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Publication numberUS879891 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 25, 1908
Filing dateJun 27, 1907
Priority dateJun 27, 1907
Publication numberUS 879891 A, US 879891A, US-A-879891, US879891 A, US879891A
InventorsJens A Paasche
Original AssigneeJens A Paasche
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US 879891 A
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PATENTED FEB. 25, 1908.






Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed J une 27| 1907. Serial No. 3811009.

Patented Feb. 25, 1908.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JExs A. PAAsoHE, a citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, in the county of (.ook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Air-Brushes, oi which the i'ollowing is a speciiication. j

One of the objects of this invention is the provision ot means for conveniently clearing out the color discharge orifice of an air brush.

Another object of the invention is to provide an improved means for adjusting the size of the color discharge oriiice.

A further object is to provide means for adjusting the relative position of the color discharge orifice and the air discharge oriiice.

The invention further relates to improvements in the location of the pigment cup, providing ample space between ,the latter and the body ot the brush for the operators hand.

The invention also relates to the general im rovements ot' air brushes with a view to rec ucing the mechanism thereof to the minimum.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1" represents a plan view of an air brush embodying my invention -with the tip partly in section, and the handle broken away. Fig. 2 represents a vertical central section through the air brush taken on dotted' line 2 2 of Fig. 1.. Fig. 3'represents a-vertical central section through the pigment cup and the nozzle, and illustrates a means for cleaning the discharge orifice'. Fig. 4 represents a simpler construction oi said cleaning means. Fig. 5 shows an enlarged perspective view of the cleaning needle. Fig. 6 represents a cross section of the air valve taken on dotted line 6 6 of Fig. 2. Fig. 7 represents a cross sec tion of the nozzle tip showing the needle in place, said viewbeing taken on dotted line 7 7 of Fig. 4.

In lthe present embodiment of the invention, the body of the brush consists of the pointed stem 1 and the attached handle 2, making the t-ool of suitable size and `form to be held in the hand in pencil fashion.4 In the forward portion of the stem 1 is an axial air passage 3 extending to the tip 4.Y Tl 1e air valve is situated in a position to be operated by the index finger, the casing of said air valve comprising a cylindrical block 5 fixed in an o ening 6 in the-stein 1. This cylindrical b ook is threaded to admit the tubular stern 7' of the section 8 of the valve easing. At the lower end of the tubular stem 7 one or more ports 9 furnish communication between said stem and the port 10 in the cylindrical block 5. The latter port opens direct assagefor Iair to the openin 3 in the stem 1.

n the lower end of the va ve casing is located the valve seat 11 which may be of rubber or any other suitable material. The lower end of said casing is threaded to hold the open spring seat 12 and to carry any suitable means for attaching an air tube (not shown). A valve disk 13 is arranged to close against the seat 11, said valve disk being normally held seated by a coiled spring 1,4. The valve disk carries on the under side a lug 15 which holds the spring 14 in place. The upper end of the stem 7 is extended` 1n a tube 16 which incloses the valve' plunger 17 and retains the same b internal iianges 18 on said tube. The valve disk is unseated against the action of the spring 14 by Isaid plunger, the latter being attached to the valve stem 19 in any 'suitable manner.

At the forward end of the stem 1 is a -groove 20 and a tapped opening 21 which hold the guard 22, said guard projecting a suitable distance beyond the tip 4.

'The pigment cup 23 and the nozzle 24 are held in position by the lug 25 which 1s threaded into the stem. The nozzle 24 and the cup 23 are supported upon the side ofthe brush and at an angle with the axis of the stem 1. so as to provide space between the cup and the stem for the fingers of the oper,- ator. The nozzle 24 lies in a screw-threaded v opening 26 in the lug 25, and lmay readily be adjusted toward and away trom the tip 4 by turning4 the knurled iange 27, and locked in positionby the lock nut 28. A needle 29, which is flattened on two opposite sides and acts as a cleaner when rotated, is attached to a tubular thumb screw 30 seated in the rear end of the nozzle. The discharge oriiice in the nozzle may be enlarged or reduced by the rotation of said thumb screw. This thumb screw carries a plain surface in its threading which serves as a bearing for the set screw 31. The latter is inserted in the flange 27 of the nozzle 24, and clamps the tubular thumb screw 30 in adjusted osition.

