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Publication numberUS879534 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 18, 1908
Filing dateFeb 21, 1907
Priority dateFeb 21, 1907
Publication numberUS 879534 A, US 879534A, US-A-879534, US879534 A, US879534A
InventorsClarence W Fraser
Original AssigneeClarence W Fraser
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US 879534 A
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PATENTED FEB. 18, 1908.




35 nected to said leg bands or loops by said ring,

sai'd guard ,strap being adjustable so that it' v To all tuhom it may concern CLARENCE W. FRAS ER,.OF BUFFALO, NEW YORK.


Be it known that I,- CLAnENc-E W. FRASER, a citizen of the United States, residing; at

Buffalo, in the county of Erie and State of New York, have mvented certain new and in Body-Guards, of ollowing is a specification.

My invention relates to an i guard adapted to prevent the from coming in contact with certain parts of mans body while asleep or when lying at which assures an elevated position for the larged rest.

. The obj ectof my invention the product1on of a simple, inexpensive, and effective device of the charactermentioned, which is primarily designed to guard against the bed clothing coming in contact with the generative organs of man, particularly of such who are affiictedwith sper'matorrhea it being well known that aggravated cases of thisdisease, the warmth of the bed clothing against such parts, and particularly friction of the clothing, producesseniinalemissions, a cure of which canonly be efiected the causes.

invention is also desirable in cases of" operations 11 on the front of the body; it servingto re ieve the body from the weight of the clothing, which would otherwise contribute to the discomfort and pain of the patient.

The invention comprises leg bands or loops.

connected by a ring, and a guard or su port for the clothing in the form of a strap or and passed around the neck ofthe user and conmay be held taut.

The device is applied when the knees of the; user are elevated, as shownv in Fig. 1; guard strap whereon the bed clothing may be supported out of contact with the body between'the knees and the chest of the user.

In the drawings, in which similar letters of reference refer to similar parts in the several figures Figure 1- is a view showing the device applied to a person. Fig. 2 is an enperspective view of thedevice with the guard strap broken, Fig. 3- is a still further enlarged'perspective view of the lower endof the guard strap, a portion of oneleg band, and the rim connectingsaid parts. is an enlarged view of a modified form of'connection of the guard-strap to the ring, showing also a portion of the leg-bands.

Specification of Letters Patent. Application filed February 2 1. 1907. Serial No.

roved body od clothing from each other to'render the .strap F is by preventing the leg-straps.

comprising a guard -to be attached to to be applied to Patented Feb. 18, 1908. 358.596.

A designates the leg-bands which are slipped over the legs from the bottom to a point above the knees where they are ad justed by means of buckles B. Each of these bands is formed of a'strap having the buckle aflixed to one end; looped, as at C, to form a connecting loop and passed through the buckle and having 1ts other end secured to the first mentioned end adjacent said buckle; said strap thus forming asecond'or larger loop serving as a legloop D.

The loops C of the leg-bands are connected by a metallic ring E, thus tying the legs of the user together. Said loops, however, permit a slight movement of the legs toward and user of the device more comfortable.

. A guard or clothes-supportin'g band or passed through the ring E, and is of sufficient length to be conveniently applied around the neck of the user without cramping' or inconvenience; a buckle G being applied 120 one end of the strap through WlJlOh the o posite end of and t e buckle fastened at the desire In this manner the guard or clothes-supporting strap can be adjusted to fit the user, and when applied, forms two straps arranged lengthwise of the body and above the same.

In Fig. 4, I have shown a snap-hook H applied to the guard or clothes support which 1s connected with the ring E, thus permitting the guard or support to This may be preferred by some users, as the parts may be disconnected and change of posture assumed without ,assing the guard over the head or loosening t e guard at the buckle G.

The device is constructed so that it can be folded into a small space, and conveniently carried about when traveling; the straps being preferably made of strong webbing, but any other material may be used, if desired.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is,

1. A device of the character describedadapted to lie lengthwise and above the body, two leg-bands adapted the legs above the knees, and a connection between said leg-bands and said guard or sup ort.

. 2. A device 0 the character described comprising two adjustable leg-bands adapted the legs above the knees, connecting-means between said bands, and

being thence be disconnected from' and out of contact therewith, and leg-bands adapted to be applied to the legs and having connection with the lower end of said guard band.

4. A device of the character described comprising two leg-bands adaptedto be applied to the legs of the user and beingflexibly connected to permit limited lateral move ment of the legs, and a guard consisting of a strap adapted to be passed around the neck and to extend-downward along the body and out of contact therewith, said strap being affixed at its lower end to the flexible connection of the leg-bands.

5. A device of the character described comprising two leg-bands formed of straps, each strap having a buckle at one end, thence being passed through the buckle to form a connecting-loop and the other end thereof being secured at or near the first-mentioned end to form a leg-loop, a ring through which -said-cormecting-loops are passed, and a strap I passed through said ring and having a buckle at one 'end through. which. the other'end thereof. is to be passed, to form a band adapt ed to be passed around the neck ofthe user.

6, -A device of the character described com rising two'leg-bands adapted tobe applie to the legs of the user, a ring conn'octin mentioned band adapted for connection with said ring. g

7. In a device of the. character described, the combination of two leg-bands adapted to encircle the legs of a person, connection between said leg-bands, and a band ada tedto be passed around theneckand exten downward along the'body to a point between the leg-bands when it'is secured to the connection between said leg-bands.

' In testimony whereof, I signature in the presence of ,two subscribing witnessesl CLARENCE w, FRASER. Witnesses:


said leg-bands, a band adapted to be asse have affixed iny I

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