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Publication numberUS880012 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 25, 1908
Filing dateNov 26, 1906
Priority dateNov 26, 1906
Publication numberUS 880012 A, US 880012A, US-A-880012, US880012 A, US880012A
InventorsBertel R Christensen
Original AssigneeBertel R Christensen
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US 880012 A
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u m m 1, Wu a 5 H 1n w..v PU. D E M m E e M Y e 6. 0 w B M 6. N. EMM n NGE ,RNH HHM RwRH l c B H P P .A ,l Av 2 e m, w n oo. ww m N /w fm: NoRRls PETERS m., WAsHmcrou, bA cA BERTEL R. CHRISTENSEN, OF SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA.


Specification of Letters Patent.

PatentedA Feb. 25, 1908.

Application filed November 26. 1906. Serial No. 345.120.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, BERTEL R. CHRrsTEN- SEN, acitizen of the United States, residing at San Francisco, in the county of San Francisco and State of California, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Roofing-Tiles; and I do declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

My invention relates to improvements in roofing tiles, particularly with reference to the construction of arch tiles and trough tiles which are combined therewith, and to the provision of novel constructions to cause such arch and trough tiles to become interlocked when laid, as hereinafter fully described and claimed.

In the accompanying drawings-Figure l is a perspective view of an arch tile and coacting gutter tiles embodying my invention, each with parts broken away and with parts in section to disclose the construction thereof; and Fig. 2 is a sectional view of a portion of a roof structure on which my improved tiles are employed. Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view of a gutter tile.

My improved arch tiles l and gutter tiles 2 may be made of cement composition, glass or other suitable material, and are preferably reinforced, as here shown, by wire or other suitable fabric 3 embedded therein. Each arch tile 1 is hollow, of semi-tubular form, tapered toward its upper end, is provided at its lower edges with inwardlyextending flanges 4, has a semi-annular flange 5 on its outerside at its upper or smaller end, and has an inwardly-extending, semi-annular flange 6 on its inner side, at its lower or larger end, to engage the flange 5 of the next subjacent arch tile. The flanges 4 terminate at a sufficient distance from the flange 6 at their lower ends, as indicated at 4', to afford space for the flange 5 on the upper end of the next lower tile.

The gutter tiles 2 are each fiat, widened toward the upper end, provided on the inner side, at the upper end, with an inwardly-extending ilange 7 to engage and bear on the upper edge of a purlin a, provided at the lower, narrowed end with laterally-extending side flanges or lugs S, and is provided on its upper side, at its side edges, with downwardlyconverging flanges 9, undercut on their inner sides to form grooves 10 for the reception of the flanges 4 of the arch tiles.

It will be observed by reference to the drawings that owing to the tapered form of the arch tiles and the downwardly-converging arrangement of the flanges 9 of the gutter tiles, said arch and gutter tilesbecomefirmly interlocked when laid. The overlapping arrangement of the tiles, the provision of the inner flanges 7 of the gutter tiles to engage and bear on the purlins, and the provision of the interlocking flanges 5, 6, of the arch tiles also contribute to securing the tiles firmly together and to the roof.

A roof may be covered entirely either with the opaque cement composition tiles, or the transparent or translucent glass tiles, or it may be partly covered with one and partly with the other, and hence enable an abundance of light to be secured without the necessity of providingwindows or skylights.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters-Patent, is,-

1. A tapering semi-tubular roofing tile, the ends and edges of which are flanged, the fianges on the ends being internal and external on the larger andsmaller ends respectively, and the flanges on the edges extending inward and terminating at a sufficient distance from the internal flange to form a space for the external flange of the adjacent tile.

2. A roof composed of a series of tapering fiat and semitubular tiles, the `flat tiles each having inwardly extending overhanging flanges upon its edges and a downwardly extending projection on its bottom at the wider end, and 'a portion of them each having a laterally extending projection at its narrow end for the reception of holding means, the semitubular tiles each having its ends and edges fianged, the end flanges being internal and external on the larger and smaller ends respectively, and the edge flanges extending inward and engaging with the overhanging portions of the flat tiles and each terminating at a distance from the internal flange to form a space, and the external flange of one tile fitting in said space in the tile above it.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in presence of two subscribing witnesses.



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Cooperative ClassificationE04D1/16