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Publication numberUS877370 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 21, 1908
Filing dateMar 28, 1907
Priority dateMar 28, 1907
Publication numberUS 877370 A, US 877370A, US-A-877370, US877370 A, US877370A
InventorsSamuel J Reckendorfer
Original AssigneeSamuel J Reckendorfer
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US 877370 A
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PATENTED JAN. 21, 1908.




LEAD-PENGIL tipecification. of Letters Patent,

Eatented Jan. 21, 1903.

Application filed March 28. 1907. Serial No. 364359.

Be it known that I, SAMUEL J. REUKEN- DOl- LFER, u Citizen of thellnited States, residing in the city and State of New York (Whose Uui-Eldiilk'l ail-li'ess is 45 West Fiftysixth street-J have invented a new and useful Inipim'ement in LewbPt-ncils, of which the fol lowing is a specilieation.

it is a COMM-"mil praetiee aiueng manufactiu'eis uf lvml penvils to give away large numbers 0f pen-'11s 0 their agents andv customers as samples m i-flllf the llitl um and quality of the perm i. sue. ilH merits of a pencil can be tested by using a. small fraction of its lei gl'h, it results. from the iiianulactuiess point ml View, that a large part of his sample N was .2, it has summed to me to do away with this waste for the manufacture by utilizing, sumph-is of the history product, the pencil stubs m short pieces of lQiMlpencil, which result as 2 oll l byproduct in lead pencil l tlt'lwfllfi. This lay-product 1s 110W generally than. u uwsi" But pencil stubs are natural y im; Sill)?! to make possible the UUllli Tri'litlFlf tllill imivenient test which the prospective"eusmmei' (l(li'lil1')(lS. he stubs are long eimugh m be grasped by the fingers and thumb, in l are not lung enough to have their ends emuvin r-uiitaet, with that part of the liul'ltl \vl lilll lit-S between li ug'ei' and thumb and which arm as e uille in writing,

iiii'eutiui: iiaael'oi'e consists in. app rug in the end nl' pei'u-il stulils, opposite the puiiu', a: fairly I gill paper tube ol about the same tlltillitl.(l as the stub, whm'ebv the stub is elongated in a so? The stub is grasped by the iiu gms and thumb and the elongating tube {mutants with the hand (it the user. The paper tube is pi-eferably allixeu by turning a shoulder on the end of the pencil upposite the point and by sticking the tube supplied with glue upon. the teiioii thus lm'ined.

in this iiuuiuei' there 1 will be um break between the [)(illflll and tube surfaces. 4

it Wiil be observed that the paper tube ieazl l}? lends itself to carry; adverti 1g matter which may be printed theiemi and this is a leutuie especially desirable in gratuitously .(hstiibuteu samples.

In the drawings: Figure 1 is a pm'speetive view of a pencil embodying my invention; and Fig. .2 is a sectien oi the prel ei'i ml' form.

."he pencil stub A preferably supplied with a tenon A forming a shoulder 13. The paper tube B, in tile/ 6&8? shown, has the diameter (if LS outer surface equal diameter of the stub A and the diameter of its inner surface equal to the diameter of the tenon A. Before ing the paper iube over the tenou it, su )plied With glue 01 similar adhesive material the fiber of the paper and into the wood of the psneil and firmly unites the two.

While the maker will naturally use the pencil stubs which result a hy-yuecluet sf manufacture, there is nothing to prevent his cutting into shaft lengths his regular stock and using such. short le' igths iii aeeerilaru-e vith the present invent n.

I claim:

i. A pencil stub having an elongating paper tube adhesii'ely zllllXC-(l thereto for sun.- taet with the hand of the user, substaiitiall 2. ii pencil stub supplied with a teiioii. and an elongating paper tube ailiiesively allbeal thereto for (.zontaet with the haiul 01" the use. suhstentially as described.

in testiiimuy 'u'hieul' i luti disigiifll my name to this speeilieatinn in the nesenee of two subscribing SAlilL. 5. it l ltllll lfl DO l-Z.

l' i itiiesses Oscaa iviisiuaii, l'lENRY WIMGKE.

t0 the which sinks into-

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Cooperative ClassificationA45D40/0081, B43K23/016