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Publication numberUS896231 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1908
Filing dateOct 22, 1907
Priority dateOct 22, 1907
Publication numberUS 896231 A, US 896231A, US-A-896231, US896231 A, US896231A
InventorsBen W Mulkey
Original AssigneeBen W Mulkey
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Combination mailing device and picture-frame.
US 896231 A
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- .No. 896,231. PATENTED AUG; 18, 1908.




) vwemtoz,

Witnesses PATENTED AUG. 18, 1908.




avwzntoz 919% can:



Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Aug. 18, 1908 4 Application filed October 22, 1907. Serial No; 398,548,

To all whom it may come a.

Beit known that I, BEN W. MULKEY, a citizen of the UnitedStates, residing at Vale,'in

= the county of Malheur and State of Ore on,

5 have invented certain'new and useful mprovements in a Combination Mailing Deviceand PictureFrame, of which the follow: 1n 1s aspecificatlon. a

'[y inventlon'ls a combmatlon mailing device and picture-frame, and consists in the novel construction and arrangement of- 'its and the claims thereunto attached.

parts hereinafter set out in this specification In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1,:

is a front face view of my invention. Fig. 2,

is a rear face view, with the legs, prop and.

hanger pressed down in their recesses. Fi'g.

3,1s a rear pers ective view. 'Fig. 4, is a vertical sectlona view, onthelme m w, of

- throughout the several views. In describing my invention I readthe drawings from eft to right.

My invention'is desbribed as follows: My invention consists of three boards, 1, 2 and 3., ofpaste-b'oard or other material suitable to be used in manufacturing'thc same. These three boards are secured together by paper-fasteners 4, or other suit able fastenings. In the center of the front board 1, is an opening .5, preferably The rear board 3, has cut throu h it, lines 6 and 7 ,.-leaving a hanger 8. T 's --hanger lies flat down against board 2, but'the upper 'end of it may be raised out of its bed, so that its eye 9, can be ut over a nail, hoe-l1, or anything of the kin to suspend the frame.

low said hanger 8, the said board 3, is cut by lines 10, 11, 12,13, 14 and 15, thus forming two legs-16 and 17, which are hinged hinges 18, 'at theirupper ends, to the rear face of the board 3, the inner edges of which a are provided with notches 20 and 21. The upper ends of these legs are near each other, and the'lines are so out that the lower ends of the. legs extend outwardly,' nearly to the edges of the board. Between these. two legs are cut lines 22, 23 and 24, forming a brace 59 25;. near the lower end of this'brace, and in the outer edges thereof, are cut notches 26 and 27. Said brace is secured at its upperend to said board 3, by means of a hinge 28. The lower end of the hanger 8', is integral with said board 3. Y After the cutting is done, the two boards '2 and 3, are pasted together,

.for the address exposed;

- imilar numerals refer to" similar parts leaving, however, thehanger, legs and brace unpasted. I

When I desire to mail the picture, I re'move the fasteners 4, place the picture, face'down,

on the'back of the rear board 3, then place-I thefront board 1, on the.picture-,'o n1amented face down,and'secure the whole together with the fasteners. 4." hisyleaves the lines When my device-reaches its destination, the fasteners 4, and the front-board (now on; the rear) is removed; the icture' is then laced face out on thefront ace of board 2, oard 1, is then placed, ornamented faceout, ,qo onzthe. picture, and the whole secured together by said fasteners. The legs andbrace are then opened out and secured in place and I have a handsome picture frame. If -it is desired to ban the frame up, instead of set- Y tin'g it up,- sai legs and prop are permitted to remain in their beds, and the'hangenS, is raised out of its bed, and the frame hung up. by means "of said hanger.

- This combination mailing device and pic 30 tur'e frame may, be highly ornamented; or entirely plain, andit may be made of any su t able material.

1 Although I have specifically described the combination, construction and arrangement 35 j of the several parts of my invention I do i not confine myself particularly to'suchjs-pe cific combination, construction and arrangement, as I claim the righ t 'to make suchchanges andmodification therein as may clearly fall within the scope of my claims,

and which will be obviously necessary in the manufacture of the same. Be- I Having described my invention, what-.1 claim as new and desire tosecure by Letters Patent, is I 1. A combination mailin' device and picture frame consisting of t ree boards, an outer, an inner and a rear, said rear board fitting against the back of said inner board,

and having cut from it a supporter, two legs and a brace, the inner edges of said legs provided with notches, said brace provided with notches in its edges near its lower end, hinges, hinging said legs-and said prop to said rear board, said notches on'said prop adapted and for the purpose of en aging saidnotclies on said legs, substantia ly as shown 'and described. I

2. In a device of the character "described, 1 16* in combination three boards, an outer, provided With a'central opening,- an Inner one,

' and a rearv one, said rear, board having legs cut therefrom, converging toward their upper ends, and having notches cut in their'inner edge's,' a hanger, the lower portion of which is integral with said rear board, said hanger provided with aneye near its upper end, said rear board further provided with a. brace secured to said rear board-by means of a hinge, said brace provided with. notches,

10 said notches insaid brace adapted'and for ithe purpose of engaging saidnotchesof said egs'."

Y "3. Inapictnre frame and rnailing device the combination ofithree layers, the rear one 15 having cut therefrom a hanger, two legs and a brace, said hanger provided near its upper end with a perforation,.and beingat its lower ort on integral with said rear board, said.

egs' extending downwardlyand outwardly,-

and being connected. to said rear board by 29 means of hinges, and having notches cut 111 I their inneredges slightly" below the center] thereof, said brace havingjnotehe's out in its outer edges near-its lower end, saidnotches ofsaid brace engaging said notches of said "25 leg when the sa d -brace -,-and said legs are cooperating to hold the picture frame in an upright position, substantially as showni;

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