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Publication numberUS895781 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 11, 1908
Filing dateJul 22, 1902
Priority dateJul 22, 1902
Publication numberUS 895781 A, US 895781A, US-A-895781, US895781 A, US895781A
InventorsIsaiah Newell
Original AssigneeIsaiah Newell
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US 895781 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

PATENTED AUG. ll, 1908.





the 'following a specification.

lwhich insures the at the bottom.



Speocation o' Letters .?'atent. latented Ang. 1T., 1.908 Application led .uly 22, 1902. Serial No. 116,562. i

no. sonner.

To ZZ fic/.foin it nzai/ concern.'

VBc it known that l, lslinin NEWELL, a citithrough a pipe which extends through the zon of the United States, residing at Haverbody oition 1 'of the cooler, and carries e hill', in the county of Essex and State of Massuitab e faucet G at its outer end. The upsarhusetts, have invented new and useful per end of the pipe 8 is suitablysupported at linpriwcincnts in Water-Coolers, oi which the inner side oi the body portion and is pro# vided with a conically shaped opening Q conhij, invcnlion relates to improvements in I stituted of block tin, which may or may not wider coolers, and pertains to a construction have an inner rubber lining. which is adnpled 'for users oi mineral and disl Benini/ably placed in the upper end of the tillcd waters, whereby the same can be used body portion, is a cover or bottle supporting directly in thc cooler from the original packe member 10, and this member has a cenaife, bottlior dcmiiohn, tho construction loetrolly upwardly projecting ila-ngc 11 forming if l; n'iplc Afor cmiblinp` the bottle to be placed neel; of the 'original l p l a flange opening for the in position or removed, and for the purpose paclrage,bottle or .flemijohn receptacle 4L. and izinge 11 I-pipc form '3, or the diaphragm term Zd,

oi i inserting ice within the cooler. an outer upwardly-ei;tending By thc usel or my. invention, the users of which surrounds a portion oi the bottle as mineral and distilled writers, are enabled to shown. Placed. immediately below y the use the water directly 'rom the original paclrflange opening 11 is a receptecle 12 and this age, and thus absolutely prevent any conreceptacle 12 carries a pi" e 1st havinga tatainination of thc water by coming in conperod end 15 iitting snug f and Water tight tact with the ice, or becoming contaminated the tapered opening,r 9 at the u per end'pf the y disease germs in any manner wliatsoever, pipe S, but which is reinova le therefrom. user that he is receiving the The location of the receptacle 'l2 is such that mineral or distilled water in its original pure the mouth oi the bottle is inserted Within the condition, and at a proper cool temperature receptacle as clearly shown in Figs. 1 and 2, for pleasant drinking. and serves as an automatic feed for the Water ii the accompanying drawings, Figure 1, is :i vertical sectional view of a cooler einbodying iny invention, showing a diaphragm Fig. 2,. is a similar view showing a coil in the place of the diaphragm. Fig. 3, is a detached perspective view of the diaphragm and its connecting pipes. Fig. el, is a detached view oi the bottle supporting drawn through the faucet 6. 'A bottle protecting case )laced over the upper end of the mein or body portion l of the cooler, and formen protection for the bottle, and as o. finish tothe cooler.

ln operation, when the bottle hanv `jeconie member. Fig. 5, is :i detached view of the empty, the case 17 is removed, and the looticunnel into which the mouth ot the bottle is tle is taken from its supporting iin-miner.

inserted, and its connected pipe. I The supporting member l() and the recepteli elerring to the drawii'igs, 1A is the main or cle 12 with its connecting pipe let, are then lbody portion oi the cooler, and in which the removed. The desired quantity or ice is icc is placed. Located Within the body portion is a water receiver which extends upward to near the top thereof, and as here shown, consists of either o die )hrsigin 2 as placed in the main or body portion 1 and the rece itacle and bottle sup ortiesy member i placed in position. The stopper is tiren reillustrated in Fig. 1, or a coil o" pipe 3. ris placed in position upon the supporting` niemhere shown, the pi e 8 extends upward to i Der 1U. This supporting .meine-ei' 1G is prol vided with the openings 20, which wiii pen mit the Writer that may have been spilled in placing the bottle in position, to dcii'n into the main or body portion l. he Water l then begins to iiow from the bottle or deirii- .john 4 into the receptacle until the pipe R, the diaphragm 2 or the coi-l oipipc 3, the receptacle are filled. When the irate reaches the mouth of the bottle 'l' l be antoi'iatieelijr stormed,

neer the top of the oody portion 1, and communicates with a receptacle 12. The water from the original package, bottle, demijohn or other vessel 4, passes therefrom to the receptacle 12, thence through the pipe 8 and to the coil or diaphragm, at the bottom of the body portion 1.

ln the two forms of construction here shown for carrying out the invention, the cooled water is dispensed .li-oni either the coil from the bottle or deniijohn i asit is beingV 17 is removably moved from a filled bottle, and the bottle l no ehe upoer ond of Ceviee, :rod l use r opa-.rete it, obteio water fr'fm Wiiioh is en ebs l J bhe t :mer its origin-ei.

cor from the bottle is Weil um.

