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Publication numberUS894124 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 21, 1908
Filing dateOct 17, 1907
Priority dateOct 17, 1907
Publication numberUS 894124 A, US 894124A, US-A-894124, US894124 A, US894124A
InventorsJohanna Draemel
Original AssigneeJohanna Draemel
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Postal card.
US 894124 A
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Specication of Letters Patent.

Patented July 21, 1908.

Application filed October 17, 1907, Serial No. 397,'869.

y connected with the card to prevent unauthorized inspection.

The mam o neet of the present invention is the provision of a postal card with which of the side edge of the sheet.

is associated and connected a writing sheet, the writing sheet being further provided with means whereby after use it mav be addition-V allv connected-with the card and 'readily disconnected therefrom in the' hands ot the receiver. i

The invention will be described in the tollowing specification, reference being had particularly to the accompanying dra-wings, in which Figure i is aface view showing the imig. 2 is a rear 4view of the. same.

Referring particularl)v tothe drawings, mv improved letter sheet 1 is designed for connection with an ordinary postal card '2, said let-ter sheet being preferably coextensive in size with the card and being secured to the upper edge of the card, either integrally or otherwise as is usual in return postal cards.

In the form illustrated the letter sheet is perforated or'otherwise weakened along the line ext-ending parallel to the normally tree edge 3 of said sheet, asv at 'l, said 'weakened line being continued adjacent the side edges 5 of the letter sheet as at- 6, the weakened rovement, the letter sheet being extended.

vextension 6, however, being in the preferred form of materialliv less length than t 1e length The relatively inner surface or the letter sheet between the free edges thereof and the weakened lines 3 and' is provided with usual adhesive material, as at ,7.

' In use the postal card and inner surface of the letter sheet being written upon the latter is folded over on the postal card and the adhesive portion T thereof aiiixed to the card in the usual manner. As the adhesive material extends only ordinarily throughout the lengthot the sides of the letter sheet it is obvious that there is provided above said adhesive material a length throughout which the letter sheet is free of connection with the postal card. This provides the necessary 4 opening required to permit the mail matter to be transported under the laws for the usual one cent stamp, while at the same time the partial securingof the sheet in place pre vents that free access to the writing necessary to read the same.

In the use of the invention described the receiver will, on desirinet to read the inscribed matter separate the letter sheet from the card along the weakened lines of the former, the operation of separation being obvious. Free access is thus permitted in a convenientmanner to the proximate inscribed surfaces of the postal card and the letter sheet, and no danger of tearing the letter sheet incurred.

Having thus described the invention what is claimed as new, is

A postal card and a letter sheet perm-a; nentlv connected to the card throughout one edge of the latter, the free edge of the sheet being weakened along a line in spaced parallel relation to said edge, the weakened line extending along the side edges of the sheet being of materially less length than said edges, the surface of the sheet between the edge and weakened line being provided with adhesive material which terminates coincidenti)Y with the termination of the weakened line.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.


Witnesses: y


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Cooperative ClassificationB42D15/08