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Publication numberUS881691 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 10, 1908
Filing dateMay 23, 1907
Priority dateMay 23, 1907
Publication numberUS 881691 A, US 881691A, US-A-881691, US881691 A, US881691A
InventorsHerbert S Hughes
Original AssigneeHerbert S Hughes
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Mandrel for dental engines.
US 881691 A
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No. 88l,691. PATENTED MAR. 10, 1908.






Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented March 10, 1908.

- Application filed May 23 1907. Serial No. 375,313.

' To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, HERBERT S. HUonE's,

. a citizen of the United States, residing at 10 vide means-in a manner as hereinafter set Union City, in the countyof'Obion and State of Tennessee, have invented new and useful Improvements in Mandrels for Dental En gines, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to mandrels for dental engines; and theobject thereof is to proforth which is adapted to permit the easy en-.

gagement therewith or disengagement there; rom of the disk of abrading or polishing material, said means furthermore adapted to so connect the disk of abrading or polishing material to the mandrel as to prevent the disk from turning otherwise than in unison with the mandrel.

Further objects 'of the invention are to provide means for seeming the abradin or polishing disk to the mandrel, which shal be simple in its construction, strong, durable,

.eflicient in its use, readily attached and detached from the mandrel, easily manufac-.

'tured and inexpensive.

With the-foregoing and other objects in view, .the invention consists of the novel construction, combination and arran ement of arts hereinafter more specifica y descri ed and illustrated in the accompanying drawings wherein is shown the referred embodiment of the invention, but 1t is to be understood that changes, variations and modifications can be resorted to which come-within the scope of the claims hereunto appended.

In describingtheii'nvention in detail ref erence is had to the accompanying drawings wherein like characters denote corresponding plarts throughout the several views, and in w ch Figure 1 is a sectional elevation of a den- 4 tal mandrel and disk-attaching means in acke view of the abrading or polishingdisk;

Fig. 7 is' 'a-perspecive view of one form of attaching means for the disk, and, Fig. 8 is a i sectional view of a modified form of mandrel.

Referring to Figs. 1 and 2 of the drawings,

" 1 denotes a mandrel having an enlarged head 1' which is recessed to form a socket 2. The wall at the inner end thereof is shouldered as at 3 so as to form a seat 4. The socket is square in cross section but tapers slightly from its outer end to the seat 4. Extending within the socket 2 is an expansible and contractible attaching member comprising asolid portion 6 which terminates at one end in a head 7 the other end of said solid portion terminating in a pair of spring arms .8 having the free ends provided with ofisets, as at 9, said offsets adapted to engagein theseat 4, or rather impinge against the shoulder 3 so that when the attaching member is inserted in the socket 2 the frictional engagement of the arms 8 with the wall of the socket shoulder 3 prevent the accidental dislodgment of the attaching member. The poras well as the socket, the arms 8 being flat and of a size as to snugly engage the socket, as shown in Fig. 2. By such an arrangement the attaching member will be prevented from turning Within the socket 2.

disk of abrading or polishing material and which is provided centrally with a square opening 11 of such size as to snugly fit the solid portion 6 of the attaching member, the. function of such member being to connect the disk 10 to the mandrel. The head 7 of the attaching member abuts against the outer face of the disk 10 when the attaching member is connected thereto (for example as shown in Fig. 1). By providing the square opening 11 in the disk 10 and the positioning of the square'portion 6 within the'opening 11 the disk 10 is prevented from turning, and, owing to the length of the socket with res ect to the arms 8 when the attaching mem er is in position, the disk 10 is held in snug contact with the end of the mandrel.

in providing the disk of abradin or olishing materia whichis indicated y t e reference character 12 with an opening'having a countersunk portion 13 which is adapted to receive the head 14 of the attaching member. Otherwise than that as stated the construction shown in Fig. 3 is the same as that shown in Fig. 1, the same reference characters being applied thereto.

In Fig. 8 a modified form of mandrel is erence character 1 5, and the head 1 6 thereof is recessed so as to form a socket 17, the inner and the engagement .of the ofisets 9 with the The reference character 10 denotes a stone,

The modification shown in Fig. 4 consists shown and which is indicated by the ref-' tion 6 is substantially square in cross section end of the wallof the socket being formed 5 arrangement provision is made for difierent lengths of -springarms 8. In some instances it is necessarfigwing to the size of the abrador polis g disk, to employ; various sizes of attaching members, consequently the length of the arms 8 will be increased or decreased, so under such circumstances it is essential that seatsshouldbe arranged at different points in the wallof the recess for the ofisets of the attaching arms. The con strhction shown in Fig. 8- rovides for such contingency. The head- 0 the mandrel is enlarged so asto increase the strength of'the wall of the socket, andfurthermore to reyide a necessar bearing for, the disk w en the latter is secured in position.

By setting up an attaching means in a manner as herembefore set forth the abradto the man head, and furthermore the disk is'prevented from turning except with the mandrel. Thisis eyident owing to the attaching means being square m cross section and the opening through the disk corresponding in contour to the shape of that portion of theattaching means which is positioned in the, disk vwhen the latter is. connected to themandrel. The disk is connected to the mandrel by forcing the attachmeans in the socket. v During such operatlon the arms 8 will be contracted untilthe free ends thereof are arranged opposite the shoulder 3 at the inner end of the socket. The arms will then; eilipand and the oflfset 9 abut against the sho der 3, and, owing to the fact that that portion of the socket where the shoulder 3 is of greater diameter than the remaining portion and in connection with the ofiset portion 9, as well as the frictional engagement of the arms a 8 with the wall of the socket, the disk 10 will be secured to the mandrelrhead; By pulhn Y laterally against the disk'lO the arms 8 w be caused to contract and' consequently the disk, together Before thehowever,isconnectedtothe-mandrel "h the attaching member is inserted my hand in the "attachingl member, canbe removed from the mandre through the central 0 ening of the disk. This action can be he by contracting the arms 8.

What I claim is-: 1. The combination .with a mandrel having a socket at one end, the wall of the socket at its inner end formed with an annular' shoulder, of a disk having an attaching means extending through said opening,

each of said arms provided'with spring arms hav in an ofi-set adapted to engage said shoul er thereby connecting the disk to the mandrel head.

I 2. The combination with a mandrel having the head thereof formed with a socket slightly tapering from its outer to its inner end and square in cross section, of a disk, and an attaching member square in cross section extending through said disk and provided with a pair of'sprin arms adapted to engage the wall of the soc et forfixedly securing the disk to the mandrel head, said member further provided with a head adapted to abut against the disk for clamping the disk a ainst the head of the mandrel.

3.- he'combination with a mandrel havinglits head formed with a recess substantia y square in cross section, of a disk, and an expansible and contractible attaching member substantially s uare in cross section adapted to extend t ough andabuts agalnst said disk and engage in the mandrel gealdthereby securing the disk to the man-.

4. The-combination with a mandrel having-its head formed with a recess with the wall thereof enlarged to form a shoulder, of a disk, and a headed 'attachin member subextend through and abut against said disk,

said member comprising a plurality of arms ada ted to roject in said socket and engage sai shoul er thereby fixedly securing the disk'to the mandrel. r

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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