1 Welker in the 'le 1 Line Boetti/5:., thus pre Y metio l For the 'mrpose oi protecting; the iioow diephri m "j, or the omi 3 {Wmohover may be used) i use e Sheet motel peliforeted elek 7, which wiii be readily understoou serves zo 4weite-ei; the die. ihre-@fairer eoii of eine .from i r: .i

injury when ice is beiiogpieeefi Mier and. el so" ser 'f the ii* A.orogm or con.

nog ime d ,rib my invention. y im :md desire te meure oy 'iliotters iref Cnil 1'; I i. L Water eooier oomprieiog e body oor-- tion to 'e the iee, e, oon.; keying opening to reeeive tire iieoir oi a 'bf wie, WiL-- er'reoeivor Within lie oi r porion and iu -mmminieetion. Weii seid @over opening, e "hottie iieingi'e neck psw-diag through oever-op Eig, Seid .meer reoeivei .baffi l weer ouiet passing hrougii seid body tion.'

A meer eooier een prieioe; e 1oo-,qy' f orH tion., @over lar-.vingen opening eoreoeire "che ne of hottie, en 'upwardly of Lending enge on sff ooversisrroundin the opening' Lherein eno. ming support ror the boeie, :i Weiber receiver within the Vbody portion and in ooimnm'iiee.tion with seid cover opening, e eeufbofi Said support with its ile-ek 1. LL `\"v' oory portion minpel to receive the ioe, e "hottie suf por''ingmomber i upper emi. of the 'omy portieri; 'pi passing through the mein or out iirouii theA ic, r slee ein. i' eed provided e" e. e i nvroiiirig member, e reoepte eo revel :e the mouth of boe and. e. p je e.. .tor i 'o die 'oeopioie the ire@ named pipe.

A weie, eooier oomprisiug e mein or frs the Weiler le being drewn from ,if ueot 6, mid therefore isl itbeing also Wihy "from the receptacle i2, e( iitioriei wref-- mittod to iow from the beetle eil-.o-

en oi oo'oiioeioeliy eirtting of" file elle, il; e 'pneumatic from s to eupporgthe ice independent of body portion oifiire eooier emi.

passing oui 'through the Side of oofiy o -tion of seid body portion, memes body portion adapted to reoeive 'the iee, e eover for seid ood y portion and adapted to receive e hottie, o pipe extending down *efeidiyf' iirough the body por'oo Vhe lei. hereof :uid out through the eide thereoi' fi Jroyideii wirk e eotroiiiig member if e iower portion oi the pipe formed iure e i1 orizoiriei enlarged space, e reoepteoie mieped 'iro receive iii@ neoia of the bottle, and

pipe oommonieeing with seid receptacle eiiiifoe upper eri-1i. of the first mentioned pipe.

5, Le improved Water cooler, Comprising e 'mein or vbody portion, a eo vor therefor, a. pipe passing through Seid body portion end of@ tending out through j@reside thereof sind provided Wiel" e oontroiiing means, e remove-oie member Within the upper end of seid body poi'ion and. heziiig en opening ti'iereiri, e reeeoteeie beiow said opening, e botfie herring A.

if vgaming through seid opening into the 'M seid .reeepeeie en upwardly extending iiefoe surrounding the opening end. engaging sho -ook of the Dottie, e second 'upwerdiy 0X5 te, ding 'ierilge surrounding die first iieuge elio surrounding the hottie, end e removable Yeoooeerior. wbetween said reeepteeie and 'ehe o. .(3.11 improved Water oooier eompriziiiige roem or body portion-adapted to receive the ice, e, pipo pessime; through the mein or body 1d out through the erde thereof and ed meh e. eoiitroiimg member, e fooe'zle sopperire@ member removable from the upper end oi ehe .om y portion and having an a reeepteoie beiow the opented 'to he removoperiiog there i,

ing emi having; e pipo er eoy eoeeeetedwibh the eiorementioned pipe,

ti oepteeie adopted to reeei-fe the meek of e nobile, emi en upwardly extending ienge surrounding seid. opening' and. ader-)eee to en* the neck; of the ootie.

