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Publication numberUS879124 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 11, 1908
Filing dateMar 29, 1905
Priority dateMar 29, 1905
Publication numberUS 879124 A, US 879124A, US-A-879124, US879124 A, US879124A
InventorsMilton S Thompson
Original AssigneeStork Company
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US 879124 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

No. 879,124. PATENTEQ F3311, 1908.


BIB. m






Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Feb. 1 1, 1908.

Application filed Marcl1'29. 1905. Serial No- 252,679.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, MILTON S. Tnonrsox, a citizen of the United States, residing at Boston, in the county of Suffolk and State of Massachusetts, have invented new and use ful Improvements in Bibs, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to improvements in that type of bibs which are provided with a pocket or pouch for catching food dropped by a child in feeding, and the invention provides the upper and outer edge of the pocket with a malleable metal rod-which will hold the pocket extended or open as desired in order to effectually catch food that may be dropped by the infant or person wearing the bib.

The invention consists in the combination with a bib having a pocket, of means for holding the pocket extended, the means comprising a non-resilient pliable or malleable metal rod carried by the front portion of the pocket and adapted when bent to retain its shape and hold. the pocket open as will be hereinafter set forth, also, in the construction and combination of the parts as specified in the claims.

In the accompanying drawings Figure 1 is aview showing the application of the invention. Fig. 2 is a vertical section showing a bib made in one piece and provided with a pocket, the frontof the pocket carrying a non-resilient pliable or malleable rod which has been bent to hold the pocket extended. Fig. 3 is. a plan or front elevation sliowing the shape of a piece of fabric from which a bib with a pocket may be made, and Fig. -l are detail views of the bar for holding the pocket open.

The bib or garment protector is. preferably made from a single piece of water-proof fabric, stork sheeting being admirably suited for such use, the pattern A, as shown by Fig. 3, is cut away at the upper end to provide a concave recess which is bound with tape the free ends providing means for attaching the bib. The pattern orblank is widest at a point adjacent to its center where it is folded and stitched transversely to provide a tuck a, the line of stitching being indicated by a, the tuck is for the reception of a malleable metal rod A.

The folded portion of the fabric is connected by a line of stitches b, positioned parallel with the stitches which form the tions being held the front upper edge of the pockettuck for the metal rod, also by the parts"'on sections of the snap fasteners c, I c, the stitches and fasteners holding that part of the fabric which has been doubled upon itself in proper form to provide a pocket B. The sections of each snap-fasteners are passed through two thicknesses of the fabric, they being positioned so the ball carrying parts of the fasteners are near the line of stitching l), the parts of the fasteners near the edges of the fabric having the balls rojecting forward to be engaged bythe soc 'ets c, c,located near the ends of the tuck which receives the metal rod A. The ball sections 1:, c, of -the fasteners are engaged by the socket sections which are attached slightly to one side of the center of the fabric which forms the pocket, the ends of the folded porat the rear of the pocket substantially in line with the stitches The metallic rod A hereinbefore mentioned is preferably of aluminium, as such metal is light and pliable and when bent will retain the proper curvature to hold the outer edge of the pocket extended. The rod A is straight when placed in the tuck and is bent when the bib is ready to be used, such curved rod holding the pocket open to catch all food which may be dropped by the child.

It will be noted that having the tuck o is wider than the other parts and when the fasteners are connected there will be present at the upper ends of the pocket folds or plaits which allows the upper and-front end of the pocket to be held open by the curved rod, the curvature of the rod being considerably in excess of the curvature of the body portion of the bib when attached to a child.

I am aware that prior to my invention, as

disclosed by the patent issued to A. J.

Birney, No. 563,644 dated July 7th, i896, that bibs have been provided with pockets, carrying a stilfening bar,- of whalebone, in use such a stay or bar does not hold the pocket extended but merely keeps the upper edge from sagging, the rotundity of the child's body gives a corresionding curve to the pocket which would 0 ose the same.

\Vith my invention the pocket is held open or extended by the curve given to and retained by the malleable rod which is greater than the curvature assumed by the rear portion of the pocket when the bib is in use.

6"": cash This invention is not limited to a bib having 1 a pocket formed integral therewith.

The catch all bib herein set forth may be easily cleaned by opening the pocket, and when the rod is not bent the bib may folded to lie flat.

Having thus set forth my invention What I elahn as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent 1, As tin-improved article of manufacture, a bib made up of light pliable Waterproof material that is folded to provide a pocket, a line of stitches adjacent to the upper edge of the ooket, a non-corrosive malleable metal bar ocated Within a tuck formed by the line of stitches, for the purpose set forth.

2..A child s bib having a pocket formed folding the lower edge of the bib forward and upward and detaohably securing the same at the corners to the body or upper part of the bib then bending the lower corners the fold backward and likewise detachebly securing them to the back of the bot l1?" 0f the bioand forming a loop along the ere upper front edge of the oclret, and a stay consisting of a cylindricalbar or rod of non corrosive malleable metal located in the loop, such rod or bar being of less length substantially as shown.

3. In combination with a bib having a pocket, a malleable and non corrosive metal l rod attached adjacent to the upper edge of the front portion of the pocket, such rod when bent retaining its curvature to hold the pocket open, for the purpose set forth.

i. A childs bib provided with a pocket of flexible material, a tuck in the upper edge of 1 the pocket, and a non-resilient and pliable metal bar inclosed Within the tuck, such bar I being of less length than the upper edge of 1 the pocket, for the purpose set forth. In testimony whereof I afiix my signature l in the presence of tWo Witnesses.


Witnesses i). More, HARRY Mr REGAN.

than the looped upper edge of the pocket;

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