. 5 and 6 are sectional details illustrating modifications in the construction of the supportingstand.

The improved device comprises a shell 10,

, preferably cylindrical, with a head 11 at one endand an annu'lari'rame 12 within the other end, the frame having an inwardly extending horizontal flange 13 spaced above its lower edge, and with an upwardly and inwardly inclined annular flange 14 extending from the .'horizontal flange, as shown in Fig. 1.

' Riveted or otherwise secured to the fiance 14 is an inner shell 15, converging inwardly and upwardly and rovided with a head 16, the shell 15 and its head 16 forming an inwardly and upwardly ta ering chamber within the outer shell 10, an opening down.- wardly therefrom, as shown. 7 I

The tapering shell 15 is reinforced by a plurality of bars or ribs 17 attached to its outer face, as shown.

Extending between-the headl l of the outer shell and the head 16 of the inner shell are a plurality of fines iii/providing means for the passage of the heated air rising from the burner which is located within the inner shell.

15, as hereinafter described.

Disposed upon the head 11 of the outer V shell 10 is a hood 19from which a fine 2,0leads', to a chimney or other oint of discharge, the

. hood extending over a l the lines 18.

- A ieed pipe 21 leads into the shell l0,pref-- erably through the head 11, and terminates near the lower end. of the shell 1 0, while a dis charge pipe 22 leads from the shell 10, and

also preferably through the head 11.

A draw-ofi valve 23 is also rovided,i=to,en

able the contentsoi the shel 10 -to. be with- The shell 10 is supported upon a stand co1istructed of an annular frame 40 and spaced legs 24, the annular frame. bearing bene-aththe horizontal flange 13 of the frame 12, and provided with a verticalilange 41 extending within the annular flange 14 ofthe irarne12.

Extending through the. head 16 of the inner shell 15 1s a pipe 25, projecting u wardly into the shell 10 for a considerable distance,


and provided with a T 26 below the head 16. 1

Connected to one end of the T 26 is the upper whirl of a relatively large coil 27, thelatter increasing in diameter downwardly, and

connected to the other end of the T 26 is the upper whirl of another and. smaller coil 28 likewise extending downwardly and within the larger coil 27,.and also increasing in diameter toward the lowerend.

The lower whirl of the outer and larger coil extends laterally as at 29 and is connected with the interior of the shell 10 through the inclined inner shell 15, while the lower whirl of the smaller inner coilis also extended laterally as at 8'0 and connected with the interior of theshell l0 thrcughthe wall of the inner shell 15.,

The burner is, located beneath the coils 2'7-28, and consists of asaucer like plate lid;

31, or a plate having an upturned edge, and

through which the supply pipe .32 for the gas is conducted.

Bearing upon theplate 31 is a cap 33 having relatively minute recesses 34 in its lower rim, and with a plurality of minute orifices 35. in its upper face, theoriiicesbeing preferably arranged in a circle.

one 37 diam curved-edge o P a the r inner coil 28, yjwhi e an greatest possible benefit the flames of the burner.

tional outline of such a regulator is indicated at 39. I

The relative sizes of the base plate 31 oi the burneriandthe cap member 33 of the saute, are so proportioned relative to the coils 27 and 28, that the flames from the 'rifices extend into the space within the the flames escaping by the-recesses *turned upwardly by the c base 31 between the two. coils, as represented "in Fig; 3, so that the wi 1 be secured from h nner causes the heated air pro uced bytliefaction of the burner to be deflected inwardly as it rises and is thus accelerated,

and its beneficial effects thereby materially increased.

By arranging the pipe 25 with its discharge end in :the upper ortion of the space :Wltd'llll the shell 10, and ower ends of the coils con its lower-end, a veryrapid and free circul e nected to the space within the shell 10 no? 'tion of the water within the outer shells maintained.

The tubes 18 are so distributed over the surfaces ofrthe' heads 11 and 16 as to form bracing supports thereto.

The bars 17 maybe of any suitable form transversely but will preferably be in L shape as in Fig. 2, for- T shaped. as in Fig. 4.

A small vent orifice is formed in the inflow pipe seat 42, to prevent the formation of a vacuum and thereb. obviate all danger of the siphoning of thecontents of the shell back through the intake pipe, u H Theannular frame '40 may be arranged with its vertical flange outside the shell 10,

- as in Fig. 6, or in channel form as in l31g. 5.

standards 24 will be rep aced b When in channel form the frame is utilized as a receptacle 'iorian moisture which may be precipitated from t is shell and thus prevent it from falling upon the floor shown. at 43. When thus em loyed one of the v a tubular member 44 and leading throug the floor, to any suitable receivbr? The device may be constructed of any required size, or capacity, and of any suitable material,

Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new is?- disposed in the supply the liqui? chamber and communicating with shell. 15 converglng inwardl and v chamber and end thereof, said pipe being '(provided at its head having 1. A water heating apparatus including an outer shell provided. with an interior liquid chamber, a hood secured to the top of the shell, an inner shell extending Within the outer shell and having its lower end open, a plurality of lines connecting the inner and outer shells and extending through the inte'ior of the hood, a pipe disposed within'the liquid chamber and 'havin its lower end provided with an enlarged vead having oppositely disposed cou ling meme hers, a pipe secured to one. of the coupling members and bent to form a vertically dis osed coil the free endof which is extended aterally througll one side of the inner shell for communication with the interior of the liquidcharnber, apipe secured. to they opposite coupling member and bent to form a second coil surrounding the first coil and having its free end extending laterally through the opposite side of the inner recepr tacle forcommunication with theli uid chamher, and a burner arranged beneat the coils.

2. A waterheating apparatus including an outer shell. having an interior chamber, a

hood secured to the top of the casing, an annular frame secured to the bottom of the shell, an inner shell resting 'on the annular'frame and extending within the outer shell, said inner shell having itslower endopen and its exterior walls re' orced by a plurality of spaced vertically disposed ribs, fiues connectlng the inner and outer shells and extended through the liquid chamber for communication with the hood, a pipe disposed within the liquid chamber and having its lower end provided with a T head and having oppositely disposed coupling members, coils disposed one within the otherand connected with the coupling members of the head, said coils having their free ends extending laterally in opp0- site directions through the adjacent walls ofthe inner sliell for communication with the li uid chamber, and a burner disposed benealih the. coils.

3. A Water heatin apparatus including an outer shell, a hood secured to the top of the outer shell, an annular frame secured to the lower end'of the shell, an inner shell resting on the annular frameand extending withinthediquid chamber, said inner'shell having its lower end open and its interior it walls provided with a plurality of spaced reinforcing ribs ilues connecting the inner outer shells "apd extending through the liquid chamberifir cdmmunication with the in ce,

a pipe extending within the liquid terminating short of the upper lower end with argfjfienlarge oppositely disposed coupling members, C0118 disposed one within the other and connected "withthe cou ling memherfs of the hea 'the I In testimon that i cleim the' vfore oin P I g g g free ends :of said coils being extended in as my own, I ave hereto affixed my slgna- 10 0p osite ,directions through the adjacent ture in the presence of two Witnesses. We is of the inner shell for communication 5 with the li uid chambena supporting frame 7 v I FRED ER engaging t e annular frame, standards. de- Witnesses; Bending from the supporting frame, and a I HEARMON PATTERSON,

eater disposed beneath thecoils. G. F. BIEBER.

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