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Publication numberUS894577 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 28, 1908
Filing dateJun 25, 1907
Priority dateJun 25, 1907
Publication numberUS 894577 A, US 894577A, US-A-894577, US894577 A, US894577A
InventorsAdalbertus Bessner
Original AssigneeAdalbertus Bessner
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US 894577 A
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vwenlioz 1 Q daailerlaafiesszw witnmeo ADALBERTUS BESSNER, OF PHILLIPSBURG, NEW JERSEY.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented July 28, 1908.

Application filed June 25, 1907. Serial No. 380,687.

To all whom it may concern;

Be it known that LADALBERTUs BESSNER, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Phillipsburg, Warren and State of New Jersey, have invented new and' useful Improvements in Mail Boxes, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to mail boxes designed more particularly for use on rural free delivery routes or for use in villages and other places where householders within a certain radius may be served with their mail without having to travel a great distance to the post oflice. g

One of the princi al objects of the inventi on is to provide a box or receptacle having a number of compartments therein, all of said compartments being accessible to the letter carrier, and each compartment being accessible only to the person who holds the key of his box.

Another object of the invention is to provide a box or receptacle mounted to rotate upon a post, said receptacle having a long door therein for the letter carrier, which will give access to the inner compartments of the box, and when the door is closed Willhold the inner and outer compartments rigidly together so that the doors for each persons mail will communicate with the proper opening in the inner com artment.

These and other 0 jects may be attained by means of the construction illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure 1 is a side elevation of a mail box made in accordance with my invention. Fig. 2 is a horizontal section on the line 2-2, of Fig. 1, looking in the direction indicated by the arrows. Fig. 3 is a vertical section on the line 33, of Fig. 2, looking in the direction indicated by the arrows. Fig. 4 is a side elevation of the inner compartment or member. outer casing with the cover removed.

Referring to the drawing for a more particular description of my invention, the numeral 1 designates the outer casing, the u er and lower ends of which are provided w1t radial arms 2 provided with a central opening through which the upper end of a post 3 passes, said post having an annular flange.

or ring 4 upon which the caslng rests and a in the county of Fig. 5 is a top plan view of the detachable ring 5 for holding the casing in place.

A suitable roof or .cover 6 is secured to the casing 1 and the outer edges of the roof extend beyond the casing to properly shed the Water therefrom. The casing 1 is provided with a long door 7 which reaches from near the top to near the bottom of the casing, said door being connected by suitable hinges 8 to the casing 1, and provided with a suitable keyhole 9 and lock. Letter box doors 10 extend around the casing and arranged in vertical series of three in each series, as shown in Fig. 1, said doors being properly hinged to the casing and provided with a suitable lock.

The inner mail receptacle consists of an inclosed top 11', a similar bottom 12 connected by a tube 13, a series of compartments 14, each having an upwardly projecting flange 16 at the outer side thereof and a mail opening above the flange. At one point within the inner receptacle the com artments and partitions 17, and floors 18 o the compartments are omitted and an opening 19 is pro vided which conforms substantially to the width and height of the door 7. A series of pins or other suitable projections 20 extend inward from one edge of the door 7, said projections engaging apertures 21 in one of the divided partitions 17 to hold the outer casing in position relatively to the compartments 14 an doors 10.'

The operation of my invention may be briefly described as follows: The names of the respective householders are placed upon the doors 10 and also upon one of the partitions 17 of the compartments 14. The mail box being laced in a centrally located position where qiouseholders within a certain radius can come and gettheir mail, the letter carrier opens the door 7 and deposits mail in the compartments 14 by rotating the inner member relatively to the outer member until the desired compartments come into coincidence with the opening closed by the door 7. After the mail has been deposited in the various compartments, the. inner receptacle is rotated until the rojections 20 come into coincidence with t e apertures 21 when the door 7 is closed and locked, thus bringing into register the doors 10 with the compartments 14 of each respective householder.

From the foregoing it will be obvious that the letter box may be of any re uired size to contain any suitable number of etter boxes, that the letter carrier has free access to all of the boxes and that each householder is only permitted access to his own box.

My invention is of comparatively simple construction, can be manufactured and installed at comparatively slight cost, will save very much time of the letter carrier, and will be very convenient for householders in many sections of the country.

Having thus described my invention, what is claimed is:

1. A letter box comprising an outer casing and an inner receptacle mounted to rotate upon a post, said outer receptacle having a door extending vertically from near the top to the bottom thereof, and a series of com partment doors, and the inner compartment having a series of mail receptacles therein which coincide with the individual doors of the outer casing, and means upon the longer door to hold the outer casing in proper position relatively to the inner compartment.

2. A mail box comprising an outer casing and an inner receptacle mounted to rotate independently upon a post, a carrier door in the outer compartment and a series of individual doors in the outer compartment, said inner receptacle having a series of mail receivlng compartments therein, means connected to the carriers door for locking the outer casin to the inner receptacle.

3. A mail box comprising an outer casing provided with a cover, an inner receptacle rovided with partitions, floors and openings mto said compartments, said casing and receptacle being mounted to rotate independently upon a post, a carrier door hinged to the outer compartment and communicating with an opening in the inner receptacle, and means on the door for locking the outer casing and inner receptacle in position so that the individual doors will open communication with the individual mail receptacles.

4. A mail box comprising two members mounted to rotate upon a post, doors in the outer member, compartments in the inner member, and means upon one of the doors for holding said two members in propel relative position.

In testimony whereof, I iLlllX my signature in presence of two witnesses.



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