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Publication numberUS877600 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 28, 1908
Filing dateApr 25, 1907
Priority dateApr 25, 1907
Publication numberUS 877600 A, US 877600A, US-A-877600, US877600 A, US877600A
InventorsCarl W Sawyer
Original AssigneeCarl W Sawyer
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US 877600 A
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entran srs-iras CARL w. sAwYER,

FILE- No. sf',e0o. specification of Application filed April 2 5 To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, CARL W. SAWYER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Marion, in the county of Marion and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in File-Cases, of which'the following is a specification.

'My invention relates to a file case or box particularl ada ted for use in filing souvenir postal car s an has for its object the provision of a 'device of this character constructed insuch manner that a large or small number of cards may be held in a vertical position therein and cards of any given charactor may be readily classified, the entire structure being constructedin such manner that it may be very cheaply made and ready access may be had to any desired card.

Further .objects and advantages of the inventoo. will be set forth in the detailed description which now follows.

In the accompanying drawing: Figure 1 is a perspective view of a iile case or box con structed in accordance with the invention, Fig. 2 is a longitudinal. section through said box with the lid closed, Fig. 8 is a transverse section upon line of Fig. 2, and, Fig. 4 is a detail perspective View of one of the index cards.

Like numerals designate corresponding parts in all of the iigures of the drawing.

Referring to the drawing, the numeral 5 designates the body of the iile case or box. This case com rises a bottom 6, end walls 7 and a rear wal 8. The front wall 9 is hinged to the bottom 6 as at 10 by a fabric strip or hin A top 11. having a front iange 12 an end flanges 13, is hinged in the same manner at 14 to the rear wall The end walls are cut out as at 15 and 16 for the reception of the -flanges l13, while the upper edge of the front wall is cut out as atl? for the reception of the iiange. -12. The ends of the viront wall are out out as at 153 for the re- 45 ce ption of the .front edges of the end walls 7.

' It will therefore be seen that all of the cor-v sentunbrokn'andflush surfaceswhen is closed. A false botinn 19 has a O formed in its underside and a slot 2l :ned through the upper wall of this relower plate 22 which carries a horiange 23 at its lower edge, is ada ted longitudinally ofthe bof; and to old sire number of cards in a substanvertical position. This flange 23 isv Letters Patent.


Patented Jan. 28, 1908. i907. serial No. 370.164.

l secured by a rivet 24 t0 a plate 25. The outer edges of this plate are turned over as at 26 and engage the edges of a spring plate 27, the head of. the rivet bearing against the spring plate and the tension of this spring holding the follower plate down against the upper face of the false bottom. The plates 25I and 27 are in effect tensioning devices and this tension ma lbe adjusted as desired by removing the fa se bottom and striking upon the head of the rivet to tighten said rivet and to consequently bind the spring plate 27 more firmly against the outer edges of the plate 25. The upward thrust of the spring plate, forces the edges of the plate 25' more firmly into engagement with the undersides of the false bottom when this is done. This tension is suliicient to maintain the follower plate in any posit-ion to which it is Index cards 28 which are adapted to receive any desired lettering such as the names of various States o r countries, space the postal cards proper indicated at 29, from each other, and provide means for classi ing said cards in groups. The edges lof t e index cards 28 are dia onally cutaway as at 30. It will therefore ie seen that the edges of the post cards proper, 'may be readily grasped. y

I am aware that it has been customary in filing cases and boxes, to cut away portions of the index cards t0 render visible other in" dex cards, but I am notaware that index' 90 cards having their` corners entirely cut away as illustrated in Fig. 4 to ermit other cards to project from between t em in the manner illustrated in Fig. 1, have ever been used. This structure of the index cards combined with the front wall which is movable outwardly .and downwardly, permits any desired post card to be readily Withdrawn from its position.

From the foregoing description, it will be seen that simple and efficient means are herein provided for accomplishing the'objects 0f the invention, but while the elements shown and described are well adapted t9 serve the purposes for which they are in tended, it is to be understood that the in vention is not limited to the recise construction set forth, but includes Within its purview such changes as may be made within 'the scope of the appended claims.

What I claim, is:

1.- In a device of the character described,-

the combination with a receptacle having a solid bottom, of a false bottom for said reoeptaclehaving a longitudinal slot formed therein, la follower block mounted to travel over the upper face of saidfalse bottom, a

late secured to said follower block having its edges inturned,V a spring plate adapted to be engaged bythe inturned edges of the'l first lnamed plate, and a rivet Whiohpasses the'fo lower block. 2. ln a device ofthe character described,

throu -h both of-said platesand isV carrled byA the combination with a receptacle having a solid bottom, of a false bottomfor said receptacle, a'follower block mounted to slide' in presence o two Witnesses.

CARL W. SAWYER. ,"Witnesses: v

FRENCH Low, i l


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Cooperative ClassificationB42F17/02