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Publication numberUS877454 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 21, 1908
Filing dateJul 19, 1907
Priority dateJul 19, 1907
Publication numberUS 877454 A, US 877454A, US-A-877454, US877454 A, US877454A
InventorsGilbert A Randall
Original AssigneeGilbert A Randall
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Sensitized-paper holder.
US 877454 A
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PATENTED JAN. 21, 1908.

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' Afro/Mfr.

No. 877,454. PATENTED JAN. 21,1908. G. A. RANDALL.




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Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Jan. 21, 1908. 1

.Applioationiiled July 19.1907. Serial No. 384.569;

To all whom itmay concern:

Be it knownthat I, GILBERT-A. RANDALL, acitizen of the United States, residin at the city of Philadelphia, in the county 0% Philadelphia and State'of Pennsylvania, have in-,

vented certain new and useful Improvements in Sensitizecl-Paper Holders, of which the following is a specification. v

My invention has relation to a holder for containing more particularly in roll form blue print or sensitized aper for keeping the light therefrom and at t e same time arranged so as to from t e roll in lengths, as required, without affecting or rendering unfit for use that held still in the holder. I I v To that end my invention consists, of a holder of the character hereinafter described and claimed. I I

The nature and characteri ic features of my invention will be more fu ly understood from the following descriptiontaken in connection with the accompanying drawings forming part hereof, in which.

F1gure 1, is a front elevational view of a holder embodying therein features of my present invention. Fig. 2, is a view, illustrating :partly in horizontal section and partly in elevation the holder and means for sup orting in operative osition and for hol' 'ng under tension a' r0 l of blue print or sensitized paper therein. Fig. 3 is a transverse sectional view of the holder enlarged,

. on the line w, as, of Fig. 1, illustrating a movable flap carrying a cutterfor severing the end of paper drawn from the holder andfor protectlngthat portion against the influence of light projecting beyond the outlet opening of the holder. Fig. 4, is an endelevational View of a portion of the holder enlarged,

showing the movable flap for permitting the inserting of the roll of sensitized or blue print paper into the holder. Fi 5, is a similar V 16W, showing amovable. 'ap carrying the cutter occupying a closed or operative portion. Fig. 6, is 'a-sectional view on the line 3 'y, of Fig. 1, showing the internal inclined table supporting the end of the paper drawn from the roll and guiding it towards an outlet opening in the front 'wall of the holder, the cutter carrying flap occupying an open or inoperative position to free the outlet opening and an additionalo enin arranged to permit the drawing of t e end of the paper from the holder. 7

' Referring to the drawings 7, is the holder permit of ready withdrawal of paper .of my invention, consisting of an oblong receptacle provided with one side or flap -8, hinged at9,to the base 10, and secured pref erably by hooks 12,-to the cover or upper wall 11, of'the holder 7 ,to which the hooks are connectedand engaging eyes 35 secured to the 'fla 8. The side wall 13, is suitably connected with the'base 10, and upper wall I1, and is provided near the lower end with a transverse opening 14, and with an opening 29, which. are normally closedzby means'ofa flap, 1,5, hinged to the base 10, at the point 30, and he ldinupright oroperative position by hooks 31, secured to the end walls of the holder 7, and engaging eyes 32, secured .to

. the flap 15, as clearly illustrated in Fig. 5.

The'flap 15, at its upper freeend and sli htly projecting therefrom is provided witha mife lade 16, fora purpose to be presently more fully described. To the side wall 13, by -means of brackets 20 and 21, are movably secured U-shaped frames 18 and 19., supporting an oblong curved bar 17. of springs 22 and 23, coiled around these frames 18 and 19, is held in yieldingengagement with'a roll of blue rint or sensitized paper 24, mountedon a s aft or rod 25, removably supportedby U-shaped bearings or brackets 26 and 27, secured to the end walls of the holder 7. 28, is an inclined table located beneath the roll 24, and terminating below the transverse outlet opening 14,.

which supports the paper'drawn from the roll 24, and guides the same into the outlet opening 14, after which the paper is guided upwards and held against the wall 13 by the flap 15, with its knife blade 16, when the same as shown, for examplein Fig. 3, occupies an operative position.

The holder is so arranged as that the roll of sensitized paper as well as the end projecting therefrom is whollyrotected from the influence ofli ht, at al times. The bar 17, by being held in engagement with the roll 24, under the tension of. the springs 22 and 23, engang the. frames 18 and 19, carrying the said ar, prevents the unwinding of the p y hand.- or this purpose, the flap '15, is

paper, eXce t by pulling the same outwards This bar by means first lowered after which the end of the paper 24,- thus freed from the wall 13, is enga ed by thehand of the operator',-which is aided in the engagement of the paper by the open',

ing 29, arranged in the lower end of the wall 13. The paper is now withdrawn from the holder 7 forthe length req11ired,after which] 1 siti'zed paper v 13,- thereof. table 28, opposite the opening 29, in the wall the flap 15, is raised and byjthe books 30, isagain held. flat against the wall 13. The paper bymoving the same in a. downward direction will be out or severed by the projecting cutting edge of the knife-16. Any waste of paper by thestraight cutting of the same is thus effectually prevented. same time that portion of the paper, which rejects beyond the outlet opening 14, of the iiolder 7, is protected against the action'of the light by the flap 15, with its knife,-by holding it in close engagement with the wall An opening 34, arranged in the 13, aids in the introduction'of the pa er into the outlet opening 14, after a fresh rol of senhas been placed in the holder 7, by the opening of the flap 8, thereof.

Having thus described the nature and object of my invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent isz 1. At holder of the character described,

- comprising'an oblong hinged receptacle arranged to be parted, a rod removab y mounted in the receptacle for containing a roll of paper, means for holding the roll of paper At the s under spring "tension, said receptacle pro-. vided with a transverse slot in one wall near the bottom and a hinged flap for closing the o ening of the holder and protectin an end 0 paper of the roll exposed be on the receptacle from the effect of light-upon the ame. i r

2. A holderof the oharacter described, comprising an oblong hinged receptacle ar ranged'to be parted, "a rod arranged for carryinga roll pf paper and supported under K t ere'in, an inclined table spring tension located'below the roll and an openingextending transversely of one wall of the receptacle and a hinged knife edged flap for closing the opening and protecting anexposed end of paper of the'roll beyond the receptaclea from the effect,' of light upon the same; 4 i

' In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my signature in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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