The pigment cup is attached at its lower end to one end of a tube 32 which is looped up and its tapered upper end 33 inserted in the corres ondingly tapered outer end of the tubular t umb screw 30. The tube 32 is s The needle 37 lies within said nozzle and may be rotated by hand when the cup 23 has been removed.

When in use the brush is held in the hand as a pencil is held, and the valve operated by means of the plunger 17, as before described. The compressed air is carriedby any suitable means to the valve. When the valve is open the air passesthrough the orts 9 and 10 into the vpassage 3 and out of t e tip 4. The suction thereby created draws pigment from the nozzle y,24, which, as already described, is directly connected with the pigment cu 23. The flow of color is regulated by the a justment of the needle 29. 'lhe ease with `which the pigment cup 23 may be removed enables the o erator to ap ly any number of colors with t e same brus by oviding a plurality of pigment cups an attaching them to the brush interchangeably. i

The valve is opened and closed by the plunger 17 and the spring 14. In case the nozzle 24 becomes clogged it may be cleaned by rotating the cleaning needle by the thumb screw 30, as in Fig. 3, or by hand, as in Fig. 4. The projecting guard 22 attached to the stem 1 prevents injury to the work from too close i ap lication of the brush.

' t will be seen that I have provided an exceedinglv simple t'ool, there being no mechanism or moving parts in it, save the air valve, with consequent freedom from lia bility to derangement and wear.

It is evident that the construction herein described may be modified in various ways to meet requirements of manufacture and use without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

I claim as my invention:

1. An air brush having a removable pigment receptacle provided with an attaching tube, said tube being tapered at one end, and a member having a ta ered opening into which said tapered end 1s adapted' to be removably inserted and frictionally held.

2. .In an air brush, in combination, a pencil-like body having an air discharge o ening atitsforward end; an air valve locate( at the under side of said body; 'ieans upon the upper side of said body for operatmg said air valve; a color discharge nozzle out-side of and near the forward end 'of said body, said nozzle extending at an angle with the direction of the air current; and a p' ent rece tacle attached to the rear end o said noz e,

3. An air brush comprising a body having an air discharge openingr at its forward end, a color discharge nozzle located at one side of said body and adjustable toward and away from said air discharge opening, and a pigment receptacle removably attached to and carried by said nozzle.

4. In an air brush, in combination, a body comprising a stem having an air discharge opening at its forward end; an air valve located in said stem and having a plunger operablefrom the u per side of said stem; a color discharge nozz e located at one side of said body; and a pigment receptacle attached to' said nozzle.

5. An air brush having a color-discharge nozzle; and a needle rotatably mounted in said nozzle, and provided with a scraping edge adapted `to clear said nozzle of obstructions.

6. An air brush having a color-discharge nozzle; a tubular member lying within and having a screw-thread connection with said nozzle; a needle attached to said member; and a pigment receptacle communicating with said tubular member.

7. An air brush having a color discharge nozzle, a tubular thumb screw seated in said nozzle, and a needle and a pigment receptacle attached to said thumb screw.

8. In an air-brush, in combination, a body provided with air-discharge means; a colordischarge nozzle structure having a tapered opening therein; a pigment rece tacle; and a tube attached to the lower en( of said receptacle, said tube being curved upwardly and tapered at its up er end to enter and be frictionally held within said tapered opening.

9. An air-brush com rising a pencil-like body adapted to be hel between the fingers of the hand and having an air-discharge opening at the forwardend of said pencil-like body; a color-discharge nozzle mounted upon the outer side of said body near the forward end of said body, and extending at an angle with the direction of the air current; and a pigment rece tacle attached to the rear en of said nozz e.

l 10. An vair-brush comprising a body hav-- ing an air-discharge Iopening at its forward end; a stud projecting from one side of said body near the, forward end thereof; a colorportion of said body g a color discharge noznozzle supported in and having a screwzle supported in and having a screw thread thread engagement with said stud; a screw engagement with said stud, said nozzle exneedle-valve controlling said nozzle; and a tending at an angle with the direc-tion of the l pigment receptacle communicating with 5 air current; and' a pigmenlt receptacle conil said nozzle.

nninioatin with said nozz e. 1

l2. An giir-brush comprising a body hav- JENS A' PAAbC'Hh ing an air-discharge opening at its forward Witnesses: end a stud projecting from said body near M. C. ALLEN, 10 the forward end thereof; a color-discharge i GEORGE L. CHINDAHL.

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