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Publication numberUS882825 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 24, 1908
Filing dateNov 19, 1906
Priority dateNov 19, 1906
Publication numberUS 882825 A, US 882825A, US-A-882825, US882825 A, US882825A
InventorsIssachar A Heald
Original AssigneeIssachar A Heald
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Cigar and cigarette holder.
US 882825 A
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- WMe/osea v No.`882,825. PATENTED MAR. 24, 1908. I. A. HEALD.



.TIE- E 5ft/Wenko@ attozneido No. 882,825. PATENTED MAR. 24, 1908.




-inner end of the cigar or cigarette and the Y ISSACHAR A. HEALD, OF WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.


Specification vof Letters Patent.

Patented March 24', 1908.

Application led November 19, 1906. Serial N o. 844,149.

To allfwlwm rtma'y concern: Be it known that I, IssAoHAR A. HEALD, a citizen of the UnitedStates, residing at 'Washingtom in the District of Columbia,

have invented certain new and useful lmprovements in Citar and Cigarette Holders; and I do declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact descri tion of -the invention, such as will enable ot ers s"illed in the-art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

My invention relates 'to improvements in cigar land cigarette holders, and it consists in the construction, combination and ar'- ran ement of devices hereinafter fully descri e'd and claimed.

This invention is an improvement on the cigar and cigarette holder for which Letters-` Patent of t e United States, No. 566,946, werefgranted to me August 9, 1904.

One object of my present invention is to provide means for regulating the draft, and modifying the"smo` e.

Another ob'ect is to effect improvements in the sprin clam ing means and coacting elements for hol( ing the cigar or cigarette, to enable the holder to be used with cigars or cigarettes which vary in size.

Another object is to provide an air space between the cup element which holds the mouth piece, and to further provide the said cup element with draft-openings near the inner end of the cigar or cigarette to promotel the combustion of the latter and enable the stump thereof which is ordinarily thrown away, to be entirely smoied or consumed.

A further object is to effect improvement inthe means for detachably securing the variousjpartsof the holder together, to enable the same to be readily disassembled and cleaned; y

A further object is to provide efficient and automatically-acting means to prevent saliva from entering theholder.

In. the accompanying drawings,-Figure 1 is an elevation of a cigar and cigarette holder embodying my improvement; Fig. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of the same, taken on a plane intersecting the draft openings, the arms ofthe spring-clam being shown in position; Fig. 3 is a detailplongi# tudinal sectional view ofthe holding cup, spring clamp; Fi 4 is a transverse sectional view,

. taken on t e planeindicated by the line a`a rette.

of Fi 1; Fig. 5 is a detail elevation of the cup; 'fi

regulating sleeve; Fig. 7 is a similar view the spring clamp; Fig. 8 is a detail 1ong1- tudinal sectional view of the outer member of the mouth piece; Fig. 9 is a longitudinal sectional view vof the cigar and cigarette holder, showing the arms of the spring clamp in position to clamp and hold a c1gar or igarette; Fig. 10 is'an outer end elevatlon of'the same; Fig. 11 is an inner endelevation of the same; Fig.- 12 is a transverse sectional view, taken on the plane indicated by the line b-b of Fi 9; F1 13 is a similarvview, ta. ;en on the pane indglcated by the line c-o of Fi 9; Fig. 14 is a detail longitudinal sectiona view of the mouth piece.

The mouth piece 1 comprises the outer or holder member 2, and the inner or mouthtube member 3. The outer-member is provided at its inner end with a shoulder 4 and a. reduced, cylindrical stud portion 5, which is here shown as externally screw-threaded'and screwed into an interiorly-threaded socket 6 in the outer end of the inner member. The stud portion 5 has a longitudinal cylindrical borefor passa e 7 of suitable size. The bore or socket of t e member 2 is here shown as provided with a c lindrical, metallic lining 8,

g. 6 1s a slmilar view of the draftwhich is provide at a point about midway between its ends, with an annular series of inwardly-extendin cams 9 of which there may be any suitab e number, four being here shown. At'the ou'ter end of the member 2 is a recess 10, designed for a purpose, which will hereinafter appear.

Within the bore or socket of the member 2 l are placed a holding cup 12, to receivev the inner end of a cigar or cigarette, a sleeve 13 Y which coperates therewlth to re ulate the draft, and a spring clamp 14, whic serves t0 detachablyV secure the sleeve on the cup and, in coaction with the cams 9 in the member 2, to clam and securely hold a cigar or cigahe cup is substantiall form, with an outwardly-exten ing annular flange 15., at itsv outer end, the outer ed e of 'which is milled. Around the ybarrel o the cup, at a point about midway between the ends, is an annular groove 16. In the outer end of th cup arelnotches 17 which correspond in number with the cams 9, Said notches communicate with o eni 18, which communieatewithlongitu inalgrooves -19, on theouter side of the cup.

