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Publication numberUS889756 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 2, 1908
Filing dateMar 29, 1907
Priority dateMar 29, 1907
Publication numberUS 889756 A, US 889756A, US-A-889756, US889756 A, US889756A
InventorsJoseph S Bukacek
Original AssigneeJoseph S Bukacek
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US 889756 A
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10N-FILED MAE 29 19 D WW1/Lemma I v awww,-


To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JOSEPH S. BUKACE'K, aA

citizen of. the United States, residing at Riverside, in the l'county' of St. Clair and -State 'of Alabama, have mventedanew and useful Cushion, of which the following -is a specification. r

' It is a Well known factthat standing upon aiioor or other hard surface for a considerablelength of time is exceedinglytiresome,

` and itis the ob'ect of the present invention to provide a yiel ing cushion of a novel, simple and durable character, on which a person may-stand, and which will obviate the sensation of weariness as noted. fAt the same time, it will be evident that4 such invention is notlimited to this 'particular use, and may bev employed for many analogous pur-:

" poses.

In the drawings :'fFigure 1 is a perspectiveview of the preferred form of construction. Fig. 2 is a bottom plan lview of the same. F1g.3 is a crosssectional view.

Similar referencenuinerals designate corresponding partsr in alla. the. figures of the drawings. Inlthe embodiment illustrated, a yielding bodyis employed that is-in the form of an air tube wrapped into a plurality of convolutions 4, o n`e surrounding the other, therebyfpr duc'ing a substantially elliptical body, as

illustratedinlig.l 21. The convolutions, as

shown, are in contact -alon opposite central lines 3 5 The ends of the tu e are closed;-` 'A whereby the bo y can be inflated by an air ump. The tube as illustrated ingFig. 3 `is l lthus produced, an

ornted ofan inner'lining 6 of rubber or other suit ble material and an outer casing 7 ,pref erabl of fabric `or the like. Acover 8 eX'- dtends over the upxer face ofthe body, as

rubber di' other 4 suitable material. This cover has portions 'extending downwardly othersuitable manner. 59.' the cover 1s preferably rou hone as shown.

between adjacent tube sections and fastened to each by cement, vulcanizi'ng or in any Theup er face of at 9 to rovide-a tread su ace.

It vw' be noted that the vdepending portions terminate at the contacting ortions of the tubular sections, leaving theI ower portions of said sections spaced apart, thus permitting the lower portlons or parts to become Specification of Letters Patent.

, Application filed Harch29, 1907. Serial No. 366,860.

keepers and cler suitable air valve 5 is connected tothe oute1 most' convolution, said air valve being of theordinary ty e, and constituting means.

is preferably formed ofA CUSHION.

Patented June 2,- 1908.

compressed and distorted when a sufficient weight is superposed on the mat;

In using the cushion, the same is placed upon a floor, and with the roughened face uppermost, and the erson stands upon such roughened face. e vthus has a: iiexible From the foregoing it is thought that: the

construction, operation, and many advvatages of the herein describedinvention `l bey a parent to those skilled in the art,'w1th out lI-ilrther description, and it will be understood that variousLchanges in the size, shape,

proportion, and .minor .details of construe- 'tion, ,may be resorted to vwithout departing fromv the spirit or sacrificing any 'of theadavantages o the invention.

aving thus fully described my Dinvention,

Letters Patent, is

what I--claim as new, and desire to secure/by In a support of the character set i orth, the

tubular sup orting sections located side by side, with t eir intermediateportions in substantial contact, of a continuous flexible cover of compressible material extending over the different sections and having-depending, portions itted snuglybetween and engaged with the adjacent tube sections, said portions and coverbeing secured'to each section and holding said sections-against sepa;-

' combinatlon witha plurality of compressible l ration, and said cover constituting the tread surface for said' support, the depending'por:

tions furthermore' terminating ata the contacting portions 'of the tubular section, leaving the lower parts of'said sections s aced apart to permit their compression an dis'- tortion and the conseqllllent movement of the lower sides toward ea other. 5

In testimony, that I Aclaim the foregoing as in thepresence of two witnesses..


Witnesses: J. L. TAYLOR, .:S. E. JONES.

-my own, I have hereto aiixed my signature

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Cooperative ClassificationF16F15/02