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Publication numberUS882477 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 17, 1908
Filing dateJan 30, 1905
Priority dateJan 30, 1905
Publication numberUS 882477 A, US 882477A, US-A-882477, US882477 A, US882477A
InventorsChristian Neumann
Original AssigneeNatural Power Company
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Centrifugal suction-machine.
US 882477 A
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PATENTBD MAB.. 17, 1908.



y l in cover, 7.





To all whom 'itmay concern:

Be it known that I, CHRISTIAN N EUMANN, a citizen of the United States, and resident of St. Louis, Missouri, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Centrifugal Suction-Machines. l

This invention relates to improvements in centrifugal suction machines, and it consists of the novel arrangement, construction and combination of parts as will be fully hereinaft-er described and claimed. v The object of this invention is to provid a machine composed of an outer casing, its interior having two compartments, and a revolving member axially mounted Within the inner coni artment, the outer compartment arrange helical in form and also tapering in width., the machine being designed for Ventilating purposes.

Fi ure 1 is a vertical longitudinal seetion View, taken on the line 1 1 of Fig. Fig. 2 is a vertical cross sectional View, taken on the line 2 2 of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is an end view.

My invention consists of an outer casing, 4, composed of two walls, 5 and 6, and a The easing, 4, is provided with partitions, S, arranged with their ends overapping, forming air passages, 9.

The revolving member, 10, is mounted upon a shaft, 11, which is su p orteil in bearings, 12 and 153.- The revo ving member consists of a disk, 14, provided with a rini, 15, its projecting ends or4 flanges, 16, operating inv guideways, 17, formed in the walls.

On the rim is securely mounted au outer casting, 18, and inner castings, 1). The: .outer casting has passages, 20, which communicate with openings, 21, formed in the rin. The in' e castings are so shaped as to,

Specification of Letters Patent. Application filed January 30, 1905. Serial No. 243,352.

be in proper alinement with the passages, 20, and openings, 21, thereby .forming an unobstructed outlet for the air. The outer end, 22, otheoutlet, bei of greater diameter than any portion of t e passage, has

Patented March 17,1908.

a tendency to expel the air without pressure, p

and distributingl yit through the passages, 9, into the outer c amber.'

The outer chamber is helicalin form and becomes wider in width; its narrowcst portion being at the starting point fand its widest portion at the outlet, 23. See Fig. 3.

This inventione isa companion application to applieants former patents, No. 804,028, issued November 7, 1905; and No. 839,312, issued December 25, 1906.

The revolving member is operated in the direction as indicated by thearrow, and the one of its walls, a revolving member, a disk having a conical hub forming the founda tion of the revolving member, castings selcured to the disk forming air passages, ex -tending from the conical hub to the exterior of the revolving member whereby a suction is created by the centrifugal action of the revolving member, substantially as specified. Signed this 10th day of January 1905, ab St. Louis, State of Missouri.

Wi tnesses: f

ALFRED A. .Elixirs N. J. S'rEER.

` air is admitted to the exterior' through the

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Cooperative ClassificationF04D29/4226