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Publication numberUS882951 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 24, 1908
Filing dateSep 22, 1905
Priority dateSep 22, 1905
Publication numberUS 882951 A, US 882951A, US-A-882951, US882951 A, US882951A
InventorsJohn Wyckoff Mettler
Original AssigneeInterwoven Stocking Co
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US 882951 A
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PATBNTBD MAR. 24, 1908.



llomev certain hygienic and enduringl therefore been proposed 55 this. Such stockings t() Fie. 3 is a UNITED srArnsWPArENT OFFICE.



Specification of Letteis taten l, NEW JERbEYA A CORPORATION OF NEW Patented Hatch 24, 1908.

Application filed September: 22. 1906.l Burial No. 279,679.

,To all whom 'tt may concern.'

Be it known that lQJonN WYCKUFFMETT han, citizen oil the United States, residing at hast Millstone, in the county of Somerset 5 and State ol New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Hosiery; and l dohereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description ol the invent/ion, such as will enable others skilled 10 in the art to which it appertains to ineke and use the saine.

My present invention relates to the art of making hosiery and more particularly to the production. oi' stockings which shall possess qualities in a novel inanner.

.Many oi' the dyes used in coloring stockings have a tendency to reduce the strength of the threads constituting the web. It has vto make the heel bottoni of 'the'foot and .toe of such stockings of white thread, and as such portions of the stockinr are subjected` to the greatest Wear, l

the stocking is inade more durable by doingr are also thought to be .more saiiitary as the lpart tof the stocking which cornes in contact with the foot with the greatest pressure is undyed,I and therefore the dye will 'have little or no injurious eliect upon the wearer.

My present invention is designed to accom plish these results by a different means and also to bring about other desirable results not heretofore produced in the manufacture of 3 5 hosiery.

,in the drawings Figure i is a View in ele vation of a stocking embodying my int/enf tion. Fig. 2 is a View partly in section to show the interior of the foot ot the stocking. diagram showing the threads as they appear in the foot of the stocking after knitting. Fig: 4t is a like vien7` sl'nowing the float threads removed. In knitting luy improved stocking, l knit 5 the stockingl with a thread of the desired character down to the heel. .ln proceeding to knit the heel, an additional thread of a different character is thrown in and sneh thread is plaitcd so that the White thread ap- 0 pears only on the inside ofthe stockin When the heel i con'ipleted, knitting Witi the same threads is continued, the additional thread being. knitted onlyacross the portion of theweb which is toioe the foot of the ened portions yof 4main portion of stocking, such thread being plaited as in the heel and iioated across the part of the Web which will form the topof the foot of the stocking. When loot is completed the toe of the stockin f is knitted in the saine manner as the heel. n the drawin SI have shown a stocking knit of colored' endg-White or undyed yarn to produce the results attained in the white soled or split foot stocking.'

In the drawingsAis the leg oi' the stocking, av the heel, and. c the toe of the stocking.

t is the bottoni and t is the top of the foot of the stocking. f

.l'n Figs. 3 and 4, g/ is the thread forming the leg and top of the foot of the stocking, and is the additional sanitary or white thread. ac is the portion ofthe additional thread floated from one side ofthe web to the other over vthe top of the foot of the stocking. m2 are the ends of the float thread after the the iioat has been removed. In Fig.2 b2is the plaited inner part of the foot of the stocking, which beginning with the heel extends along the bott-0in side of the foot`a`nd throughoutthe Whole .of the toe of the stocking. It will thus be seen that the main portion of the stocking, the leg and top of the ioot of the stocking are made of one character of yarn and that the heel bottom ofthe foot and the toe of the stockingare made ofthe saine yarn strengthened b tion increases the wearing capacity of those parts. lt will also be seen that these strengththe stocking are provided with an inner surface of a different character from that of the other parts of the stocking, and that this surface is the surface that cornes in contact with with the greatest' )ressure, and that when the stocking is Ina e with the added threadv of undyed or sanitary yarn all the advantages of a White solid or a split-foot stocking are secured.

While l have shown rny invention as applied to a seamless stocking l ldo not desire to he limited to this class of sockings asi propose to use my said invention in the manufacture of all varieties of stockings inrespective of the style of the stocking or the character of the machines upon which they are made. Stockings having the heel, bottom of the foot and toe made of when used often become stained by the the foot of the wearer ico white thread i leather of the shoe and this stain is not Wholly removed bly; Washing. Such stockings thereafter, t ough clean, present a soiled and' unsi htly appearance. The stockings made as erein described, have the rexterior ofthe heel, sole and toe of a color so lback of the leg above the heel so as to give additional strength and Wearingcapacity to theankle of the stocking above the eel after the manner of the goods known as high spliced stockings. This secures the result sought by the high splice construction -Without introducing an additional splicing thread.

What l claim and desire to secure by Letters atent is A 1. A stocking made of a dyed. thread of 4one'character and 'having an undyed thread knitted'into the bottom of the foot, said additional thread being plaited so as to appear on and form the inner surface of the bottomv j of the foot, substantiall;

as described.

2. A stocking having t e leg and top of the foot of the stocking made from a dyed thread, and the bottom of the foot made of the same thread and an additional undyed thread, said additional thread being plaited so as to appear upon and form the inner surface esaesi of the bottom of the foot of the stocking,`substantially as described.

3. A stocking having the le and top ofthe Afoot composed of a dyed t read and the heel bottom of the foot and toe formed from thread of the same character and an additional undyed thread, the .said additional thread being plaited so as to appear upon and form the inner surface of the h'eel bottom of Vthe foot, and toe of the stockingL the outer surface of the stocking being of one uniform lcharacter of thread throughout, substantially as described.

l'. A stocking having the leg and to of the 'foot composed of a common or or inarily dyed yarn and the heel bottom of the foot and toe of thev stocking composed of thread or yarn of the same character and an additional undyed thread or yarn, said additional yarn being plaited so as to ap )ear upon and form the inner surface of the heel bottom of the foot and toe of the stocking, substantially las described.

5. A stocking composed of colored thread, and a White thread, the said White thread being plaited upon the inside of the Web at the heel bottom of the` foot vand toe of the stocking to form the inner surface of the stocking at those points, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof l aifnr my signature,

in the presence of two witnesses.


Witnesses 2 W. H. EvERsoN, HARRY' R. BLAINE.

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