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Publication numberUS881255 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 10, 1908
Filing dateAug 18, 1905
Priority dateAug 18, 1905
Publication numberUS 881255 A, US 881255A, US-A-881255, US881255 A, US881255A
InventorsTheron Mccampbell
Original AssigneeTheron Mccampbell
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Combined pattern-pouch and sales-check.
US 881255 A
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i PATE'NTBD MAR. 10, 1908.

, T; MoCAMPBELL. l l


nrnmulon'runn AUG. 1s, isos.

I l i l i I I I l l l u l I I l l l I I l l l 2 hwg/25%# :g1/wanton N enfoui-MJ. I



No: 881,255'.l

. Application led August 18, `1905.l Serial No. 274,783.

Be it known that I, `THERON MCCAMPBELL,

-2 z a citizen of the United States, andresiding vatfNo.^153 East Eighteenth street, city of .Newl York,4 borougl; of: Manhattan, county I'and State of New \ork,;have invented certain new and useful Improvements in a' Com' bined PatternePouchand Sales-Check, of

i A.. which the following is a speciiication.

. I This invention has relation to an improved pouch`or envelop for receiving paper dress in the greatmajorityof homes all over the.

country. At the Sametime-since the fash- V ions are lcontinually changing-it is essential atterns which serves at the same time tol acilitate the methodsfof vbusiness found nec-4 essary under the peculiar circumstances gov# 1.5`

erning the disposallof these articles.4

v`4The business of making and sellindress 'atterns is subject --tounique. con 'itions ome of these it will be necessary to`describe here, in order to'make'f'ully clear the usefulness of this invention.` In the iirst place patterns are used in immense numbers to successtobe able to stribute newpatterns rapidly justwhere they are wanted.

'ven the exclusiveI agency fora iven manuf1 cturer, and whenr a certain sty e of pattern is sold out by hiriifhe must be immediately supplied with new ones or subseuent sales for that manufacturer will proba ly be lost in thatip'articular locality. What increasesthe importance of prom t reorders ino-'merchants isthe fact that re atively few of them 'more than one attern of each style and size. A single sale t erefore size out of stock and un 'ordered another demand tern cannot be filled. To prompt reorders are im vortant because of the custom of taking baci at theend of each season all unsold atterns and crediting the merchants with tlliem at cost. Thus profit is realized only on resales.

ess immediately refor the same patimme'diate entry made by each clerk in a reorder book of each pattern sold, noting style, garment,l size and the day orders are sent for these'to the manufacturer.. This entails a `eat deal of time and trouble both making-t e original entries and in copying the same. Besides this,

In each small vtown a certain merchantiis can'aiford to keep in stock uts that style andthe manufacturer price; and at the end ofl Specification of Letters Patent.

- this regard reorders 'is illustrated in wherein ,Patented March' 10, 1908.

y any mistakes are liable tooccur. Another difficulty constantly met with is that ordimiryv cl-er not accustomedto Vthel pattern'l business 'are constantly employed in'selling patterns among other articles. These clerks do'not realize the .importance of making immediate entries in the reorder book and either by failure of memory-or by total negle'ctinI are wrongly made or'not at all.

It 'is one yprincipjal' object of this invention Ito sup ly means whereby Sth-ere is 'provided a com med sales checkA with every pattern, clerk, to reduce his labor to ractically nothingfto avoid all copying ofp reorder entries and to absolutely prevent errors. Besides thesev major yadvantagesl my invention sup-l plies a reinforced envelopor `pouch not easily torn apartvv and savesya great deal` of aper which has hitherto been wasted'. This ast item' becomes important by reason of. the

and reorder check large number of patterns sold."

My invention infits preferredem'bodiment Fi are 1` isr pouc the reorder vaface view of 'my improved cou on, Fig. 2 is a median serving to remind the the accompanying drawings as it appears Ajust before removal of longitudinal sectixnv thereof and Fig.v 3 is laltzransverse section'thereof on the line 3&3 of

Each pattern isf delivered complete to the merchant in a separate pouch or envelohl, cheap apex'.l e

referabl made of thin lank is fblded over and mme together at the side edge 2 andat t customary and preferable to tension 'on voneside of the bag, whichlserves as an outside closing. flap for the ouch. Hitherto in making pouches of this `nd, the corresponding extension on tlie opposite side of the blankhas been cutoff an wasted. l

Itis one'object of this invention to-avcid sup' ly an 'ex- Another object 4of! this invention is to utilize said y y sale and reorder cou on so arran d'astore infor-ce the mouth of) the hagan to be protected from handling until used so as not to become soiled. For this purpose I'leavethe extension flap 5 on thesxde of the bag opposit to the closing flap 4 and fold the same e bottom 3. lIt is extension to form a combined" ass own at/4,

l `-thls waste and to make said extension useful;y In properly constructed stores there 1s an -venting tearing by pense.

I statement ofsuch items as serve to identify sale in the retailers book, this slip,

. served.thus far as a and v isy mailed with the style and size of the pattern to be inclosed and, as shown in the drawing, the price may also be here printed. The essenL tial parts of this printing-are dup lcated upon some other part of the envelop or its .fla for insta-nce near the edge as shown in the raw? ing. While not absolutely essential, I prefer to make the coupon 5 so narrow as not to extend. as far as /the gummed area 2. This makes it .possible to before ygumming the envelop. .A weakened y of fthe coupon"5, is ref'erably provided as shown by the dotted' fold down the Hap 5 line to facilitate removal ine 6. These pouches are u'sed as follows: When asale is made, the infolded coupon is drawn out and torn ofi?, being sentto the cashier with payment. After entr of the w ich has salescheck, is laid aside others to the manufacturer at the end of the day, thus serving in "the'additional capacity of a reorder coupon.

Theparticul'ar arrangementy shown and v descrlbedfi's not essential to my invention.

broadly and I do not limit myself beyond the actual terms of' each of my claims respectivel W iat'I claim is- 1.. A combined pattern pouch and sales check 4cor'nprising a thin flexible paper bag `having a closing fla 'on one side of its mouth and bearing identifying printed matter on its body, a second reinforcing ia on the opposite` side ofl said mouth, sai second flap bearing printing substantially identical lwith that on the body of the bag, being limited by a tearing line near the mouth of the bag and being creased and turned into the bag, substantiallyas described.

2. A combined pattern pouch and sales check, comprising a thin flexible paper bag vgummed. down one side edge and havin a lclosin ap on one side of its mouth, an .a secon reinforcing'iap on the oppositegside .ofsaid mouth, said second'ap being limited by y@tearing line and being so narrow as not lto 'overla` the inner edge Qf the` gummed area, so t at said reinforcing flap Vmay be turned inward before the bag 1s gummed together Without danger of gumming it, substantially as described. I

In testimony whereof I have hereunto signed my name in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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