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Publication numberUS883323 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 31, 1908
Filing dateNov 25, 1907
Priority dateNov 25, 1907
Publication numberUS 883323 A, US 883323A, US-A-883323, US883323 A, US883323A
InventorsJames Bruce Macduff
Original AssigneeJames Bruce Macduff
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US 883323 A
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' PATBNTBD MAR. 31, 1908.



||| T llll M P M.

4 844mm JBJZMGJZZZCZZAJ Si t angs" DUFF, a citizen of the United States,,residing UNITED STAWENT OFFICE;




Specification oflLetteriPatent.

. Paten ted umhgei, 190s.

Application filed November 25, 1907 Serial 1 56. "403,801:

.To all whom it may concern: Beit known that I, JAMES BRUCE MAG- at Brooklyn, in the county 'ofKings and State of New York, have mvented certain new and useful Improvements in Brackets; and I do declare the following to be a" full,

Q clear, an exact description of the invention,

' same.

such as will enable others skilled inthe art to whlch 1t appertains to make and use the tion'thereof; Fig.3 is a front elevation of the clamping member detached; and Fig. 4 is a' side elevation of the complete bracket, show-'- mg a shelf in dotted lines in position thereon'.

In the embodiment illustrated, a body member'l is-shownpreferably made' in L-' shaped form, the longarm 2 thereof having its upper'portion'offset to form a recess 3 in.

its rear face, and 'is' preferably provided with apertures 4', 5 and. 6, to receive securing zs'crews 4', 5and 6 forattaching-it to a Wall or other suitable support. The short arm 7 is preferably provided on its upper face with teeth, as 8, for engaging thelower'fahe of the shelf, as hereinafter described. Astrengtheni'ng brace 9 connects the arm 7 with. the

. arm 2.

Aclamping member 10 is. slidably mounted in the. recess3 at the rear of the long arm 2 .of the body member, and is provided at its upperend with a laterally extend ing arm 11, provided. on its lower face with depending teeth 12, for engagement with' the upper face of the shelf to be clamped .and said arm 11 isadjusted towardand away from the arm 7 of the member lwhen its arm '13 is moved-up or down on the arm 2 of the member 1.

The long armor body portion. 13 of the clamping member 10 is provided with longitudinally extending slots 14 and 15, arranged to'register. with the a ertures 5 and 6 in the long arm of themem er-l'; and this member 13. is provided at its opposite edges with inturned flanges 1b and 17 adapted to engage the opposite edges of the long arm 2 to guide said member in its sliding movement thereon.

an improved" shaped "member an i said arm the use of thisbracket, the screws 5 and 6 are loos ned, and the member 10 is adjusted .a suita le distance to'receive the shelf to be" clamped, and'is then force'd down into contact withsaid shelf, whereby the. teeth 12 thereof and the teeth 8 on the,shor t arm of the body member 1 are forced into the shelf,

and the'screws 5-and 6' are again tightened to reliably hold the parts in operative posi-. tion.

I claim as my invention: v

l. A bracket com 'risin an inverted L- a clampin member adjustably mounted on one-armo said firstmentioned member and having. a' shelfengaging member extending in' a .plane parallel with .the other arm of said L-shaped member nd' adjustable toward and from or' clamping a shelf between them.

2. A bracket I I shaped member and a similarlyshaped clamping member adjustably mounted for co action therewith and having a tooth on one arm for engagement with the shelf to -be supported, 3 said .tooth carrying-arm ext'end-' ing'ina plane parallel with one of the arms of the first-mentioned member and adjustable toward and from said member.

3. A bracket comprising a body member having a'later'ally extending arm and provided' with a. recess in its 'rean face, and a clamping member or anchor shdablymounted .in said recess. j

4. Abracket comprising a body member having a laterally extending ,armand' pro vided with a recess in its rear face, and a ing arm adapted to cooperate with the lateral arm of sai d b0d'y member.toclamp' shelf between them. 5. A bracket comprisin'gan inverted. l..-

int e face oforie arm, an a member slidably mounted in sald recessv and hav n means for coactlng W'lth the other arm of $9.1

shapled body'member havin a recess formed.

comprising an inverted L- clamping member or anchor slidabl mounted in saidrecess and having a later-a y extendioo body; member to. clamp an object between them.

6. Abracket comprising an.inverted L- sha ed body member having a recess formed in the rear face of one arn1,"a member slid ably mounted in said recess and having a longitudinally extending slot therein, the

in said clamping member and designed t recessed portion of said body member having an aperture adapted to register with theslot sliding member for cooperation wit Ieceive a screw for securing said members in adjusted position, and means carried b said the other arm of said body member to clamp a shelf between them.

v 7 A bracket comprising a body member, a member slidably mounted thereon and revided with shelf engaging means exten ing in a plane-parallel with said body member and adjustable toward and away from said body member. 7

8; A" bracket comprising an inverted L- shaped body memberhaving the upper end of one arm toprovide a recess, a memmeans carried by sa-i ber slidable in said recess and having flanges on its 0 posite edges to engage the edges of said body member, means for holding said sliding member in ad'usted position, and sliding member to cooperate with the other arm of said body member to-clamp a shelf between them.

- In testimony whereof I'have hereunto set I my hand in presence of two subscribing witnesses.


Witnesses: I


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