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Publication numberUS884256 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 7, 1908
Filing dateJan 25, 1907
Priority dateJan 25, 1907
Publication numberUS 884256 A, US 884256A, US-A-884256, US884256 A, US884256A
InventorsHerbert Guy Addie
Original AssigneeHerbert Guy Addie
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US 884256 A
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PATENT orrron.



Specification of Letters Patent.

- Patented April 7, 1908.

Application filed January 25, 1907. Serial No. 354,088.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that l, HERBERT GUY Annrn, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Cresco, in the county of Howard and State of Iowa, have invented a new and Improved Clip, of which the following clear, and exact description.

The invention consists of an improved clip fpr holding pens, pencils, stamps and other like articles as are ordinarilyused abor t a desk, and is preferably applied thereto to a partition between the pigeon-holes or other convenient place where it will be accessible yet in an unobstructing osition.

The construction em odies two sets or pairs of clamping jaws arranged at opposite ends, each pair of clamping aws tending to expand or contract the opposite pair of jaws when they themselves are respectively contracted or expanded. By this construction the clip can-be easily attached as by contracting the article-holding jaws, and will be held in place with greater security the more said holding jaws are ex anded.

Reference is to be he "to the accompanymg drawingsforming a part of this specificatron, in which similar characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in all the figures,

figure 1 is a perspective view of one emboohment of my mproved clip a plied to the partition between the pigeon-ho es of a desk and showin a fountain-pen grasped by the article-holding jaws- Fig. 2 is aplan of the clip showing it in full line when not expanded and in dotted outline with the jaws for holding it in place, expanded; Fig. 3 is a plan of the clip when apphed as shown in Fig. l with a pen, pencil or other article between the outer jaws, and Fi 4. is a perspective view of my improved 0 ip when constructed of wire.

In carrying out my invention, I employ a single piece of spring material, which may be in the form of a flat strip,-as shown in Figs. 1 to 3 inclusive, or in the nature of a wire, as shown in Fig. 4. This single piece'of material is bent at its center upon itselfto form substantially a semicircular portion 1 with com aratively long,- straight and converging portions extending therefrom, roviding clamping jaws 2 for attachingthe c ip'to any convenient part of a desk, as, for example, the partition between the pigeon-holes thereof, as illustrated. The material at the V ends of the j aws2 is reversely folded to sinis a full,

brace and conform to the outside thereof and extend in the o posite direction. The ends of said materia project a suitable distance beyond the semicircular portion 1 of the jaws 2, and are expanded at their centers to provide oplposed clamping jaws 3 for receiving and ho ding a pen, pencil, stamp or other article, as ordinarily used about a desk. At each side of the 'aws 3, the ends of said mate rial are forme with opposed, contracted portions adjacent to the semicircular portion 1 partlyconformin thereto, as clearly'disclosed in Fig. 2. T e contracted portlons 4 at the opposite side of the jaws 3 terminate in divergent extremities 5, adapting the pen, pencil or other device to automatically expand the jaws 3 when inserting it therein.

In the application of the cli to the pigeonhole partition of a desk or ot 161 fixed point, the jaws 3 are grasped between the fingers and forced together, acting to expand the jaws 2, as indicated in dotted outline in Fi 2. The jaws 2 thus expanded may be readily ap lied to a fixed point, as, for example, that s own in Figs. 1 and 3. With the clip thus applied, articles as pens, pencils,-etc. ma be conveniently held between the jaws 3.

, aving thus described my invention I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent:

1-. A clip for pencils, pens and like articles, comprising a single piece of spring material bent u on itself at its center to form substantialy a semicircle, with long, straight and converging portions extending therefrom providing clamping aws, the material at the ends of said aws being reversely folded to embrace the outside thereof and extend in the opposite direction, with the ends of the materlal pro'ecting beyond said jaws and provided wit opposed central expanded portions and opposed contracted portions at each side thereof.

2. A clip comprising a single piece of spring material bent to form two pairs of opposed clamping jaws arranged at op osite ends, the movement of both pairs 0 said jaws relative to each other being in the same comprising a smgle piece of spring materia m esaese bent to form a air of opposed'clan p a pair of said jaws being extended to form 19 jaws at each en the jaws of one of 5135 the other pair of jaws.

pairs being substantially straight and com- In testnnony whereof I have signed my posed of a double thickness of material and name to this specification in the presence of 5 converging toward each other in passing in two subscribin witnesses.

the direction of their free ends when both RBEERT GUY-ADDIE. pairs of said jaws are in normal relative Witnesses: positions, and with the outer layer of'said ROBERT Annm,

double thicmess of material forming each of A. L. hmnasom.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47G33/105