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Publication numberUS879493 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 18, 1908
Filing dateApr 2, 1907
Priority dateApr 2, 1907
Publication numberUS 879493 A, US 879493A, US-A-879493, US879493 A, US879493A
InventorsThomas Robinson
Original AssigneeThomas Robinson
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US 879493 A
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PATENTEDFEB. 1a, 1903.



' Zia/672 Z 07",




T o'all whcm it may concern:

Be it'known that I, THGMAS'ROBINSGN,

of Haverhilhcounty of Essex, State. of hlassachusetts, have invented an Imlprove ment in Tag-Holders, of which the 0 owing description, in connection with the accompanying drawings, a specification, like characters on the draw ngs representing-like parts. i

his invention relates to that class of devices whichare especially adapted to hold tags, cardsand the like, and has special reference to that class of holders which are adapted to be mounted .in shoeracks in a shoe factory to provide a convenient means of attaching .shoetags thereto.

In shoe factories it is customary to use tags which have a hole therein, so that they may be hung on a hook, and also to useta s which are imperfora'te and which are usual y held in a clamp. It is further often neces sary to haveseveral different kinds of" tags attached to a single rack.

-My invention has for its objectto provide a simple form of tag'holder' whichincor porates in one devicea hook on which the tags may be hung and a tag holding clamp whichniay be opened to permitready insertion of the tag and removal thereof without tearing it. I accomplish these objects by the means shown in the accompanying drawing, in which,

Figure 1 is a. front elevation of a tag holder made according to myinvention. Figs. 2 and 3 are. side elevations thereof.

.The tag holder is composed of a contin uous piece of resilient wire bent into a particularfoim which comprises my invention.

The holder comprises the usual shank a,

which is adapted to be securely mounted in the shoe rack, at the upper end of which the wire is bentto )rovide twocircular coils b v and c,-said. coils eing arranged to lie closely together at. tlmir upper portions to provide .a clamping portion at a point diametrically opposite t e shank a in which a tag, as indicated at a: in Fig. 3, maybe inserted. These coils are sprung apart slightly, adjacent the shank a, to provide a space therebetween, as indicated at (I, so that the ed e of the card point and then twisted around between them nntil'it is grasped between the upper portions thereof.

At the end ofthe coil 0, and closely adjacentthe upper end of the shank a, the

" :wire is bent to extend diametrically across I Specification '01 Letters Patent. v Application filed "A ril 2. 1907. Serial in. 365,985.

rete ted Feb. 13, recs be grasped )etween said arm sand the c.

The arm 6 is extended upwardly beyond the'coils and 'B then bent upon itseli'twioe to provide a hook composed. of downwardly extending member f -;an upwardly extending meniber g, both members lying, approximately, in the vertical plane which is perpendicular to the plane of the coil 0 and in which shanka and arm :2 lie. The members f and g extend somewhat divergently from their lower ends and the member 9 is provided at its upper end with a retaining finger h which extends towards the member f. A hook is thus formed on which a perforated tap, as indicated at z in lflig. 3, may be hung, the finger it serving to retain the tag upon the hook, but also serv ing a further function of a finger retaining.

' and the coil 0 will also be drawn away from the coil 7, all as indicated by the dotted lines 'tions between the coils b and c and between the coilc and the arm c will separa ed to permit removal oitlie tagsiwithout tearing them and to permit ready insertion of the also prevents the fingers from. s ipping over the end of said memberin pulling it away' from the coilsto open the clamps.

It will be apparent that, with the above described construction, [not only provide a simple'form 'of-tag holder which comprises two separate tag holding clamps, and .a hook, but also a form of holder in whichthe clamps may be readily opened.

Having thus described my invention, what i claim as new. and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1. A tag holder comprising a continuous resilient Wire formed to provide a coiled portion, a supporting shank connected to one end of said coiled portion and an arm connected to the other end thereof, said arm extending upwardly across a portion'ofsaid resilient wire'formed to ccil'in clampin eng'a 'ement therewith, andtion, a su porting sh'an connected to one then downwar yen upwardly-away from enfd ol sai coiled portion, and an arm 0011-, said arm to form a hook, substantially as lnectedto the other end thereof, said arm ex- 5 described. 1 v tending-approximately in the opposite di- 2. YA ta holder comprising'a continuous rection from said shank-across the opposite resilient wire formed-to rovi a coiled por 4 portion of said coil from said shank and in rovide a coiled poi;

, tion, asup' ortiiig shan eonnectedto one clamping enga ement therewith, and a hook end of ear coiled portion and. extended connected to the end of said arm and die- 10 therefrom, an'arm connected to the. other posed at the. opposite side of said arm from endiof said coiled portion and extending said coiled portion, substantially as deaoross an opposite portion of the .coil in scribed. clamping engagement therewith and then In testimony whereofll have signed my ,downwardl with relation to the position in name to this specification, in the presence of 1a gihich seal older i3 adapted-to ble1 hekld ans tivo subscribing witnesses.

- ver en y u war to arm a co ,-sa1

hook and sai arm being dis osed approxi- THOMAS 3 Q matel in a plane perpendicu ar to the plane Witnesses:

of-sai coil, substantially as described. L. H. :HARRIMAN,

go BH'A tagholdercomposed of a continuous H. B. DAVIS.

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