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Publication numberUS88369 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 30, 1869
Publication numberUS 88369 A, US 88369A, US-A-88369, US88369 A, US88369A
InventorsB. Covert
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Improvement in music-binders
US 88369 A
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' Lamm Patent No. 88,369, am March 3o, 1869.


The Schedule referred-to in these Letters Patent and making part :f the same.

To all whom it may conce/nw ,Be it known that I, Lr: of Brooklyn, Kings county, ate of New York, have invented, made, and applied to use, a certain new and useful Improvement in Binders for Music, 8vo., and I do hereby declarethe'followng to he a full, clear, and exact description of the said invention, reference being had to the annexed drawing, making part of this specication, whereinv 'Figure l is a section illustrating my said invention, and

Figure 2l shows part of the binder near the back.

Similar marks of reference denote the same parts.

The object o f my said invention is to furnish acover for the reception "of sheet-music, or separate newspapers or periodicals, an'd when the desired number has accumulated, secure them permanently into such cover, in the form of a book. I

To effect this, I employ a portfolio, or binder, composed of the covers a a and back, b, of any desired` size or shape; but 'instead of having the back b united directly to the sides or covers a, I introduce the binder- 'strips c between the back, b and covers a, uniting the .R Oovml of the nitluspmts b1/ the leather or of en material formingMthe cove'i'ngiit the back of the lii'rder, and, when desired to secure the sheets to the binder, I introduce a metallic rivet, d, or several of them, through the hinderstrips c and sheets, and rivet up, or clinch the same ou the outside of the said strip, so that the sheets of paper are permanently secured into the back, and the covers freely open, as shown. at the line of attachmenti to the binder-'strips c. v V

What I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

The hinder, formed of the covers a, strips c, and

the metallic rivets d, that secure the sheets ofpaper Within such binder, as specified.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my signature, this 19th day of April, 1867.

` LEWIS B. GOVERT. Witnesses:

Gno. D. WALKER, Gnus. H. SMITH.

back, b, united together, as shown, in combination with A

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Cooperative ClassificationB42D1/004