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Publication numberUS896554 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1908
Filing dateApr 14, 1908
Priority dateApr 14, 1908
Publication numberUS 896554 A, US 896554A, US-A-896554, US896554 A, US896554A
InventorsAnna I D Kyle
Original AssigneeAnna I D Kyle
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US 896554 A
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PATENTED AUG! 18, 1908.



vll lllllll .l II llllllllllll Glvilu eases UNITE SAI,



Sp ecicaton of Letters IIatent.

Patented IAug. 1s, 190s.

Appncaaon ined April 14, 190s. serial No. 426,9s4.

To all 'whom it may concern.'

Be it known that I, ANNA I. D. KYLE, citizen of the United States, and residing at Aberdeen, South Dakota, have invented cerF tain new and useful Improvements in Heat.- ers, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to apparatus for heating air, and said apparatus consists of a hollow casing provided with an internal heater and with means vfor directing air currents over the heater and from the casing, as fully set forth hereinafter and as illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure 1 is a sectional elevation of an apparatus embodying my invention; Fig. 2 a sectional plan on the line 2-2 Fig. l Fig. 3 is a sectional elevation illustrating a modiiication.

The ap aratus comprises a casing A, which is prefcra ly in the form of a hollow sphere, but which may be of any suitable shape and dimensions, and of metal or vitreous or other material, and with an upper opening fr, and lower opening fy. Y l

Preferably the casing or sphere A., is mounted upon a spherical hollow support B, with air openings o, and within the support B is supported a motor M which isin circuit with a suitable generator (l, and whereby a `non-conductor of heat.

rotary motion is imparted to a shalt l, which extends into or through the casing.

` Witl-iin the casing is a suitable heater which is preferably iu the form ol" resistance coils lt, which are also in circuit with the generator and. which are heated by the current, and one or more -fans F, F are arranged so as to drive a current oi' air across the heater and outwardthrough the upper opening.

As the 'air passes in contact with the heated surfaces it is heated and then expelled. into the room and, as in some cases it is desirable not to heat the casing to any great' extent, the latter may be provided with an interior lining w, of any suitable material which The fan F is arranged below the heater so as to drive the air against the heater and across or through the same, while thc upper fan F, when employed, serves to discharge the heated air into the room and disseminate' it more rapidly and to a greater extent than if the upper' fan was not employed.

The fans may be driven by independent motors, as, for instance,- showniin Fig. 3, where the lower motor M drives'tle lower fanand. an upper independent motor M drives the upper fan. In this case the heater is in the form of an inverted hollow cone 4, arranged above a Bunsen burner C, the latter consisting of a tube to which air is admitted at the bottom through side openings s, and a jet of gas is directed centrally upward from a nozzle t, at the upper end of a gas pipe 5. The lame'from the Bunsen is projected against the apex o f the cone and is distributed over the face of the latter, while the tan F drives the air, together with the products of combustion, against the cone.

The sphere or casing A may be, if desired,` of an ornamental.character so that, suitably supported upon a base I, it may be" placed upon a table or elsewhere and it may also serve as a support for electric lights 6.

The fans may be heated by winding resistance coils r about the same as shown in dotted lines, thereby making them parts of the heater. Y

Without limiting myself tothe construction and arrangement shown, I claim:

l. The combination with -a hollow casing lhaving upper and lower openings and a heating means therein, of a fan arranged to drive a current of' airupwardly through said casing, and 'a second fan arranged outside of said casing above the upper opening thereof to driveheated air escaping from said opening radially outward.

2. The combination ot a hollow sphere having openings at the top and bottom, wire coils arranged within the sphere, means for supplying an. electric currentto said coils, a

shaft extending vertically through the sphere and said openings, means for rotating the shaft, a propelling tan mounted on the shaft within the casing and below said. coils and adapted to drawv air through the lower opening anil force the same over said coils, and a -dispersinglan mounted on the shaft aboveand outside ot the sphere.

In testimony whereollv l aliix my slgnature in presence ol" two witnesses.

ANNA l'. l). KYLE.

Witnesses: Y

Chemins Fos'ran, ARTI-rua L. BRYANT.

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