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Publication numberUS887282 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 12, 1908
Filing dateApr 18, 1906
Priority dateApr 18, 1906
Publication numberUS 887282 A, US 887282A, US-A-887282, US887282 A, US887282A
InventorsHarry C Smith
Original AssigneeFrederick Mack, Mary E Smith, Harry C Smith
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File or cabinet.
US 887282 A
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N0. 887,282. PATENTED MAY 12; 1908.



d A rromwzv's adapted for department 1 stores and an which will more readily appearas the nature same consists in the novel construction, com-- i hereinafter more fully 'describedand claimed,

ures OFFICE.



usefulimprovementsinfiles orfea nets, an theinvention has'for its ninety 9h 7 i h as ralityiofeesgngs or eornpartinents i arrangedset atanyoneoisaideempar or casings-ea be easilya'nd q ieklyreash d' I T missed; 1 have construe-t a or t net wherein? plurality o -ca gs r mpare 1 vmeats-are-.arran,ged-to form K611111633 0 m;

the chain of said c,ornpartments' or casings bein inountedupen wheels-jou l in suits 1e':{ramework,.the en s c -bein vertically-disposed whereby c -sl es? the casings'oi' eompartinen wil be Q Z tively-exposed, thus ennant IQM XaceeS to thecontents-ef said-casings or n pfi tments when regained, v v M improve file or cabinet-is partieulerly stores gwhere small articles or medicines 5 be conveniently: arranged to be e'asi reached The construct on of my'improv'ed file or cabinet permits of the same bein'g use'd as aletterfile, and for the purpose of illustration a plurality of casings or com artnients are shownconnected together, an arranged in a vertically disposed manner, whereby they will occupy a comparatively small space, yet will be easily accessible.

Afurther'ob'eet of thisinvention is to provide afile 0r ca inet which'will be simple and inexpensive inconstruction, strong and durable and easily mani nlated, and'it will operate steadily and witliout lateral or swaying movement. v I

With the-above and other objects in view,

of the invention is better understood, the

binationand arrangement "of parts; to be andreierring -to the drawing accompanying this application, like numerals of reference! Specification of Letters Patent. Application filed April 18, 19%. Serial No. 312,357.

y I v w toprw vide s novel cgbinetor; 1e con isting of; a phi; A

and 8 are'fixed between said uprights. Ethe plates 6-, 6 are mounted screws 9, 9, said Patented May 12, 1908.

designate corresponding parts throughout the several views, in wluchtproved iile or cabinet, Fig. 2 is a sidelevation, Fig. 3 is an enlarged end elevation of one .of 'the casings} or compartments; detached, together wlth one of the coupling projections, l*ig. 4 is a front elevation or the same, Fig. 5 is a plan view of a casin 0r compartment, illustratin a shghtlymodihed i'orni of construction, an Fig-.6 isa'perfspecof a compartment/in the-form of a die or hopper constructed in accordance 3 my invention adapted to be used in-lieu eithe'easmgs or compartments.

' To put my invention into practice, I con struct my improved iile or cabinet oftwo standards 1, 1, .each standard comprislng spaced uprights 2-, 2, having outwardly flared feet 3, 3. The uprights 2, 2 areconn'ected together at their upper ends; as at 4, and at intermediate points by transverse plates 6, 7

;and-8. Plates 5, 5 are slidably mounted between the uprights 2, 2 while'the plates (3, 7 In screws engaging the underneath edges of the plates 5,5 whereby said plates may be ad "nsted between the uprights 2, 2 of each standard. Journaledin the plates 51, 5 between the standards 1, is a shaft 10 upon "whichare mounted flanged wheels 11, 11, the objectof which will presently appear. r

"In the plates 8, S is journalcd a shaft 12, and upon said shaft are mounted flanged wheels 14, 14, and a pulley wheel 1-5. Revolubly mounted. in the plates 7 is a stub shaft 16, carrying a pulley wheel 17, and a Passing over the pulley crank handle 18. wheels 17 and 15 lSitIl endless chain or cable" 19, this ch'amor, cable being adapted to 1mpart a rotary movement to the shaft 12, when the stub shaft 16 is revolved through the medium of the crank handle 18,

