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Publication numberUS890412 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 9, 1908
Filing dateSep 11, 1907
Priority dateSep 11, 1907
Publication numberUS 890412 A, US 890412A, US-A-890412, US890412 A, US890412A
InventorsPaul Dehne
Original AssigneePaul Dehne
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US 890412 A
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PUMP-KETTLE Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented June 9, 1908.

Application filed. September 11, 1907. Serial No. 392,403.

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, PAUL DEHNE, subthe following is a specification.

This invention relates to pump strainers and has for its object the production of a device of this class adapted to be fixed on the casing of the non-return valve of suction pipes, and one embodying an organization of parts that may be readily separated and associated and also altered or adjusted to modify the size and fineness of its apertures.

The preferred form of the invention is shown in the accompanying drawing, wherein:

Figure 1 is a longitudinal section of the improved pump strainer and the pipe carrying it. Fig. 2 is a detail plan view of one of the rings.

Similar characters of reference are employed to indicate corresponding parts in the views.

The pump strainer is composed of a series of separate rings a which are superimposed and held together and connected to the casing 0 of the non-return valve ft by means of screws or coupling rods 1), the inner annular valve chamber formed by the rings being covered on the side opposite the said valve h by a plate or disk 6 also fastened by the screws or coupling rods 1) and engaging or resting on the outermost ring a. The rings a are provided with projections or bosses g at intervals, as shown by Fig. 2, whereby the apertures f necessary' for the passage of the drawn up fluid, are formed. According to the essential feature of the invention, the rings a forming the suction strainer have uneven contiguous edges or faces providing the are also much less liable to block or choke the apertures or passages f by reason of the zigzag-shaped form of the apertures which will not admit of any material extent of the apertures or passages f being covered by thin strip shaped bodies sucked thereagainst. The zigzag-contour of the contiguous edges or faces of the rings may be constructed to embody equivalent forms, such as rectangular, polygonal, or round shapes, or any analogous contour that will eifect the production. of an aperture or passage having its continuity broken by interval projections.

The covering disk 6 is preferably given the conical form shown by Fig. 1, the point of the cone projecting into the interior of the pump strainer to facilitate guiding of the en tering water or liquid to the valve opening h. The projections 9 may also be provided on both faces instead of on only one face of each ring a and may be in one piece with the rings or formed as separate intermediary pieces.

The latter arrangement is advantageous because with it the changing of the projections or intermediate separating devices or mo difying the thickness thereof will result in a corresponding variation of the apertures or pas-. sages .l/Vhat is claimed as new, is:

The combination with the non return valve casing of suction pipes, of a covering disk, and a plurality of superimposed rings connected. to one another and to the said Valve casing, the rings forming in common with the covering disk the chamber of the pump strainer, and the said rings having opposite zigzag edges to form correspondingly shaped passages between their contiguous edges when assembled to form the wall of the strainer, the rings being displaceable with relation to each other within certain limits Without producing circumferentially straight slots therebetween.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set RUDOLPH FRICKE, HUGO KLEIN.

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Cooperative ClassificationB01D29/46