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Publication numberUS877322 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 21, 1908
Filing dateDec 20, 1905
Priority dateDec 20, 1905
Publication numberUS 877322 A, US 877322A, US-A-877322, US877322 A, US877322A
InventorsJohann Hermann Walter Gebler
Original AssigneeJohann Hermann Walter Gebler
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Seamless sheet-metal spout for vessels.
US 877322 A
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PATENTED. JAN. 21, 1908.l


APPLICATION FILED DEO.2-0|1905 Ev 5 www,



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Jan. 21, 1908.

Application filed December 20. 1905- Serial No. 292.610.

T o all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JOHANN H. W. GEB- LER, a citizen of the Empire of Germany, residing in Pirna, in the Kingdom of Saxony and Empire of Germany, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Seamless Sheet-Metal Spouts for Vessels, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to spouts for sheetmetal vessels, and particularly vessels of this kind which are covered with a coating of enamel.

It has been found that when the spouts of such vessels are formed by overlapping and riveted joints or by folded seams a joint of suflicient tightness cannot be obtained, and further that the enamel, by reason of the projections and unevenness at the joint or joints of the spout, is very liable to chip olf.

The object of this invention is to provide an improved spout for sheet-metal vessels in which projecting` seams are entirely avoided and a smooth finish to the spout obtained without the formation of bubbles or other defects in the enamel.

lith this end in view the invention consists in a spout constructed in the manner to be hereinafter described and claimed.

In the accompanying drawing, in which similar reference characters denote corresponding parts throughout, Figure l is a sideview of a spout made in accordance with the invention, Fig. 2 shows the blank from which the upper portion of the spout is made, Fig. 3 is an. endeview of said blank showing the same in the process of being bent into shape, Fig. 4 is a transverse section of the u per spout-portion formed by such blank, Fig. 5 shows the blank for the lower spout-portion, Fig. 6 illustrates the manner in which this blank is bent into shape, and Fig. 7 is an end-view of the lower spout-portion as completed. Y

Referring to the drawing, the improved spout A is formed of an upper portion a and a lower portion I) united at their abutting edges by a weld joint e disposedA transversely of the spout intermediately of its length. The up er or smaller portion a is formed from a lank al, as shown in Fig. 2. This blank isl cut from a piece of flat sheet-metal in the form shown and then bent up at both sides in a direction parallel to its longitudinal axis, as shown in Fig. 3. The blank is bent in thismanner until its side-edges a2 abut one another throughout their length, as

shown in Fig. 4, and' while in this position these edges are welded together, preferably by means of an oxyhydrogen llame, so 'as to form an invisible joint extending longitudinally of the spout-portion at the upper part of the same.

The lower spout-portion b is constructed in substantially the same manner as the upper s out-portion. The at blank is cut in the sliape shown in Fig. 5, after which it is bent up through the stage represented in Fig. 6into the form shown in Fig. 7. In this latter figure the side-edges b2 of the blank are shown as welded together in order to form a longitudinal weld joint at the upper part of said spout portion, as indicated by the dotted line b3.

The final ste in themanufacture of the spout is the we ding together of the portions a, b thus formed in order to form the com`- pleted spout. The. lower end of the upper spout-portion and the upper end of the, lower spout-portion are for this purpose placed against each other in alinement, in which position they are welded together by an invisible transverse weld joint, as indicated by the dotted line e in Fig. 1. 4

A spout is thus formed which has two longitudinal weld joints at its u per part and an intermediate transverse wel joint; but, as stated, these joints are invisible, and the spout when completed is smooth throughout its inner and outer surfaces. By reason of this fact the uniform enameling of the spout can be readily eilected and the spout will then have a very smooth and finished appearance. Furthermore, the likelihood of bubbles and defects in the enamel is decreased and thev scaling oif of the enamel prevented.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent: Y

A spout for sheet-metal vessels made from two blanks, each of which is bent up and has its side-edges united by a weld joint disposed longitudinally of the spout, the abutting edges of the spout-portions formed by said blanks being united by a transverse weld joint.

In testimony, that I claim the foregoing as my invention, I have signed my name in presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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