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Publication numberUS878039 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 4, 1908
Filing dateSep 13, 1907
Priority dateSep 13, 1907
Publication numberUS 878039 A, US 878039A, US-A-878039, US878039 A, US878039A
InventorsCharles E Bullard
Original AssigneeGeorge R Stetson, Charles E Bullard
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US 878039 A
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Zvn asses.-



i Na 878,039.

Brookline, in the county of Norfolk, State of Massachusetts, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Arch-Supporters, of which the following is a specification, reference being had therein to the accompany,-

ing drawings. Y

The invention consists in an improved supporter for the arch of the human foot, to

" be worn inside a boot or shoe.

4and preferably,'also, are formed with holes lfor ingress and egress of air so that when the arch-cushion is subjected to the pressure of the arch of the wearers foot in walking, more 'l or less'of the saichair is expelled from within the cavities of the projections. Through the escape of the air the yielding of the projections is facilitated. The holes are made of a size tor properly controlthe rate of outflow and iniiow of the air. The compression of the hollow projections and resulting expulsion of the contained air, and subsequent e`X- pansion and inflow of air into the same, occasion a forced circulation of air within the shoe. The sole piece maybe composed of any suitable material, leather, forfinstance, but I prefer 'to form-the same in whole or in part of `cork or cork composition in sheet foriii.

f The invention is illustrated in the drawings', in which- P Figure 1 1s a sectional view of portion o f a shoeA and an embodiment of the invention applied thereto. Fig. 2 is a plan of the arch` supporterof Fig. 1, shown separately. Fig. 3 is a view of the arch-supporter of Figs. 1 and 2 iii-longitudinal section in a plane passing through one of the longitudinal lines of hollow projections. Fig. 4 is a plan of an arch-supporter having` the sole-piece cornposed in part of two or more layers. Fig. 5

is a view in longitudinal sectionvof the arch- The said projections, pref#v j. -fspecication of Letters Patent. f' Apploatjonled September 13. 1907. Serial No. 392.669.

. liatented Feb. 4, 190s.

supporter, of Fig. 4, showing a layer of cork or cork composition. f

' Having reference to the drawings,-at 1, Fig. 1, is shown a portion of the upper of a boot or shoe, at 2 a portion ofthe outersole, and at 3 a portion of the inner sole thereof.

At 4, Figs. 1, 2 and 3, is shown the layerof iiexible material constituting the sole-piece of the improved arch-supporter, and at 5 is the elastic arch-cushion. "The/sble-piece is shaped to conform to the 'waist-portion or shank of a boot or shoe, and to fit within the heel-portion thereof and also enter partially within the fore-part. The arch-cushion 5 is applied to 'the shankfportion of the solepiece, the heel-portion of which projects at the rear of the said c'ishion while the front end-portion of the sol'eepiece also projects at the front end of the cushion, as clearly shown'. The aroh-cushion usually will be cemented .to they under side of the sole-piece. When the arch-supporter is inplace within ,ya bootor shoe, the arch-cushion overlies the shank of the latter, while thereariward eX- that there may be no abrupt shoulder ory prominence at its front edge when the archsupporter 1s 1n place in a boot or shoe.

The projections of the arch-cushion are designated 6, 6, etc. The shape of the same may vary, as deemed advisable. In this instance they are formed as portions of spheres, and hollow, to contain air, as stated above, with the holes- 7, 7, etc., constituting passages for ingress and egress of air. The said projections are of graduated size, being ,most

prominent at the middle of the length ofthe 2 alr-cushion and progressively less prominent toward theL front and rear ends of the cushion in orderthat when the arch-supporter is in place in aboot or shoe the arch-cushion may support the shank-portion ofthe sole-piece in the form of a gradually rounded arch.

Figs. '1` and 3 show the sole-piece com# posedofa single layer. Figs. 4 and 5 show the sante composed of two layers, united to-4 gether, the under or main layer 4a being made of--c'ork or cork-composition, and the upper assumes also a concave shape at Vthe rear of l 4portion ofthe ball of the'vheel. l

fto the wearer.

- part of a vboot or shoe, :and having at the in-' transverse curvatureof the shank and Waistl of the shoe in which it is used,' and so as to fit closely vto the arch of the foot and against the hollow of the inner side of the said arch. It

the arch-cushion, conforming to the under @While contrived to afford adequate support to the arch ofthe foot of the wearer, m improved arch-supporter is sufliciently yicl in g to obviate inconvenience and discomfort fWhat is claimed as the invention is 1. The improved-arch-supporter comprls- .ing the sole-piece of flexible material shaped to fit within the heel-portion, waist,v and foretermediate vor'sh'anlr-portion thereof yieldin projections forming a cushion to occupy an support the arch of the Wearers fo to fit the heel portion and Waist of a 2.'The improved arch-support .comprising the sole-piece of flexible mate 'al shaped boot or shoe, and having,V at the shank-portion thereof numerous prominent portions,

. formed with 'numerous sma hollow containing small air-cells and forming' a, cushion to occupy and #support the 'arch .of

y the wearers foot. v

` 3. The improved arch-supporter comprising the sole-piece of flexible material-shaped to fit Within the heel-portion and Waist of a boot or shoe,- and having'the shank-portion thereof provided with a archcushion yielding. projectionFJ 4. The improved Aarch-supporter having the bod -portion thereof shaped to fit Within the hee, -portion and waist of a boot or shoe, and having hollow yielding projections decreasing in height froml middle of shank'- formin a graduated arch-cushion.

portion toward front and rear respectively the bod -portion thereof shaped to fit within the'hee -portion and Waist of a boot or shoe, and 'having a 'eldin cushion containing numerous smal air-'ce s and graduated in height from middle toward front and rear, respectively, to occupy and support thearch of the wearers foot. l f

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two Witnesses. v


Witnesses: y



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