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Publication numberUS895655 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 11, 1908
Filing dateAug 23, 1907
Priority dateAug 23, 1907
Publication numberUS 895655 A, US 895655A, US-A-895655, US895655 A, US895655A
InventorsWilliam Donald Mitchell
Original AssigneeWilliam Donald Mitchell
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Phonograph-disk-record holder.
US 895655 A
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No. 895,655. PATENTED AUG. ll, 1908. n W. D. MITCHELL.




A iq-.1. i

K l I No. 895,555. PATENTED ADG. 11, 1908.





/l lll@ gill "l No. 895,655.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug. 11, 190e.

Application led August 23, 1907. Serial No. 389,836.

To all whom fit may concern:

Be it known that I, WILLIAM DONALD MITCHELL, a citizen of the United Statesre siding in the city of Bayonne, county of Hudson, and State of New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Phonograph-Disk-Record Holders, of which the following is a full, clear, and eX- act specification.

My invention 'relates to a holder for receiving and holding disk records for use in phonographs, and it is also'applicable for use in connection with other articles of a similar nature, which it'is designed to maintain in separated position, so that they shall not easily roll out or have their sides injured, and

the object of my invention is to produce a l device having these advantages.

To this end, my invention consists of a box-like structure which has tiltin levers situated Within it, the inner ends of W 'ch are designedto receive the disk to be held and to remove litfrom the casin This structure may be combined with an mdex to the disks.

My invention also 4consists of sundry other details shown in the accompanying drawings, wherein Figure 1 is a plan view of my invention. Fig. 2 is a vertical, longitudinal section Fig. 3 a front view; Fig.4 a vertical section of a modified forni; Fi 5 an end view thereof,

broken; Fig. 6 a etail top view of a lever which may be employed 1n such modified form; and Fig. 7 is a cross-section thereof.

Like reference numerals indicate correponding parts in the different figures of the The ox or case 1, as illustrated in Sheet 1, is divided by a series of vertical .partitions 2, into a number of holding compartments 3, vof which there may be any number desired.

These partitions may, however, -be set in a different plane. Transversely across these v compartments is a pivot rod 4, and upon this rod and within each ofv the 'compartments is mounted a tilting elbow lever 5. Said elbow lever is constructed with its rear i portion 6, which lies wholly within the oompartment 3, as illustrated, of- .concave form- Y shape as to fit the outline or periphery of the ongitudinally, and substantially of such disk or .record 7; but-suchconcave form is not essential, and such -rear arm lmay be of other shape provided it is adapted to hold and move 'thedisk The forward or handle' end of said elbow lever 5 is provided with av n portion which may be straight, and which terminates in the handle 8 projectin beyond the disk. These handles I have s own as terminating in different degrees of curvature, thereby producin one or more banks of handles, of which t ree are shown, and this facilitates the easy grasping of any desired handle. The elbow levers are so con-` structed that the rear end 6 about balances with the forward or handle end, and when unloaded they will remain in either theI forward or backward iposition to which they are adjusted. It wi be seen, therefore, that when the said elbow lever is loaded with a disk, and the handle is lifted so as .to cawrrl the disk 7 within itscompartment, it

tend to remain in that position by reason of the fact that the center of avity is at the rear of the pivot pin 4, andr any slight ti ping of the device will not act to cause t e record to roll out easily, and at the same time a very slight pressure applied .to the handle 8 will depress the same, causing the elbow lever to rock or tilt upon its ivot. on the rod 4, -when the record will quie -y and easily roll out.,

In connection with my invention I may also employ an index by which the location of any desired disk may readily be ascertained, and one convenient Way of providing the same is illustrated. This com rises'ml upper compartment 9, -withinlw'hic slides a table 10, upon the upper surface of which table are placed numbers or names, or both, referring to the disks in the cabinet, and thesedesignations may be ap lied by 'means of printed, gummed -labels. lil on fthe'handles'lfcause numbers corres on u on the indeX to .be aflixed, andeach -handlie controls .the correspon disk. A convenient way of disposing t e numbers fis'Y illustrated in Fig. 1, where the handles .bear the numbers 1,'2, 3, etc.

ln Figs.. 4 to' ,-7is illustrated a modified structuren this forni, as, or instance, :the 105 y Hush handles, 4may be `employed with adg .to :those vantage in the first form shown. ln the form of these latter figures the casing or fbox is'formed with'an o which are the fhandles 8 of the tilting levers 5 l pivoted at 4. n ,In this form, l10wever, l have dispensed -with the individual -compenng at 1f1, within partments and have constructed the tilting'. 'l

" m open or closed position, eachof said levers comprising a cabinet, a

lever so that it will retain the disks 7 out of contact with each other. The said lever is rovided at its surface Which'su ortsthe 'sk, with side flanges 12, 13, whlc form a substantially U-shaped trough within which the disk is securely seated'. Projecting downwardly' at the pivotingpoint are perforated lugs or ears 14, 15, by which the lever is pivoted -upon rod-4 so as to swing freely thereon. This form of lever may, if desired, be used in the box of the first form, or the index illustrated in connection with the rst form may be employed in connection with the second form.