. At a suitabledistance from the inner and conical in of the cup are draft-regulating o em'n s 20, and at points somewhat farther rom t e inner end of the vcup are draft-regulating openings 21, which are out of line with the openings 20. A stop 22 projects from the larger end of the cup, on the inner side ofthe flange 15. The draft-re ulating sleeve 13 iits and is adapted to part turn on the cup, but is somewhat shorter t an the latter, so that'the inner, smaller end of the cup projects beyond the inner end of the sleeve and may be tightly fitted in the contracted bore ofthe member 2. Said sleeve has at its outer end a milled flange 24 to bear against the inner side of the fiange 15 of the cup, and has a recess 25 to recelve the stop 22 of the cup, to enable the sleeve to be partl turned on the cup and limit the extent to w ich it can be so turned. A stop 42 projects from the said sleeve and is located at the inner side of the flange 24.

In the outer end ofthe sleeve are inwardlyopening notches 26, `with which communicate longitudinal o enings 27, at the inner ends of which are ongitudinal grooves 28, said notches, openings and grooves forming passages for the reception o? the longer, cigar or cigarette clamping arms of the clamp spring. At points coincident with said grooves are draft-regulating openings 29, to coact with the openings 20, 21, of the cup. Also on the inner end of the sleeve and at points midway between the grooves 28 and at the inner end of the sleeve are grooves 30 the circular head.

for the reception of the shorter arms of the clamp spring. Openings 31 at the inner ends of said grooves register with the annular groove 16 of the cup.v The spring clamp 14 com rises a circular head 32 to receive the sma ler end of the cu andbear against the inner end of the s eeve, long spring arms 33 to extend through the passages in the sleeve and roject inwardly through thel o enings andp notches at the outer ends of t e cup and hence cause their free ends to enter the outer end of the cup, and short spring arms 34, tolie in the grooves 30 of the s eeve, project through the openiagls 31 and at their outer ends enter the ann ar groove 16 of the cup, and hence secure the sleeve and also the spring clamp in place 1n the cup while permittlng the sleeve-to be turned on the cup to open or close the draft regulating openings in said cup and sleeve to any desired extent. The said sprin arms 33, 34, are preferably formed integra y with The cup, sleeve and spr' clam when they have been thus assemble are paced in the bore or socket of the outer member 4 of the mouth piece, the stop 22 of the cup being caused to enter the recess 25, which is so disosed with reference to the cam 9, that the atter will be engaged by the long arms 33 of the spring clamp and the free ends of said 'rectly through arms will be pressed inwardly toward each other and caused. to clamp upon the inner end of a cigar or cigarette, so as to hold the same. Said spring arms, being yieldable will enable cigars or cigarettes oi various sizes to be readilysmoked, as will be understood. The stop 42 of the sleeve must be caused .to enter the recess 11 to prevent the sleeve from turning in the mouth piece.

It will be observed by reference to Fig. 2 of the drawings that the inner end of the cigar or cigarette fits in the cup, to close the latter, that an annular space is formed in the bore or socket of the member 2 around the outer portion of the cup and around the sleeve, and that the inner end of the sleeve tits snugly in the contracted bore of the stud or inner portion of the sleeve, so that when the. draftregulating openings of the cu i and sleeve are closed, there can be no dra t excepting dithe c' ar 4or cigarette. When, however, the sleeve as been turned on the cup to open the said draft openings, air may be caused to pass around without having to pass through the cigar or cigarette, and comminvled in any proportiondesired with the.

smolre, to modify the taste and effect thereof, as the smoker ma desire.

The stem 3 of t e mouth piece is provided with a valve to prevent the saliva from enterin the mouth piece. In the inner end ofthe tu ular stem is a chamber 35, in which operates a head 36 to close toward and open from the end of the said stud 5. The head has a rod 37 which extends through the bore of the stem 3 and projects from the. mouth end thereof, where it'is provided with a screwthread. An annular series of inward projections 38 are formed in the bore of the stem and are s aced relatively to form draft passages 39. he valve rod extends through and operates in the opening formed b said flange, and an outer valve 40 is screwe upon the projecting end'of the rod 37 and serves to open and close the mouth end of the stem. A spring 4 1 here shown as a coiled extensible sprmg, t e flange 38 and the inner head 36, serves to normally close the said valve 40. As the smoker draws lupon the cigar or cigarette,

on the valve rod and bearing between said valve opens against the tension of said ciple or sacrificing an of the advantages of the invention, as de led by the appended claims..

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by` Let# ters-Patent, is,-

l. A holder of the class described having a mouth piece provided with a socket and cams in said socket, a cu 'element in the socket to receive the end of t e cigar or cigarette, -and clamping means on said cup element, coacting with the cams to engage and hold the cigar or cigarette.

2. A holder of the class described having a mouth piece provided with a socket and cams in said socket, a cup element in the socket to receive the end of a'cigar or cigarette, and spring clamping arms on said cup element, coactlng with the cams to engage and hold the ci ar or cigarette.

3. holder of the class described having a mouth piece provided with a socket, a cup element in said socket, to receive the inner end of the ci ar or cigarette, and a movable sleeve on sai( cup element, the latter and the sileefve having co-acting means to regulate the ra t.

4. A holder of the class described comprising a mouth piece having a socket, a cu element detachably fitted in the socket, a s eeve movable on said cup element and coacting -therewith to regulate the draft, and a sprin clamping means on said ycup element an sleeve, to detachably secure them together,

adapt one for movement with reference to the other, and to also coact with the cup element in holding a cigar or cigarette.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in presence of two subscribing witnesses.





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