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Publication numberUS880701 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 3, 1908
Filing dateJul 10, 1903
Priority dateJul 10, 1903
Publication numberUS 880701 A, US 880701A, US-A-880701, US880701 A, US880701A
InventorsHerman E Vance
Original AssigneeHerman E Vance
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Fireproof blind.
US 880701 A
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PATENTED MAR. 3, 1908.




Hrman .a'll whomfit may camera:-



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented ,March 3, 1908.

Applicationfiled July '10-. i903. SerialNo. 164,986,

'Be'itfknown that I, HERMAN, E. VANCE, a

citizen of the-United States,- res'iding at C0- lumbus, in thefcountyof'Franklin and'Sta-t'e .Of OhiO, have:invented certain; 'new' and useful Improvements i'n' -Fireproof' Blinds; 'and'I do hereby declare'jthe following to *be a f full, clearfjand exactdescription of the-in vention, such aswill enable others skilled intheart to which-it appertains to r'nakeand usethe same. v

The object-of this invention-isto provide an improved construction of slat for the =Inanufacture of fire proofshutters, doors,-

partitions or the like; The invention consists in "the construction hereinafter described and claimed.

I In the accompanying dr'awingsFigure 1' a vies; of the end-of the. severalstrips of material before they arerolled together to form the slat; Fig; 2 illustratesinf p'erspec-'- -tive a fraction of a shutter, the entireend of one slat being shown inconnection with'two fractions ithe latter being (tut away-to disclose details of construction; Fig.;3 shows m.sectional view a slat with a rivet connectmg and [securing together the plies constituting the slat.

In forming the slat l lpre'fer' to take two flat strips of sheet meta cated. in Fig. 1 and place between them a strip of asbestos or other heat obstructing material 2 and pass them together through appropriate rolls'to bend and press them into t e desired form of'slat. Thestrips are pref;

crably bent to form a'curved body ortion 3, hooks 4 at the opposite edges of t e slat edges of the hooks rather than nearly thereto as indicated in the views.

The several slats are connected together to form a flexible curtain or shutter by engaging thehooks of a number of slats in the manner indicated in Fig. 2, and the curtain or 1 and 1? as indi-- shutter will constitute a-flexible' sheet capable of being rolled up on a roller. The-roll made by thecurtain need not-be, of greatly increased'size on account --of the triple ply 'character of the slats, because the metal 'portion' canbe of lighter gagethan. that usually employed in single'ply imetal slats. The function of the asbestoscore' of the slatis to retard radiation and conduction of.heat in .case of nearby fire outside the building in which-the curtain or -blind s are installed.

' =An endlock to prevent longitudinal slipping,

ofjthe slats on each other {can be riveted to the ends of the slats, or the several plies of the slat can be riveted together as indicated at 6, Fig. 3 without'theemployment of an endlockwhere thelatter need not-be used.

There can be several of these rivets 6 placed at any suitable intervals in the slat-toinsure the permanent intimate connection .of the plies of the slat. e

What I claim and desire to secure by Let ters Patent'i's:

1.:A slat for rolling fire proof blinds and the like comprising two strips or plies of metal and an intermediate ply of asbestos or other heat obstructing material all rolled and 4 bent together longitudinally to form the slat body and engaging hooks, the intermediate ply extending into thehook formin'g portion.

' 2. A slat for use in the construction of fire proof blinds and the like, having a body portion and hooks at its ed es and comprising two strips or plies of meta bent substantially identically in cross section, and an intermedi ate strip of asbestos or other heat-obstructing material between said strips and extend-' ing into said hooks. I

e 3. A slat for rolling fire proof blinds comprising two'strips or plies of metal and an intermediate ply of asbestos or other heat obstructing material all correspondinglyrolled and bent together to form the body of the slat and engaging hooks at the edges thereof,

the intermediate ply extending into the part forming the engaging'hook.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature, in presence of two witnesses. HERMAN VANCE. Witnesses:


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Cooperative ClassificationE06B3/485