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Publication numberUS896571 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1908
Filing dateJun 28, 1907
Priority dateJun 28, 1907
Publication numberUS 896571 A, US 896571A, US-A-896571, US896571 A, US896571A
InventorsGeorge Edward Ocain
Original AssigneePhillip W Clark, George Edward Ocain
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Combined hydraulic motor and air-compressor.
US 896571 A
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PATBNTED AUG. 18, 1908.


union-Ion Hmm .fun 22, 1901 position, so that the standard 3.4 in coming in contact with one or the other of said stops will shift the valve 6 in' the chamber 3. The air com ressor consists of a casing 38'mounted on a ase 39 and provided With a head 40 fitted to one end of the casing and a stuffing box 4l fitted to the other end of the casing,

' 'the iston rod 3() passing through said stuffing ox and provided upon its. end With a4 piston 42. Fitted inthe is a pair of valve seats 43, 44 fitted in threaded openings in the bottom of the cylinder and havlng openings therein which communicate with the air side of the cy der 38 similar valve seats47 and 48 are iitted in threaded openings, said valve seats communicating through [the assla es 49 and 50 with the opposite ends o lthe cy' der 38. Seated in the valve seats are v .balls 51, 52, 53 and54, and connected to the valve seats 47 and 48 is a pipe 55 connected by an elbow 56 to the valve seat 47 and 'connected by affcoupling 57 to the valve seat "48. The pipe 55 leads to a suitable air compressor tank, not shown. A support for the valve stem 7 comprises a bar 58 clamped to the pipe 55 and Aprovided-With an o' ening in the upper end'thereof through W 'ch the valve tem 7 freely slides.` p Y The operation of my invention may be briefly described as follows: lWater under the pressure ofthe water main being admitted throu h pipe 2 into the valve chamber 3, will pass own through the passageways 22 to the valve chamber 10,. and throughthe passage' 25 to the cylinder 23, thus forcing the l piston 29 toward the right, the water at the right of piston 29 being forced up through. the passage 25 to the exhaust 27 and 28. When the standard 34 strikes the stop 36 at v'the right hand side of thel stem-7, the valve 6 is shifted toward the right to cover the upper end of the passage 18 at the left and open the thro one at the right, the Watery then iiowing h`openings 22 into the y'chamber 10, and t ough the right'hand passage `25 to force the piston 29 tothe left. The operavtion ofthe pistnrod 30 as it moves toward.l

the rightflifts the ball 51from its seat and lowerAside of the cylinder ,38 l* pjaissages 45, 46, At the upper :cham chamber, sai'd valve .com rlsmg a stem,

J scemi permits air to enter through the lpassage45 into the cylinder 38. On the back stroke of the piston 42 the air drawn in at the left of the cylinder raises the ball 53 and forces the air through the pipe 52 vto the compressed air tank, said back stroke of the piston 42 raising the ball 5 2 to draw air in at the right hand side of the piston 42, and to expel said air through the passage 50 to raise the-ball 54 on the return stroke;

From the foregoing it will be obvious that a machine made in accordance with my invention is comparatively simple in construction; lwill operate smoothly; is composed of comparatively few parts, and can be constructed at comparatively slight cost.

Having thus described the invention, lwhat,

I claim is:

ln' a device of the character described, the I combination of a valve casing, a spoolshaped valve' mounted to slide therein, awater inlet ipe communicating with said vcasmg,ava

vetlstem connected to said valve,

stops'on the stem,la cylinder below the valve casing), a lpistpn in said, cylinder, a valve er a ove said cyhnder, a valve 1n said spool-shapedwvalve bodies c amped thereon, exhaust assages formed inthevalve casings and lea' in a direct line from one valve casing to t e other, and passages extending r longitudinally of the casings 'and communi-.-v catmg with the interior near the ends thereof, passageways communicating with one of the valve casings and saidcylinder, a supply passageway leading from one casing to the other, curved passageways in the last mentioned valve casing, said passageways being connected by a lhorizontal branch, an a1r compressor, a piston connected to the piston'

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Cooperative ClassificationF15B11/15, F04B9/10