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Publication numberUS893096 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 14, 1908
Filing dateFeb 19, 1908
Priority dateFeb 19, 1908
Publication numberUS 893096 A, US 893096A, US-A-893096, US893096 A, US893096A
InventorsHarry M Phlegar
Original AssigneeHarry M Phlegar
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Combined advertising fan and score-card.
US 893096 A
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N0.. 893,096. PATENTED JULY 14, 1908.



TillLson/ High-Bau.

R'ebaired @MIKE/ver,



Y Specification of Letter. Patent.

Patented Juiy 14, 190s.

Application led February 19, 1908. Serial No. 116,876.

To all whom 'it may concern:

Be it knownthat I, HARRY M. PHLEGAR, a citizen of the United States, residing at Williams ort, in the county of Lycoming and.

State of ennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in a Combined Advertising Fan and Score-Card, ofwhich the following is a specification.`

This invention relates to a combined ad-l vertising fan and score-card; the same con'- sisting of a sheet of suitable stiff material, such as cardboard, 4the same being .sufficiently rigid to constitute the leaf of a fan, and of such a nature as to enable advertising matter as well as asuitably devised scorecard to be imprinted upon both sides thereof, and a handle being provided whereby it may bef conveniently manipulated, when vused as a an. v

ively, but ine ensively, for free` distribution, the cost o production andpdistr'ibution tising matter are interested in retaining thel score-cards in their possession for future ief-4 erence, and for the benefit of such-persons the object of the resent invention-*isfto render the score-car readily-detachable front* the body of the fan, so that'it may be con-` Venientl retained for future reference independent y of the fan-leaf. i

Further-ob'ects of the invention areto simplify and Improve the construction and operation of the class of devices to which the invention belongs.

With these and other ends in view which will readily appear as the nature of theinvention is better understood, the invention:

In the. accom anying drawing-has beenl illustrated a simp e and preferred form of the I invention;l it being, however, understood that no limitation is necessarily made to the recis structural details therein exhibited, ut

- that changes, alterations and modifications within the scope of the invention may be resorted to, when desired.

In the drawing-Figure l* is a plan or face-view of a combined fan `and score-card Devices of the character to the vention belongs areusually gotten up attractrations, which' tion. Fig. 2'- Is a similar view showing the reverse sideof the device. tional view taken onthe the line 3 3` in Fig. 2.

Corresponding parts in the several figures are denoted by lIke characters of reference.

The leaf or body of the fan, 5, consists of a piece or sheet of cardboard ofsuitable weight and' of any desired sha e and dimensions; in the drawing the saidileaf hasl been shown trimmed tov an octagonal shape, but it ma obviously be s uare, rectangular, roun oval or of an s ape that may be deemed suitable for t e pur ose, the exact dimensions being likewlse' iscretionar The two sides or faces of the leaf 5 are di- Fig. 3- is a secplane indicated by vvided by lines 6, 6 into spaces 7, 7 which referably surround a central space 8 which atter utilized as a score-card, the marginal spaces 7, 7 bein reserved for advertis- Ing purposes; in the rawings, some of lsaid `marginal spaces have been shown occupied demon- T e central by various advertisements, clearl stratingthe use`of the device.

or intermediate s ace 8, the' two sides of which are .occupie by suitably-devised conventional scoreecards r tally cards for keepthe scores or tallies of base-ball or other ames, as shown at S and S1, respectively, in igsg' 1..and2lfof't-he drawings, Is separated from theimarginiilor advertising spaces 7, 7

by linesv or rows 9'- fof indentations or perfointermediate Vportifn to be readily detached from the body ofthe leaf 5, either before or vafter the scores or tallies have been marked' thereon. 4

In order to still further facilitate the ready detachment or removal ofthe central scorecard portion 8 from the bod of the leaf, one of the corners of said centra portion is referably entirely separated from the bo y of the leaf by an angular lslot or cut, 10, forming a detached `fla 11, which ma be readily bent outward fiom the body o the leaf, as will be clearly seenin Fig. 3 of the drawin s, so that it may be conveniently seized by t e operator who may then readily detach the score-card b tearing the latter from the body of the an leaf on the indented or erforatedl lines which separate the centra or` W lfenable the said central or score-card portion from the marginal or advertising s aces. Ay suitab e handle, as H, may be attached connection with the drawings hereto annexed the operation and advantages ofthis invention W l be readily understood by those skilled in the art to which it appertains.

'The construction is extremely sim le and in-.

expensive, and the device is of suc a nature as to a peal readily to advertisers, the fan proper eing ke t and utilized with a reasonable degree o certainty during the pro ress of the (game for Which the score-car s are provide While the facility with which the score-cards may be detached and retained for future reference will be sure to render this particular advertising medium a prime favorite among the devotees of the game for Which the score-card or tally card is provided.

he score card being', initiall integral with the leaf Which constitutes tlle body of the fan, it is obvious that the score card and the desired advertising matter may be imprinted by a single impression on eachside,`

thus economizing in the manufacture of the device as compared with advertising devices which are composed of separate, lnon-integral, portions.

The handle H is preferably made of rigid material, such as'wood, and the inner end edge or extremity of said handle is made to terminate, as shown, in approximate alinement with one of the broken lines 9 formed by rows o indentations or perforations, Which separate the score-card portion from the advertising portion of thefan, or form the lines of demarcation between said portions; the rigid handle will thus be found useful in breaking or separatin the score-card ortion neatly from the body of the fan eaf,

lformin a guide for the complete separation of the indented or broken line.

I claim as my invention:

1. An advertising fan comprising a leaf or body having mar inal advertising spaces surrounding a readily-detachable integral intermediate portion, said leaf or body being provided with means such as rows of perforations whereby the said intermediate portion is partially detached from the body of the 2. An advertising fan comprising a leaf or body having marginal advertising spaces, andvrows of perforations separating said advertisin spaces from an intermediate readilydetacha le ortion constituting a score-card, said leaf or ody being provided with an angular slot whereby one corner of the scorecard portion is entirely separated from said leaf or body, forming a detached ap.

3. An advertising fan comprising a leaf or body having marginal advertising spaces surrounding an intermediate readily-detachable integral ortion which constitutes a score card, sai leaf or body being provided with a suitable handle.

4. An advertising fan comprising a leaf or body having mar inal advertising spaces, an intermediate rea ily-detachable po'rtion constituting a score-card, broken lines partially separating the latter from the marginal advertising spaces, and a ri id handle attached to and extending from said leaf or body, the inner end or extremity of said handle terminating in ap roximate alinement with one of the broken ines which define the line of demarcationbetween the detachable scorecard portion and the advertising portion of the fan leaf or body.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature, in presence of two Witnesses.



JNO. E. CURB, A. B. HAiNns.

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