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Publication numberUS880882 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 3, 1908
Filing dateJun 7, 1905
Priority dateJun 7, 1905
Publication numberUS 880882 A, US 880882A, US-A-880882, US880882 A, US880882A
InventorsWinfred W Harris
Original AssigneeJames S Wilson
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Flexible tube.
US 880882 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

PATENTED MAR. 3, 1908.



tion, the different the material of the strip is, stronger than the efiiciency of the tube is injured. By my II STAES ATE T @IEFIQE.


FLEXIBLE TUBE rammed march a, 1908.

No. 380,882. Specification of Letters Patent.

' Application filed June '1. 1905. Serial a. 264.117.

To all whom it may concern; I Be itknown that I, Wrnrnnn W. HARRIS, i of Winthrop, in the county of Suffolk and tate of Massachusetts, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Flexible Tubes, of which the following is ,a speciformed in the strip 1, after-or as. the said strip is applied to the mandrel, the said scored or weakened line 3 running at an angle to thepath of the joint 2. While this angles to the The depth of to which the line should be as nearly at right This invention relates to a new and imj axis of the tube as practical. proved flexible tube or conduit for electric the scored line 3 or the degree wires. a l strip is weakened depends upon Figure 1 in front elevation shows a tube of which the tape is composed and'the fricconstructed in accordance with my invention or adhesion between the strip 1 and the members of the tube being l tape 4 ,or other covering, the purpose being broken away to show the relative arrangement of the parts. Fig. 2 is a front eleva-' tion of the lining, part of the same being shown in section, to illustrate the spiral arran em'ent. Fig. 3 is a cross-sectional view of t e tube.

pull upon said strip, in-

i stead of pulling out the strip by the separation of the strip at the joints 2, will cause the strip to tear on the scored or weakened places 3, thus making it practically impos- Referring to the drawings, the form. of sible to pull out more than a mere ring of the tube therein shown is constructed and arlining. While I have in the form shown ranged like the tube shown in patent to weakened. the lining by means of the scored Herrick, No. 456,271, although mysinven- 1 line 3, I do not wish to be understood. as tion is notto be understood as being limited limiting my invention' to such a method to to'this particularform. In tubes of this accomplish the desired result. In the form general construction having a liningcomshown, the weakened line 3, passes spirally posed of a spirally arranged strip, it is posand progressively around the tube in. a direcsible by taking hold of the strip to pull the tion 0p osite to that of the joint 2. latter entirely out of the tube in cases where places 3, that any l Furt er, my invention is not to be understood as being restricted to a tube composed of the tape 4 and covering 5, but comprises a scored lining irrespective oi the form or material of the covering. or the material of the lining.

Having thus explained'the nature of my invention and described away of making and ..using the same, although without attempting to set forth all of the forms in which it may be made or all of the modes of l friction between the strip and its covering. i This might be occasioned by the wire en-' gaging the stri when bein pulled through, or it might be c one purpose y to increase. the diameter of the tube. In either event the invention this defectis overcome, sinceso treat this lining after it is in position that any pull upon this lining, instead of draw ing the lining out of the tube tears a piece on of the strip forming the lining at a'weakened or scored place, thus preventing only a small piece from being pulled out at a time. The strip of lining 1, the tape 4 and cover: ing. 5 may be of any preferred material, although ordinarily the strip 1, composing k the inner lining, is made ol librous material. the path of one intersects the path of the g In practice the strip 1 is wound upon a other at predetermined points. suitable mandrel in a spiral manner in the In testimonywhereof l. have aiiixed my form of a tube. Thereafter the tap'e 4 is signature, in presence of two witnesses. applied in a spiral manner to break joints W'INFRED VJ. Fl US with the joints 2 of the lining strip 1. There? after the woven or otherwise fashioned covering 5 is applied.

Letters Patent is A conduit compr sing asuitable covering, 1 a lining arranged therein composml oi a strip of material arranged in a spiral form, said. lining being formed with a weakened portion arranged 'at an angle to the spiral path .formed by the edges oi the strip, whereby Witnesses:

H. L. BonBrNs, Anrnur. II. BROWN.

the m aterial its use, what I claim and desire to secure by 3'represents a scored or weakened line angle may be varied, the path of the scored to so score or weaken the strip 1 at the

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Cooperative ClassificationF16L11/16