'.7 fm .improved oo'oier, oomprising emen or body porfaion adapted to reoeive ehe ice, e renu'w'ebie diSk-shepei member carried by the 'upper end of the body portion emieeyiig en opening therein adapted to receive the neck of a hottie, e receptacle lbelow' seid. opening, en upwerdy extending Heng-e sur-- rounding seid opening :1nd engaging the noci; of seid bottle, en upwardly extending iieoge surrounding the first iienge, and, a pipe in commotion with seid receptacle and extend ,ing through the body portion.

54. An improved eooier eoriiprising e mein or body portion adopted to receive tire ice, e pipe peesingfthrough tile body portion end formed into en emerged horizoiiiei speee end i o oerrieo; ivy solo. receprbeoie emi. oder-"sed t i 1, y

-for controlling said outlet; and a bottle,v

sears i testing case adapted to'receive the bottle,-

and said disk having an opening therein.

v9. In a de .ce of the class described, the combination with an inc losure provided with a' bottle-supporting seat surrounding a top openingtherein; of an open well contained wlthin said mclosure; an

I outlet leading from said Well exteriorly of said inclosure mear s verted upon said seat to close the top open- '.ing in said inclo'sure and having its mouth immersed'fin'the contents vof said well.

10. In` a'device of the class described, the

combination'withan inc'losure having a resaidinclosure opening atits upper end into chamber means 'frigerating chamber; of a Well located within said reirigerating chamber; a gravity-flow outlet leading romsaidwell; means for controlling said outlet; and means for supporting a. bottle inv inverted position withits mouth immersed in the contents oi said well whereby y he bottle is supplied withvair from -the refrigerating chamber.

11. In a device of the, class described, the combination with an inclosure' having a rerigerating chamber and'in its upper end a bottle-supporting seat -surrounding' an opening therein; of a well located within said inclosure "opening at its upper end into said reirigerating chamber; a gravity iiow outlet leading from Said *well 'exteriorly oi said and a bottle inverted upon said seat to close the top-opening in said 4inclosure and having its mouth immersed. inthe contents of said Well, substantially as described.

12. A device for delivering and cooling bottled witten-the lsame consisting in the gcombination ofja cooling-chamber adapted to contain a cooling agent and rovided with an opening in its upperpa'rt t ough which the neck of'the inverted bottle passes, a water receptacle upon which said cooling agent acts to cool lthe contents thereof and provided with an opening into which the head or neck of the inverted bottle projects, a

,bottle placed with its open mou th extending through' said-openin s in' the cooling cliailn-` ber and said receptac e and projecting downwardly into said water-receptacle in position to be sealed by the water in said receptacle when said water rises therein to substantially the level of the mouth of the bottle to stop the iiow therefrom and to be unsealed by said Water when its level is loweredin said recep* tacle and thereby replenish vthe latter, and means for drawing water for use from said4 forco'n'trolling said outlet;

water-receptacle, whereby successive portions of the water in the bottle are automaticL ally delivered tosaid water-reccptacle and cooled therein, such delivery taking place at times determined by the drawing oi water from said water-receptacle Vfor use, substantiall y as `and for the purpose set forth. Y

13. A device for delivering and cooling bottled water, the same consisting in the` combination of a cooling-chamber adapted to contain a coolingagent, a water-reccptzwle upon which said cooling agent acts to cool the contents thereof and provided with an opening in its upper part, a bottleoutside of ,the said cooling chamber and pontaining the source of water supplyy and. placed withv its open mouth projecting downwardly into said opening in said water-receptacle in position to-be sealed by the water in said receptacle when said water rises therein to substantially the level of the the flow therefrom and to be unsealed bysaid water-whenits level is lowered in said receptacle andthere by replenish the latter, and means vfor drawing receptacle, whereby successive portions of livered to saidl water-receptacle and cooled therein, such delivery taking place at times said water receptaclefor use, substantially as and for .the purpose set forth.y

.14. In a device of the class described, coolingchamber provided with an opening in with an opening, a container placed with its .open-mouth extending through said opentacleand adapted to be sealed by liquid in said receptacle,. and meansfor drawing o'l'l` liquid fromsaid receptacle.

15. Ina device of the class described, a cooling chamber, a liquid receptacle exposed to the action of said cooling chamber' and provided with an opening in its upper part, a container placed with its openv mouth projecting downwardly into said opening in the liquid receptacle and adapted to be 'sealed by liquid therein, and l liquid from said receptacle. I In testimony whereof I have hereunto-sei; l my hand in the witnesses.




l Ijjinnrnr MIRRICK.`

the water in the bottle are automatically de-l its upper part, a liquid receptacle provided ings in the cooling chamberand said rccepmeans for .drawing Voff' presence of two subscribing mouth 'of the4 bottle to stop l water for use from said'water* determined by the drawing of water from.


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