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Publication numberUS881757 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 10, 1908
Filing dateApr 29, 1907
Priority dateApr 29, 1907
Publication numberUS 881757 A, US 881757A, US-A-881757, US881757 A, US881757A
InventorsBert V Winsor
Original AssigneeHenry H Vogt, Bert V Winsor
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US 881757 A
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Bz. v. WINSOR.



@Wi/tuus@ aftoznemjo UNITED STATES PATENT oIFFIoE.

naar v.- Mysore, or Dlrvnxrrnir, rouw, lssioxon or oNl-Luxtr 'ro HENRY H. voor-.olf

nivlcxroa'r..rowi. Y y


Specification of Letters Patent.

Application.' filed April 29, 1907, Serial N o. 370,938.

To all yw71 om 'it may "concern:

Be it known that I, BERT V. Wlxson, a citizen of the United States, residing at Davenport, the county of Scott and State of Iowahave invented certain new and usefullmprov'ements in Rule-Holders; and I do declare the following to' be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use 'the same.

` This invention relates to tool holders which are adapted to be removably secured tothe clothing of a workman in convenient position for-holding any small tool, but more part-icularly a rule.

The device is formed from a Hat strip of material which is doubled or bent upon itself so as to provide a yielding` clamp for engaging with the t-ool` and preventing its accildtgital removal, and it is also provided with eans forattaching it either temporarily or permanently to the clothing of the workman.

In the accompanying drawing, Figure 1 isl a perspective View of the tool holder Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view of the same; Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional view showing the holder applied to a portion of the clothing of a workman and having a rule held therein; and Fig. 4 isa section taken on the line 4-4 of Fig. 2 looking in the direction of the arrow.

Referring more particularly to the drawings, 1 indicates a sheet of metal of suflicient width to engage with a tool, asa rule., 2, and

therefrom. The material,V from which the clasp or holder is formed possesses suflicient resiliency to be held in place by frictional contact With the clothing as the overalls, 3, if

desired, and also to hold the rule in position.

As shown the strip of material is bent or folded upon itself 'twice'so as to form three walls, 4,5 and 6, and 4 and 5 arc located so close together as to engage with the material ofthe overalls, 3, with considerable pressure, while the wall, 6, stands out such a distance from the wall, 5, as to permit the .insertion of the rule, 2, between said wa' 5, and the Wall, 6. The free end of the Wall 4 is slightly curved out as shown at 7 for enabling it to be accidentally removed readily engaged with the material ol' the overalls, and the free end ofthe wall 6 is curved outwardly as shown at S to permit of the free insertion of the. rule. The bend between the walls 5 and 6 is preferably cut away to form an opening, 9, between two connectors, 10, through which opening the rule is adapted to be. inserted with its entire end extending into a pocket ot' the overalls any desired dist-ance. In addition to forming a receptacle through which therule may be inserted, the form of "the opening, 9, in said bend reduces the amount of material between the walls 5 and 6 sufficiently to )revent the Wall 6 from engaging with the rufe with too great a' pressure. At each side of the wall 5 and inwardly bent to forni end walls for the spaces between thewalls 5 and 6, are triangular flanges, 11, which are adapted to hold the rule against displacement and to guide the same into the opening, 9. By constructing a clasp or holder in this manner, a holder is employed 'which may be quickly secured to any desired portion of t-he clothing of a workman in convenient position for receiving and holding any tool which it is adapted to receive. This will prevent the accident-al loss or removal of the tool, as, for instancethe dropping of a rule by a. carpenter.

The device is inexpensive and alfords a convenient means for advertising, as well as holding tools.

Having described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

A rule holder formed from a strip of spring metal curved or bentupon itself'to form two clamping 'walls and having a retaining wall, the.' curved portion between the clamping walls being cut away to forni two connectors at the edges of the holders with an opening therebetween, the front wall of the clamp' boing curved outwardly at its lower end and bent inwardly and having its upper end flared outwardly and the other wall of the clamp having a forwardly extending triangular flange upon each edge, the point or upper end of each flange being` adjacent to the point Patented March 10, 1908.

toi' geatest inward. curvature of the front l my hand in presence of two subscribing Wit- ;-`j`wol n@ fthe bottom of the ffl-ange boing oenes/ses.

' tween Ythe fear elampmg wall and the great- T v est o'ntwstrdeurvature of the front Wall, and BERT V' TIB SOR' the retaining .Wall being adapted to hold thea Witnesses: clamp imposition. JENNIE SPEER,

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set l HERMAN HEEsoH

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Cooperative ClassificationA45F5/022