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Publication numberUS892074 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 30, 1908
Filing dateJun 10, 1907
Priority dateJun 10, 1907
Publication numberUS 892074 A, US 892074A, US-A-892074, US892074 A, US892074A
InventorsAmedeo Obici
Original AssigneeAmedeo Obici
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Method of making moisture-proof containers.
US 892074 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

No. 892,074. PATENTED JUNE 30, 1908. A. OBIGI.



q Vi hwamw citizen of the United States, residing at maybe vper'mitthehag to recave its contents; Fig. 2 isa sealed; Fig. 3 in LIED E0 OBIGI, OF WILKES-BARBIE, PENNSYLVANIA.


of Letters Patent.

Patented June so, 1908.

AIM! and :m in, 1901. Suisl in. 313,310.


Be it known that I, Axnnno Omcr, a

Wilkes-Barre, in the county of Luzerne and State of Penmylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Methods of Moisture-Proof Containers, of which the ollowingis aigshpecification, reference being had therein to e accompav My invention relates to improvements 1n methods of making moisture proof con tainers.

One object chinyention is to privide an improved me 0 making paper ags, cartons, pasteboard boxes and other receptacles or containers absolutely moisture proof. and also proof against the efiect of the sun's rays. i

with the above and other objectsinview the invention consists of the features 6 novel hereinafter described and claimed, and mtrated in the accompanying draw 1: in which 'l'maperspectiveviewoftheinner or bag, showing the same open and view, showing the same closed and tive view of the outermembcrorbag; '.4isasimilar view, showing the inner bag within the outer one and the latter closed and sealed to provide the complete moisture proof container; and Fig. 5 is a sectional view through the complete container.

The embodiment of my invention illusis in the form of'a container especially designed for holdin peanuts, popcorn, candy and the like, an consists of inner andouter pa bags 1,2 but it will be understood that e invention embodied in containers of other forms. 4 I

or receptacle 1 as here shown is in the orni of a paper envelop or of well known construction having one open to receive its contents and provided with a sealing flap 3- containing a cooling of glue or other adhesive material 4 b maybeeflectiveg the usual manner.' To

or mptscle to'be readily o I it desired toofdisc hmgits conteii viearow stitc 5 mw theflag -gclosetothe-lineofitsfold a clearly shown in Fi .1. row-"oi,

stitching extends clear across the flap and has one of its ends pro'ecting so that it may be readily grasped an ulled outwardly to tear open the end of t e bag. The outer bag or receptacle 2 is preferably, but not necessarily, in the form of an envelop or bag made of oiled pa It may he of any suitable construction ut as shown is similar to the inner bag andhas one of its ends open to receive the latter and a sealing lie 6 arranged at 'said end and provided wit a coating of adhesive material 7. Uponthe exterior of the outer bag 2 may be printed or otherwise placed any suitable advertising or reading matter which will describe the contents of the inner bag.

In the containers moisture proof, I first 'place 1: e peanuts or other contents in the inner bag 1, then moisten the adhesive material 4 and seal the flap 3, as shown in 2. I then coat the entire exterior of the bag 1 with paraflin, beeswax or similar waxy water proof material by dipping the bag in such material or in any other suitable manner. After this coating or wax has become hardened I then dip or immerse the bag in a hot bath of stearic acid. It will be understood that the latter may be otherwise a plied and that one or more'coats of it may 0 applied to the bag, also that the bag may be (llplifd or coated one or more times in the hot ath of the waxy material. If desired, I may1 alsocombine the paraflin or beeswax wit the stearic acid and di the bag one or more times in this compound or preparation. The coatin of the bag with wax after it has been cl and sealed renders it entirely water or moisture proof, and since this dipping or coatin is done after the bag has been closed and se ed there'is nodanger of its contents coming in contact with the coating. By stearic acid in the manner above mentioned the coating becomes immune .to the heat of the sun, since stearic acid when it dries after being melted, becomes a hard sub stance that can be melted again only at a temperature of 160 Fahrenheit. After the inner bag has been thus treated it is placed in the outer one 2 and the fia 6 of the latter is then moistened and seal to provide the com lete container shown in Figs. 4 and 5. While I referably employ this outer bag or recepta e 2, it will be understood that the inner one may be used without it, since the in'ner one is in itself entirely moisture proof. I provide the outer one for the purpose of protecting the inner one and rendering the kage more attractive in appearance.

Fromtheforegoingitwillbe seen that myinvention provides a package or receptacle that is well adapted for containing peanuts, pop corn, candy and the like to be sold at picnics and by retail stores where window displays are made. Since these packages are not affected by the suns rays, they will not become eas and unclean lookin when display during the summer mont and sub- Lected to hot sun baths. Since the inner ags are also effectively closed and sealed before they are dipped in'or coated with wax,- there Wlll be no chance for the contents to come in contact with such coating and injuriously affected thereby.

Having thus described my inventionwhat I and desire to secure by Letters Paten lSI' The herein described method of making a container moisture proof and immune to the suns rays, which consists of first closing and sealing the'rece tacle or container after its contents have een placed therein, then coating the entire exterior of the container with wax, then coating the same with stearic acid and finally inclosmg the container in an outer casing or receptacle, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I hereunto afiix my signature in presence of two witnesses.

AMEDEO OBICI. Witnesses:


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