Upon the. wheels 11, 11 and 14', 14 is mounted an endless chain-orcarrier 20, said chain or carrier consisting of a plurality of casings or compartments 2]. Each casing or compartment comprises a ilat'rectangular b0x-22 having afront hinged lid 23; which is provided with transparent plates 24, wherey the interior of each compartment or casing may be observed. 'In lieu of the trans Figure 1 is a front elevation of 'myim vided with extensions 26 carrying upwardly ing a plurality of i extending hooks 27 and depending eyelets 28. The endless chain is formed y-connectments together, the books 27 of one casing engaging-in the eyelets 28 of another casing, and in t 's manner forming an endless chain of casings or compartments adapted to travel,

upon the wheels -11, 11 and 1f 14,. the inner faces of the extensions 26 at t -e' ends of thecompaitments are curved like the-faces of the wheels 1 1, 1 1',and 14, 14, and are adapted to bear thereon when in motion, and theouter faces of the projections 26 are flat and are adaptedto bear against the inner faces ofthe flanges of the whcels, and the chain prevented thereby-from, material lateral, or swaying movement. The projections 26 are disposed at'a short distance from the inner edges of the compartments, so that a portion of each compartment projects between the inner faces 0 the wheels, which arrangement materially increases the efliciency of the de-- vice andfcauses the compartments to thus serve toa certain extentas guides'toprev'ent lateral movement'of the chain device. a The tension upon the vchain of casings, or compartm'e'nts, is re ulated by the screws 9, while the operation 0 moving the endlesschain-of casings or compartments is accomplished through .the 'men uinof the pulley wheels 15 V and 17. together with the cable or chain 19.

From the foregoing, it will. be observed that I have'devised a novel form of-file or cabinet wherein various kinds of articles may be storedand conveniently reached atany P v. withdrawn by opening'the door 'orlid 23 of used for ofiice work, for

desired time byrotatingthe crank handle 18 i t and positioning the,easing or compartment containing-the desired article at aconvenient ace whereby itmaybe easily reached and the compartment,

My improved file or cabinet can be readily storing letters and such articles'as mustfbe conveniently located. The novelnarrangement of the casings orcom artments consumes a comparatively sma space, and in this connection, I do not care to confine myself to thespe'cificnumber of casinlgafor compartments usedandar ranged as a chain, as tlie nprights 2, 2 may be madeof a considerable height to support a larger numberof casings than shown-in the accompanyin drawing.

In Fig. 6 of the drawings, I

- hopper, such as commonly used in "connection with endless conveyors, and in this fconnection, the bucket or hopper may be consides-in the factthat the. file isparticularly the'i casings or compartsimilar power which is automatically controlled.

ters'Patent, is:':

between thefout 'wardl "-exte'n ing against the' inwar l -exten'ding portions of the uprights of' each' pair at a point above pending below" its respective casing,-

Y'eye, the hooks 'of'on'e casing adapted to i "lock with the-eyes of an ,a'; l oint between the pair 0 together, means connected -to the slidin plates for adjusting thefsh'aft' caifrie sliding {'lates thcrebywapplying tension the" carr ehfa'istub.shaft projecting froni said or compartments 1 in, the presence of'twowitnesses-J' have 'IllllIS,- trated ,a conventional i'ornroi bucket or structed in accordance with the casings or 66 compartments of my improved file, whereby the may be connected together to form an en less chain or conveyer.

A particular feature of my invention re- 70 adapted for any store, where floor space is scarce, and in this connection, the file is particularly adapted for dress .patteii ils whichheretofore occupied a large .space irlji a store. i y

I do not care to confine myself to the frame work or lstandardsused in connection with' the file, as the shafts thereof may be journaled in suitable hangers carried byafloor f, and ceiling, nordo I care to limit myself to the. mannerin which the file. is operated as the same'may be moved by'a motor or 'VYhat I claim and desire to secure by Let- '5 two pairs of I r A filing cabinet co'mprisin ts connected p hts a P r O p i together atthetop, each of, the uprightsof v W each pair 'bein angular in cross section, so" upper, interme iate' and lower plates fixed between the outwardly and bearin against the inwardly-exten ortions 0? the =upc I rights'of each pair,va plate arranged p mg and bear- 9,5: 3

said up er fixed plate, a shaft journaled'in; said Slll in lates, a shaft'journaled in the iates, flanged wheels carried. by each of sai shafts, 'a compartment carriertraveling over said wheels and consisting of "a plurality of casing's eachprovided with an"- integral lateral extension at eachend, each of said extensions projecting above and dle t 1e 0115K? upperpo-rtion' jof each of said extensionse stituting a hook and: the lower portion a l I acentfcasin'g at a a 'casings there byr 1 ormmg the carrier and hing ngflthe casings intermediate plateand -carrying apulleyaand crank handle; a pulley niou-ntedtupo'n saidiihaft' and a belt'connectio'n betw'een't he puls c ys- U T1 In testimony whereof Iafiix myfsignature' I v Witnesses? J A. WIIQBON, l

E. E. Po'i'rnn,

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Cooperative ClassificationA47F3/08