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Publication numberUS881298 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 10, 1908
Filing dateApr 16, 1906
Priority dateApr 16, 1906
Publication numberUS 881298 A, US 881298A, US-A-881298, US881298 A, US881298A
InventorsJames M Chappel
Original AssigneeJames M Chappel
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Screw-driver and attachment therefor.
US 881298 A
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PATENTI-JD MAR. 10, 1908.


v scnnw DRIVER AND ATTACHMENT 'rmznnron.

wvtA /M.


' 23 flilarney. v





Specification 61 Letters Patent. Application filed April 16, 1906. Serial No; 811,983.

Patented March 10, 1908.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I,- JAMES M. OHAPPEL,

the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings. I I

' In the assem hng of spectacles" and eye glasses it is necessary for opticians to use'very small screws which aside from bein very awkward to handle of themselves, ma e the assembling very. difficult on account of the number of parts which are required to be held during the setting up of parts by the small screws.

It is the object of this invention, therefore, to provide in connection with the blade of a screw driver, a device which may be slid down b the fingers over the head of the screw w on it is partially unscrewed from the, part or partsto which it is applied and hold the same firmly in a handy position for use in.

the ass'emblin 0f the parts.

Itit'also a eature of this invention to arrange the screw'holding devlce in such a man- .ner that it will firmly grasp the head of the screw independently of the point of the screw driver, an 1n 4 screw driver 1s operated it is free to turn the screw. The arrangement of the device is such that as the screw is bein set up the holding deelevation ofa screw driver wit my device'i.

shown in longitudinal section, Fig. 3 is an end view of the clamping members, Fig. 4 is a section upon the line 44 of Fig 1 looking driverhaving'the ordinar blade 2, which is.

to the left, Fig. 5 shows my device m use,

Fig. 6 shows a modification, and Fig. 7 is another view showing the device in use.

Any preferred form and,the oonstruction of parts may be employed in the carrying nt of my inventionbut I have shown one form in the drawing which very effectively meets the necessary requirements, and in such embodiment A, represents a screw referably round and su stantially of uniorm diameter throughout its length. This such a manner that when the 1 blade may be provided with a pin 3, for a pm ose which will hereinafter appear.

he screw holding device consists of asleeve' 4, having an opening within the same and nearly throughout the len th thereof of substantially the size in bore of the diameter of the blade of the screw driver so that the blade is free to slide therein. The sleeve is further provided with a knurled flange 5 which may be used by the'fingers for manipulating the device, and also with a slot 6, for

engagement with the pin-3, .on the blade ofthe screw driver. ThlS slot renders it possible to contract the sleeve at the end for the purpose of producing a frictional. engagement between it and the blade of the screw driver. At the other end of the sleeve there is a pair of clamping members 7 and 8, which are preferably spring actuated and may be formed directly from the sleeve in substantially the manner shown. Each of these clamping members isprovided with an inwardly projecting half-round flange 9, which forms a stop for the-head of the screw by reason of its having a Hat face 10 against which the head of the screw abuts, whereby it is prevented from passing any further in between the clamping members. Both -'of the clamping members are provided with inwardly projecting flanges 11, whiohare preferably spaced from the flanges 9, a distance which is substantiallyequal to the head of a screw, and have inclined faces 12, and 13, as shown in section inFig. 2, against the former of which the head of the screw isv 1 adapted to bear when it is bein set up and through the medium of which t e clamplng members are opened and the screw is released. The other faces '13, are adapted to enga e. the head of the screw when it is partly with rawn from the force the 0 amping members apart and bring about the entrance of the head ofthe screw therebetween. I

The inner edges of thefla'nges 9 and 11,

art to which it is applied,=and

are preferably made half round as shown in Fig. 4 for the purpose of conforming to the shank of the screw, and when the'head thereof'is inserted between-the clamping members the blade ofthe screw driver 1s free to ass between them and engage in the slot 0 the head.

In using the device the operator slides it back until the point of the blade is exposed,

then the head of the screw is engaged by this l members by the flanges 9 and 11.

clamping members are forced apart and the The head of the screw is revented' from passing beyond the flanges 9 y reason of the flat faces on the bottom thereof The screw is then firmly held by the device and may be used in any desired manner. The 0 erator in fact, may remove the device with the screw in it from the blade of the screw driver and use such instrument for other purposes( In replacingthe screw the device is placed upon the end of the blade of the screw driver and the screw is 'set up in the usual manner,

since the blade of the driver is free to engage the slot in the head thereof. As the screw is being set up the ends of the clamping members engage the'part to which the screw is applied and the further setting' up of the screw moves the head thereof wn the inclined faces 12, with the result that the head is released'therefrom.

In the modification shown in Fig. 6 one of the clamping members 15, is provided with a ring ortion 16, extending acrossand con forming to the configuration of the other clamping member whereby when a screw being sethp, an unbroken face upon the end of the device will be presented to the part receiving the screw, whereby any catching of the ends of the clamping members is thereby avoided.

When the device is not needed it may be slid'back from the point of the screw driver blade entirely out of operation. The device being quite small and conforming so nicely to the shape and size of the tool to which it is applied that it is not in the way for the independent use of the screw driver. If the device should be a hindrance to the operator then it may be sli ped oil". The in 3, may be dispensed witli, if desired without affecting the utility of the device in any way. This device may be used on any screw driver having a blade whichis equal to the opening within the holder.

Having described my invention 1 claim 1. An attachment for a screw driver comprising a sleeve having a pair of clamping aws provided on the interior with o positely dis osed fla es each having inc med or bevele inner an outer faces, and flanges adjacent said first named flanges, and adapted to form a stop for the heads of screws.

An alttaehilnent for a screw driverl comrising as eeve aving a airo s rm 0 am i ng members provided 511 the i iiter i or with two pairs of oppositel disposed flanges forming a recess or the ead of a screw, the outer flanges of said members having inclined or beveled faces for facilitating the entrance or withdrawal of the head of the screw and the inner flanges having flat faces forming a stoptherefor.

3. In combination a screw driver, a sleeve slidably mounted thereon said sleeve having a pair of clamping members, each of said clamping members having a stop flange and a retai flange for holding the head of the screw against said stop flange, saidretaining flanges having inclined faces for facilitating the entrance and release of the head of the screw.

In testimony whereof I ailix my signature in the presence of two witnesses.


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