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Publication numberUS895403 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 4, 1908
Filing dateOct 3, 1907
Priority dateOct 3, 1907
Publication numberUS 895403 A, US 895403A, US-A-895403, US895403 A, US895403A
InventorsClarence L Jackson
Original AssigneeHenry C Wagner
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Packet-tying device.
US 895403 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

PATBNTBD AUG. 4,1908..


f 515% ffl 4 APPLICATION FILED 0CT.'3,


CLARENCE iicKsoN, or SANDUSKY, oino, i'ssIcNoR 'ro nnNRYc. WAGNER, or n SANDUSKY, onio.

PACKET-'rms nnvic'n. .l l I i No.' 895,403.

- Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Packet-Tying Devices, of 4which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawm 1o y invention relates to improvements in packet ties or holders and consists ofthe,

novel construction and the combination and .arran ement of parts hereinafter described "andcaimed Y The object of the invention is to provide a device of this character which will be simple, strong, durable wd inexpensive in construction and one which may be quickly and easily manipulated to fasten or unfasten a packet 2o or the like.

The above and other objects, which will appear as the nature ci the invention is better understood, are attained in the preferred embodiment illustrated in the drawings, in which' Figure 1 is e perspective view of a package showing the same estened by my improved t g or holdin@ device; Fig. 2 is a erspective of the beselioard or plate; and il' ig. 3 is a lo itudinal section through the device. lr y improved package tieni' holder comv prises a base boerd'or plate 1 on which are `stvvo superposed clamping d'mks 2, 3, and a cord or similar iieirible element 4. The bese board or late is here shown as of rectangular shape an is formed with two-apertures 5, 6

- -which arearrenged oposite the center of ad]acent right angulariy'rhspesed edges oi the plate and are adapted to receive the cord ,40 4, as clearly shown in Fig. 2. :Byarrenging the apertures in this manner and passing the c ord therethrough es' shown, it will be seen that the cord be slidebly attached to thev plate and that its ends will project from the plate in planes et right angles to each other se that one may be passed around .the pack age orbundle in one direction and the other .around Rit in a direction et rieht angles. While said `apertures are preferablg arranged opposite the center of adjacent si e and end e ges of the rectangular la *e 1, it will be understood that the ma e otherwise located and that when t e p ate is made of other than rectangular shape said apertures will he arranged so that the ends of the cord can pro- Speceation of Letters Patent. appresso mea cacher s, ism. seran No. sewn.-

Patented Aug. 4, 190s..

' ect in planes at right angles to each other.

he two disks are secured centrally u on the bese plate and concentrically with eac other by a rivet 7 having a flat circular head 8 at' one end and a tubular shank at itsopposite end. This rivet also asses through a spacing Washer 9 arranged etween the two disks, a spacing Washer 10 arranged between the large lower disk and the base plate and a washer 1L arranged upon the bottom faceof .6. the base plate. rihe portion of the shankof the rivet rejecting through the washer 11 is ex' ande or upset as shown at 12 to effectiveiy clamp the several parts of the device together. The superposed disks and base plete may be constructed of heavy. card` card, metal or an other sheet material that is resilient or ilerd le s o that the ends ofthe cord 4 will be' effectively clamped when Wound around either of the Washers 9, 10 and 75 between said disks and the base plate.

In using the' device the base. late is placed upon the center of one side o' the packe 'e es shown in' Fig. 1 .and one end of the cord is passed longitudinally around the package 8d and then Wound one or more times around the Washer 10 between' the lower, lar er disk and the bese plate, and the other en A of the cord is then passed around the ackage sidewise or transversely and wenn one or more times around the Washer 9 between the tivo 'By arranging the cord in the bese i late so that both of its ends pro`ect andcan e assed in planes substantie y' et right ang es around the package and by providing the tivo superposed disks upon the base late, one disk to receive one end of the cord eneeth it and the other disk to receive theother end of the same, it will be seen that one end of the cord may be loosened or untied Without disturbingthe other end and conse- -quently access may be had to olie side or end of the package without entire y removing the fastening-device. A further advan tege of this construction 'is that the relative 100 length of the ends of the cord may be varied according to the relative length and Width oi the particular package `to e fastened b the device. This adjustment of the lengt 'of the ends of the cord is eiected by sliding 105 it through the a ertures 5, 6 in the roper direction when t e device is remove from the package. It will be further noted that the construction'o the device is exceeding simple so that it can be produced 'at a sm 11e arranged opposite ad j acent side and end edges cost and enables the device to be quickly and l tween the lower disk and the base late, a earsilapplied or removed. i fastening passed through said dis s, sai Having thus described-my invention what washers and thebase plate and e. cord passed 15 I claim is: through said apertures in the base plate and A packet tie or holder comprising a rechaving its ends projecting, substantially as tangular base late formed with apertures l-and for the purpose set forth.

In testimony whereof hereunto affix my signature in the presence of two Witnesses. '20


of said plate, lsu'perposed disks arranfred centrally upon the piate and oonoentrically with each other, the upper disk being of less diemeter than the lower one, a' spacing Washer between said disks, a spaing Washer be- "itnessesz WLA FANE Emmi' C. WAGNER.

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Cooperative ClassificationB65D63/14