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Publication numberUS895451 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 11, 1908
Filing dateAug 6, 1907
Priority dateAug 6, 1907
Publication numberUS 895451 A, US 895451A, US-A-895451, US895451 A, US895451A
InventorsFrank C Gorham
Original AssigneeFrank C Gorham
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Swimming shoe or slipper.
US 895451 A
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I- to occupy, l(es .indicated and is simply stitched m position so as to lie l 15 :upper'v'on' a. curved line, the possibility of the .20 dered u nr'iecessary.

' somewhat longer than the space it is intended. y dotted lines),

substantie ly Het along t e -side' ofthe shoe 5 or slipperxlntllatter construction, which .some mivht prefer onY account o its neatness, the peeiiar and novel shape iyen the sole of the shoe or slipper is particularly effective for the reason that otherwise the compera-- 10. tively slight fullness given the flap or wing -would result in a tendency to" cling when wet to the `upper and fail to open promptly.

'.-By eutting the upper edges of the fiaps or fwingsonfa curveland stitdhing them to the A -`iia.}` s.oi wings turning beekward. when in use and by reason of the resistance of thewater, is Wholly obvieted, and steys Aor other extraneous devices for this purpose are ren- Having described jmy invention, 'what I claim, 1s:-

l., A swimming shoe orslipper pro-vided with a. wing or flap herrin an upper ettachin?,` edge the ends of '.vhie terminate at the 25 soie of the shoe or slipper near the toe sind heel portion thereof, respectively, said Wing or Hap being provided et its ends with gathers end between said gathers with an ungathered or plein portion,substentially es shown and 30

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Cooperative ClassificationA63B31/14