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Publication numberUS879135 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 18, 1908
Filing dateMay 18, 1907
Priority dateMay 18, 1907
Publication numberUS 879135 A, US 879135A, US-A-879135, US879135 A, US879135A
InventorsDon C Anderson
Original AssigneeDon C Anderson
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Adjustable leaf and binder.
US 879135 A
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Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Feb. is, 1908.

Application filed May 18. 1907. Serial No. 374.380.

Leaf and Binder, of which the following. is a specification.

My invention relates to adjustable leaf binder structures, and the object of my invention is to produce an improved device of this character, and it consists in certain con p anyin structions, combinations and arrangements of parts, the preferred form of which will be first described in connection with the accomdrawings, and then the invention partic arly pointed out in the claims.

Referring to the drawing wherein the same part is designated by the same reference e constructlon so far described may be of any, desired character,'as this particular construction forms no part of my invention. I have, however, illustrated the loop as of that kind which is locked into position in the post and which may be removed therefrom after the same has been unlocked.

6 designates the leaves which are provided near one edge'with a pairof o enings by means of which the leaves are threaded on the posts. Each of these openings is formed by a air of holes 7 spac d apart and con nected by a relatively na ow slit 8. It will;

be noted that b "the difference in diameter between the ho es 7 and the slits 8, that shoulders are formed at the junction between the holes and the slits. The effect of this is that they will resist any ordinary tendency to shift the leaves when they are in their normal position. and thus accidental displacement of the caves.

The holes 7 ofeach opening are located a distance from the corresponding hole of the other opening equal to t e distance between the pairs of posts. While I have shown only two openings inthe sheet and two pairsof revent any.

posts, it is to be understood that this number maybe increased or diminished if desired without departing from my invention.

The loop 5 which connects the pair of posts 3, 4 and forms them into practically what may be termed a single post, is smaller in diameter than the diameter'of the posts 3, 4. The holes 7 in the leaves are of a diameter to permit the leaves to be readily threaded over the posts, whereas the slits 8 are so narrow that they will not accommodate the posts. They are, however, slightly wider than the diameter of the reduced portion 5. t From this construction it will" be seen that in order to shift a leaf in relation to the other leaves, it is necessary to lift the leaf onto the reduced portion of the post. Then because of the reduced diameter, the leaf can be readily'shifted so that the ins will be threaded through either the leftand pair of holes of each set, or the right hand pair. When the leaves are in normal 1, it will be practical y impossible to change the position of the leaves accidentally.

By the above construction it will be seen that I have produced a loose leaf binder in which the individual leaves may be shifted transversely without difliculty while making it practically impossible for the leaves to be shifted by accident.

While I'have described what I. believe to be the preferred form of my invention, I desire to have it understood that many changes may be made in the form, construction and arran ement of parts without departing from the s Hit of my lnvention.

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1. An adjustableleaf provided near one ed e'with an aperture formed by a pair of ho es spaced apart, and connected by a relatively narrow slit the difference between the Width of the slit and the diameter of the holes being such that shoulders are formed at the entrances to the slit from the holes.

. 2. An adjustable leaf'provided .with a pair ed by a relatively narrow slit the difference between the width of the slit and the diameter bf the holes being such that shoulders are formed at the entrances to the slit from the holes.

3. A leaf binder comprising a base, two

osition, shown in Fig.

posts extending from said base, a 100 connecting the upper ends of said posts, sald loop between its ends being reduced incross-section so that at its reduced portion it is com- 5 paratively wide and thin.

4. A loose leaf binder structure comprising a base, a binder post extending therefrom, one portion of said post having a reduced cross section, leaves provided with openings 10 threaded on said post, the opening 1n eachleaf comprising a pair of holes spaced apart- DON O. ANDERSON.



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