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Publication numberUS886350 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 5, 1908
Filing dateMar 14, 1907
Priority dateMar 14, 1907
Publication numberUS 886350 A, US 886350A, US-A-886350, US886350 A, US886350A
InventorsMartha Ann Corliss
Original AssigneeMartha Ann Corliss
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US 886350 A
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629i memes formed. partly folded. Figtl is a transverse sec- UNITED sTATEsrnrnNr ortica.'



specification of Letters Patent.

Patented May 5, 1908.

Application filed March 14, 1907. Serial No. 362,393.

Vvide an envelop folded from asingle blank and having in its entire make up a single' seam and when folded to provide a airof pockets with one pocket terminating s ort of the other and having adhesive substance u on its back throughout its entire area W ereby the backs of the pockets may be4 secured together to provide a sti` wall between them, each pocket having a tongue whereby bo'th pockets may besealed and the envelop when sealed having all of the` appearances of a single pocket envelop and no seam being apparent in any part o the envelo/p. 4

ith the above and otherv objects in view, the presentinvention consists in the combination and arrangement of parts hereafter more fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawings and particularly pointed out in the ap ended claim.

In the drawings :.TFigure 1 is a plan view of the blank fronatwhich my lenvelop is Fig. 2 is a plan, view of the envelop tional view on the line a-a of Fig. 2. Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the envelop as placed upon the market. Fig. 5 is a lon itudinal sectional- View of the envelo W en one pocket is sealed. Fig. 6 is an e arged transverse sectional view showing both pockets sealed. .Fig 7 is a plan view of the back of the envelop when sealed, illustrating one of the sealing tongues in dotted lines.

Referring now more particularly to the accompanying drawings, the reference character 10 indicates the front or address side of the envelop provided at its ends with the sealing tongues 11 and 12 and along its lon- Uitudinal edges with the flaps 13 and 14. The tongue 11 is considerably shorter than the tongue v12 and preferably rectangular in formation for a urposetplresently explained. To fold the b ank for use the flaps 13 and 14 are firstfolded 'over the front o r address side 10 with their free longitudinal edges overla ping and glued'together as shown. The b ank is then folded u on itself intermediate its ends to provide t e pair of pockets 15 and 16, both for letters or oneffor letters and the other for articles of different character. Thus the inner faces of the pockets are formed by the aps 13 and 14 and these iaps are preferably glued together to provide a stiff wall between the pockets, the

entire rear surface of the smaller pocket 15 .Y

being preferably provided with an adhesive substance 17 throughout its entire area, as.,

clearly shown in Fig. 2.

To seal the envelop a letter or other article 18 is ,placed within the longer pocket 16, and if desired, the tongue 12 may have its adhesive substance 17 moistened and inserted in the shorter pocket 15, thereby sealing the longer pocket. By virtue of one of the pockets bein outer side of t e longer tongue 12 is not completely hidden from view until the tongue 11 is secured thereto.

Regardless of whether the tongue11 of the shorter pocket is sealed, the contents of the longer pocket 16 are sealed whenethe adheshorter than the other the` sive substance 17 of the latter is moistened`l85 and the longer tongue disposed within the tongue 11 is moistened and adhered to the back or outer face of thelong'er tongue 12 and also to a portion r'of the liaps 18 and 14 to completely conceal the longer tongue from view.

If aletter orl other article is confined in the longer pocket 16 only, thev letter or article cannot be inspected without mutilating the envelop at two points, that is, bytearing the longer tongue 12 and those parts ofthe sti` wall formed by said overlapping side flaps 13 andV 14 engaged by the shorter tongue 11. Thus l`provide an -envelopthat cannot be opened by an unauthorized person without diselosingthat-the envelop has been tank pockets and having a single seam, one pocket termnatil short of the other pocket and l over the first mentioned tongue and having having a esive 'substance upon its back adhesive vsubstance whereby it may be sethroughout its entlre area whereby the backs cured to the outer face osaid rst mentioned 15 of the pairof pockets maybesecured together tongue and also to said stiii Wall -to com'A t 5 to provide-a sti Wall between them, a sealpletely seal the envelop and conceal the latlng tongue for rthe lo er oeket having ter tongue from view.

tapering edges and forme to t in the shorter In testimony whereof, I affix mysignature,

pocket and also having adhesive substance 1n preseneelof twowitnesses. f

along its edges whereby it may be penna MARTHA CORLISS.l 10 nently secured to said sti Wall Within the Witnesses:

shorter oeket over said seam, and a sealing -HARR1ETT` CoRLrss,

tongue or the smaller pocket formed to .it l W. E. WILooX.

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