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Publication numberUS890474 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 9, 1908
Filing dateJun 26, 1907
Priority dateJun 26, 1907
Publication numberUS 890474 A, US 890474A, US-A-890474, US890474 A, US890474A
InventorsGustaf E Wallin
Original AssigneeWallin Addressing Machine Mfg Company
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US 890474 A
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wi h1 ma of which the fo UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.



Patented June 9, 1908.

Application man :une 2s, 1907. serial No. '380,988'.

To all 'whom it may' concern:

Be it known that I, GUsTAF E. WALLIN, a citizenof the United States of America, residing at Pocatello, .in the county of Bannock and State of Idaho, have invented' new and useful Improvements in Copy-Holders,

lowing is a specification.

This invention relates to copy holders designed more particularly for use with linotype machines, and one of the principal objectsof the same is to rovide a graduated rule extending racross t e copy holder, the

graduations at the upper side oi'4 the rule be-. ing spaced olf to indicate en spaces, while the marks at the lower side of said rule are marked off in inches and rovision is made for holding a strip oi card oard in front of the rule so that the number of ens in a column of. figures in tabular Work may be laid off upon the cardboard to facilitate the operation of setthe table'.

other object of the deviceis lto provide a simple copy holder 'in which the-copyI can be qutilckly moved to indicate one line after the ot er.

These and-other objects may be attainedV by means of the construction illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure 1 is a frontA elevation of a copy holder made in accordance with my invention,

'und showing the strip of cardboard broken' away at one side toillustrate'the graduations 1i onv the rule. Fig. 2 isa sectional view on Figi 3 is a side elevalines a ""o'rtlonof the lino'type machineupon '.whic t e copy holder is supported.

Re rring to. the `drawing for a more particular description 'of my invention, the nu .49

merel 1 desi ates the base or support for the holder, said ase provided with an upwardly Y tending upwardl curved arm 3; 4.5

the copy-holder comprises a shaft 7 jourextendingA bracket 2 at each end, and'exr'om the bracket 2 1s a wheel 6 is secured. The pivoted member of naled in the curved arms 3 and provided withia cross brace 8 and a lrubber roller 9 mounted upon a shaft 10. Connected to the front ends of the side members 11 is a graduated rule 12 having indicating marks 13 near the upper edge thereof, said indicatin marks being spaced apart the distance equa to the thickness of an en of some particular size of t pe, like nonpareil, while at the lower side of the rule 12 indicating marks 14 are used to indicate inches and fractions thereof. termediate the two rows of indicating marks 13 and 14 is a row of spaced marks 15 reprezsenting the spaces or-ens of a different size type. At opposite sides of the rule 12 hooks 'or clasps 16 are provided and slipped into the hooks or clampls 16 is a stri of cardboard 17 replresenting t e entire wi th of the rule 12. he operation of my invention may be lbriefly described as follows: Whenever it is desired to set any kind of tabular work, the number of figuresl in each column is counted, and since the iigures are cast on bodies represented by an en in thickness, the number of spaces may be marked off on the strip 17 to indicate each column of figures, allowance being made for commas, eriods and brass rules, if such are to be use `lyhenthe copy is placed behind the rule 12`and in front of the roller 5, the line which isfto be set is indicated by the rule 12 and the milled thumb wheel 6- is to be moved after each line has4 been set, aswill be understood. When the -copyholder is to be used forordin copy, theaoardboard strip may be remove Aif desire From the foregoing itwill be obviousthata copy holder made in accordance with my invention, is of comparatively simple construction, is particularly convenient for setting tabular'work,'ean be produced at slightfcost,

and is'very eicient for its purpose. Having thus described the invention, what I claim is:

A copy holder for linoty e machines comprising a frame, a roller a apted to carry a cop and mounted to rotate in the frame, sin roller having a milled 'wheel for turning the same, arms pivoted to said frame and i In testimony whereof, I affuf my/signatre 1clerrlfing a rradillatd rule, aid (zlasps (ir in presence of two Witnesses, oosenfiin te'ottomonyo tierue i for holdigga lank stri of cardboard upon GUSTAF E" WALLIN' 5 the rule7 seid eardboar permittinff the up- Witnesses: 4

per edge of the rule to be' exposer to View l I. S. WEAVER, above the card. GUY T; NICHOLS.

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Cooperative ClassificationB41J29/15