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Publication numberUS881968 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 17, 1908
Filing dateJul 8, 1907
Priority dateJul 8, 1907
Publication numberUS 881968 A, US 881968A, US-A-881968, US881968 A, US881968A
InventorsDavid Curle Smith
Original AssigneeDavid Curle Smith
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Electric kettle.
US 881968 A
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No. 881,968. .PATENTED MAR. 17, 1908.

4 D. 0. SMITH.



w/rwfsses w. KM

To all whomit may concern:


Tas PATENT oFFrc nj No. senses;

1 l Specification of Letters Patent; I Application-filcdlulyb,1901i .eria1No. 882,716.

* IatentedMarch "17, I908.

' I Be it known that I, DAvInCuRLE swim, a

v or repairs. Y

The essential features of my kettle consist sub'e'ct of the King of Great Britain, residing at" algoorlie, in the State of Western Australia and Commonwealth of Australia, have invented certain ne'w'and'iuseful Im rovements in Electric Kettles, of which t e following is a specification The object of this invention'is to construct a kettle or other boiling utensilso that for the boiling of the water or other matterit will by its construction obtain and utilize the maximum of the heat generated by the electric.

naked coils and also render such naked coils easy of removal for the purpose of renewal in the constructionof an air and water sealed chamber which is placed within the kettle circulation ofthe silrrounding water within the kettle. b extends to almost the full interior width of the kettle while its mouth-projectsbe ond proper and said chamber contains a remove able frame onwhich'is detachably mounted the naked heating coils, 'said coils being suit-N ablly insulated from their frame.

attain the above results I'construct the kettle in the manner as shown in the at tached drawings and ofwhich v Figure 1 is a sectional side elev tion while Eig;2 is a sectional plan view.

In these figures the kettle as a,- is preferably made of cop er and of a rectangular shape and provide with a handle as a and lid as a.

In said kettle is formed a shallowlrectangular and open ended chamber asb, which is made one with the kettle and water ti ht and placed at anincline' as is .clearly1s own in ig. 1 in order to the better induce an active This chamber at its-closed end the kettle and is thereformed with'a ange as b to which is secured the insulatingdover b" by the set screws said cover being pr0-- ,mfeta1 as I). f In th1s chamber metal frame c which isada ted to be withdrawable for the purpose 0 repairing or reuralite or other insulating material is and around which the resistance or electric heating nals c and by said terminals the strips are held on the frame by means of the spring strips 0 to be lifted out, These spring cli s the ieces c p 1 T e ends as d of the coils c are attached to the cover 5 above mentioned and so arranged as to make suitable contact with the are held by the plug c which is inserted in the cover' 5 as shown, This lug is withdraw able from said cover in or er to allow of the nesses.

Witnesses: l

v E. Tno. RANDALL, ,v f I F. J. KINDON.

videdwith a face plate of copper-lor (Athfirf I 'isp ace t e newing the heating coils. On this frame are' mounted the longitudinal and flat strips of coils c are wound in a naked manner. These strips are made with metalllc contact term1- clips 0* which n on being eased allow of the being'suitably insulated from the frame y. 7

' ends of the outer circuit Wires 6. 5 These ends kettle as a whole to be disconnectedfrom the The chamber 6 is In combination with a kettle, a shallowtle,- a'frame removably held in said chamber and electric heating coils on said frame. s

In testimony whereof I have hereunto setmy hand in presence of two subscribing Wi-t- DAVID OUBLE SMITH.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47J27/004