Although l have illustrated the casingwith 4the opening in front, manifestly it could be turned on its backV and. the disks withdrawn by lifting them.'

it is obvious 'that modifications and changes may be made in my invention without departing from the spirit thereof, and l do not mean to limit myself vto the exact construction shown and described, but

What I claim and desire to secure by LettersPatent is:

1. A device of the character described, lurality of angle levers in said cabinet, an a handle for each of said levers, said handles being arranged in a plurality of banks. 'l 2. IA device of, the character described comprising a casing, a plurality of angleler vers in said casing 1n substantial alinement with each other and ada ted to be independently operated 'and to e held by gravity adapted to engage a disk simultaneously at substantially op ositepoints in its periphery z and thereby to orm seats for retannng said disk the casing and means for holdg a disk against lateral displacement on 'each of` said angle levers. 1 3. A de vice of the character described comprising a cabinet, an angle leveriin said cabinethaving a portion thereof shaped to embrace substantially opposite portions oi the periphery of the disk, thereby producing a seat for retainingsaid disk within the cabinet, said leverada ted tobe maintained. by `gravity 1n open or c osedposition, and means 4. A device of thercharacter described I 'OmpISinga cabinet, a Hoor thereto extend- 'l 55 A elbow-lever pivotally mounted in said cabiing'to the front thereof, and a disk-holding net above the floor, shaped so as to embrace 'l substantially opposite portions of the peri hery of the ydis for a seat or,v oc et for the disk by `which' t e disk may einserted or'.removed vfrom the cabinet, and which' will 'form a permanent seat for the disk-within the f cabinet, the rearward move-- ment of said lever being limited by theback of the cabinet, the forward movement gravity,a handle v beyond the perip seated, and provided with thereof being 'limited by the iioor of the cabinet, and the said leverbeing maintained in open or closedosition by gravity.

5.v A device otp comprising a cabinet, a floor thereto extending to the front thereof havinga rear wall and a bottom, an angle lever pivotally.

mounted in said cabinet above the floor and the character describedhaving a portion engaging the eriphery of y :the disk-on opposite sides of sai pivot forming a disk seat in which the disk may remain in said 'cabinet and by which it may be inserted and removed, the rearward movement of said lever being limited by the rear wall of said cabinet, and the forward movement of said lever being limited by the bottom of said cabinet, a handle for said lever projecting beyond the periphery of said disk when in said disk seat, which is at a higher y plane than its attached portion of the lever, thereby forming a stop to limit the'forward motion of the lever, the said lever being.

maintained in'open or closed positionby gravity. "V

6; A device of the character described comprising a cabinet having a horizontal floor, artitions therein forming a plurality of individual disk compartments, a tilting lever in each compartment sha ed so 'as to embrace the disk on substantie. ly op osite sides of its periphery, for for retaining the disk in the ca inet and for inserting and withdrawing said disk.

7. A device of the characer ddescribed comprising a cabinet, parti ions therein forming a plurality of individual disk-compartments, a tilting lever pivotally mounted in each com artment above the floor extending upwar y on each sideof its pivot, forming a disk-seat for retaining the disk in the cabinet and for inserting and withdrawing said disk, and adapted to be maintained in open orclosed position by gravity.

V8. A device of the 'character described comprising al cabinet having a horizontal floor, partitions therein forming a plurality of individual disk compartments, a tilting lever in each compartment mounted above the ioo'r and shaped so as to embrace the disk at substantially o posite sides of its periphery, forming a dis -seat for retaining the disk in the cabinet and for inserting and a dis -seat withdrawing said disk, said lever adapted-to en or closed position by Vor each lever extending hery of the disk when be maintained in o forming a stop for 'the disk.

9.. -A disk record cabinet co rality of.' compartments and in vidualmovor' closed position by the weight of 10. A dlsk record cabinet compris' a plurality-of compartments and ind1v1 l mova raised portion risn' g a plu-` able record holders in each of said compartments, provided With recessed seats for receiving the edges of the disks and adapted to be retained in either open or closed position by the Wei ht of the disk thereon, and operating han eson said holders.

11. A disk record cabinet comprising a plurality of compartments andindividual pivotally-movable record holders in each of said compartments, rovided with recessed seats for receiving t e edges of the disks and adapted to be retained in either open or closed position by the Weight of the disk thereon, and operating handles on said holders.

`12. A disk record cabinet comprising a ease subdivided into a plurality of compartments, individual record holders mounted to rock in each of said compartments, said holders beingprovided with disk-retainin means and being adapted to retain the isks in either exposed or unexposed position Without contact with the face thereof, by means of the Weight of the disks, and operatingv handles on said holders extending outside of" said oase.

13. A disk record cabinetcomprising a case having a plurality of individual compartments, pivotally-mounted an le levers forming individual record holders 1n eaehof said compartments, rovided with seats for elngpgement with t e peripheries of the s, said .angle levers being adapted to rock `upon their pivots and to be retained in either WILLIAM DONALD MITCHELL.



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