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Publication numberUS879640 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 18, 1908
Filing dateApr 11, 1907
Priority dateApr 11, 1907
Publication numberUS 879640 A, US 879640A, US-A-879640, US879640 A, US879640A
InventorsGeorge C Hockenberry
Original AssigneeGeorge C Hockenberry
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US 879640 A
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PATENTED FEB. 18, 1908.






. "f cAnPAIGNcaNn.

Specification of Letters Patent.

appiimionslea'iprii11.1907. sean n5361584 To all whom it may concern:

.Be it Aknown that I, GEORGE C'. HooKEN- BERRY, a citizen of the United States of, America, residing at Ravenna, in the county 'of Portage and Stateof Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements .in

' Campaign-Canes, of which the following is a A with the cane. Dl

4.or handle formed of glass or similar vitreous material, the head or handle being designed to represent the owner of the caney or some promlnent person. When the cane is used or..,campaign purposes, the head 'or handle will represent` the n mince `or personage prominent 1n. polltms.

' Thev cane 1s provided a small-storage battery adapted to illuminate a small incandescent bulb located ih .the head or handle ofthe cane, the electrical circuit being controlled by a push button convenient to the handle or headof i, My im roved cane can be constructed of a *suitable urable material and finished to conform'to the purpose for which it is intended. The detai ,construction entering into my invention will be hereinafter more fully de-l scribed and then specicallypointed out inthe appended claims, andreferring to the drawing forming part of this speciiication,

like numerals of reference designate correspondng parts throughout theseveral views, in whiclu- 'Figure 1 is an elevation of a portion of a cane constructed in accordance with myinvention, Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view of the same partly in elevation, Fig. 3 is an enlarged detail sectional view of a portion of the cane.

To put my invention into practice, I construct my im roved cane of a stick or rod 1, the lower en of which is provided with a conventional form of tip (not shown), While the upper end is provided with a sleeve 2 having interiorly arranged threads 3, to receive a head or handle 4. The head or handle 4 is oonstructedpf a transparent material, such as glass, 'and can be shaped to represent various objects. The head 4 is inthe lower end of the transparent head 4. l

tional Aform ostorage battery-7* having a posltive contact 8 adapted to engage the 'tive contact 9 ada ted to complete a circuit to illuminate the e ectric-bul'o 6. The nega a spring pressed ush button 10 mounted in a boss-11 carried y the sleeve2'. The sleeve 2 is provided with a spring latch 2a for`holding the button lOin a fixed position, either Yin engagement with the negative .contact 9 or out of engagement therewith. The transf arent head 4 can be suitably colored whereby when the head is illuminated, the features thereof will stand out in bold relief.

The body of the cane can be constructed of desired material and may be suitably purposes. l

After the battery 7a has been exhausted, the head or handle 4 or the sleeve 2 can beremoved from the body of the cane and a new storage battery placed in nate the incandescent bulb.

tion with the same for illuminating the head or handle.

Such other changes in the'sizc, proportion and minor detai s of construction as are permissible by the appended claims, may be resorted to without departing from the spirit and scope ofthe invention.

What I claim and desire to secure by Let\ ters Patent, is

`the upper end thereof` and rojecting beyond riorly threaded outer end and provided near.. said outer end with an apertured boss, a hol-` low transparent handle threaded into the outer end of said sleeve, an incandescent bulb mounted in said handle, a storage battery mounted in said sleeve between the outer end ofthe stick` and the inner end of said handle, a contact engaging the plug of said bulb, a second contact carried by lsaid battcrynortioned contact, and a spring-pressed pushbutton mounted in said apertured boss for engagement with the last mentioned contact '-:hollow, haying acavity 5 to receive 'an electric bulb 6, sald bulb being threaded, as at 7,

A Located Within the sleeve 2 -is' a conven an coIbred especially when used for campaign position to illumv I do not care to coniine myself tothe design of the head or handle 4 or to any particular form of storage battery used in connec- 1 a. l l 1. In a cane, a stick, a sleeve secured to said upper end of the stic having an intemally out of engagement with the irstine1`i Patented Feniaieos. i'

wer end of the electric bulb 6, and a nega- I tive contact 9 is movable and is controlled by to move the saine into engagement with the Erst mentioned Contact and complete an electric circuit from said battery to seid bulb.

2z In e cane, astick, a sleeve secured to the outer end thereof and extending beyond the stick7 a hollow transparent handle removably fitted in the outer'end of said sleeve and provided at its inner end with internal threads, an incandescent bulb extending into the hollow handle end having the plug thereof engaging the internal threads of said handle, a storage battery within the sleeve between said lamp and outer end of the stick, a stationary contact carried by said battery and normally engaging said lamp plug, a

movable contact carried by said battery, an

apertnred boss carrielby said sleeve a springpressed push-*button 1n said boss projecting into the sleeve and adapted when forced in'- werdly to move seid movable contact into engagement with the stationary contact and complete an electrical circuit from the battery to the incandescent bulb, and e spring catch carried by the sleeve in vthe depressed or retracted positions.

ln testimony whereof l afiix my signatur in the presence of tvvo witnesses.



H. R. Looms, I. H, ROYER.

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International ClassificationA45B3/00, A45B3/04
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European ClassificationA45B3/00