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Publication numberUS896689 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1908
Filing dateApr 16, 1907
Priority dateApr 16, 1907
Publication numberUS 896689 A, US 896689A, US-A-896689, US896689 A, US896689A
InventorsFrank Canfield
Original AssigneeUnion Mfg And Supply Company
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US 896689 A
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N0. 896,689. PATENTED AUG. 18, 1908. F. GANFIELD.








T0 all whom itmay concefn:

Be it known tha.t I, FRANK OANFIELD, a. citizeh of the United Staates, residing a.t the city and county of De'nver and Stute of Colorado, have invented eertain ne'w and useful .Im;;rovements in Skirt-Placketsj and I do dec are the following to be a. full, clear, und exa.ct desc ription 0 theinvention, such a.s will enable others skilled in the a2rt to which it appertai ns to make and use the reference being had to the accompanying draw.-

ings, and to the letters and figures 01 reference marked t-hereon, which form a, part 0f this specifi(zation.

My inventio'n relates 'to improVements in means for fastenjng ladies Skirt lackets.

The invention consists of b and socket devices which are adapted to ass tlfrough a.

fuide a.nd interlock, thereby c losing -a.nd

ocking the placket.

Having briefly outlined my improved coustrution, I will proceed to describe the sam e -in detail reference being to the accompa. nying drawin'g in 'which is illustrated an einb'odiment thereof. 4

In this dra.wing Figure 1 is a. view showing the device applied to- 8. dress skirfi wii;h the placket half open. Fig. 2 is a. detail view showing the guide section. Fig. .3 is asegtion' taken on line 3r3 of 4. 4 is an edge view of the guide taken in the dimetion of the arrow shown in 3. is

" an enlarged detail view of one ofthe ball a.nd

socket menibers in their locking Position taken through the line 55 of 2.

The same reference characters indicate the same parts'in all the views..

Let t h e numeral 5 designate a. s kirt having I -attached thereto my improve d device. The er straps 6 are sewed or fastened to the skirt in anysuitable manner a.nd the entire length, and surronded by the edges 6 of the seid ta es 01" stra. s, are the flexible cords 7 which orm shoul ers fqr the cylindrical clam portions 8 of the ba.ll members 9 und t e poeket or soeket membefs 10.

Seid portions 8 am slotted a.t 11 as sh own in Fig= 5 to enable them tobe slipped over the edge 6 und clamped thereon.

01 socket parts 12, the two garts being counected by the reduced 01 nec art 13. Euch extremity ef the art '12 comprises a.pocket Speciflcatio1; 01' Letten Patezj1i;. Applioation am; p;il 18', 1907. Sofia! He. 368,479.

1he portiofis 8 of the 'members 10 termin'ate into' poeket Patented Aug. 1s, 1908.

er socket for the reception of one half of a bal l o'r in other wbrds the members are so located on the tapes or straps, that their ad-.

- jacent extremities, or the extremities of euch member and the adjacent extremity of the next member, together form a. pocket for one ball Euch extremity or poeket pa.rt has a recess o1 puta.way ortion 14 to 8.110W the ba.ll 150 be readily slipped into a.nd out of seid pocketsr At Ehe upper extremi-ty of the members9 formed projections 15 termina.ting into balls L6 which are adapted to enter. a.nd be l0cked in the poekets of the members 10. The members 9 a.nd 10 are arranged on the stra'ps 6 on oppo site sides of anddownwardly termina ting into one channel 23, which is formed in-thelower extremi ty 'of seid guide member" 17 between the chsmnels 22. The edges 24 of seid guide member are separated enough to allow the st1 o1. tapes 6 to freely therethrough,

means cf the stud or pin' 25.

- When the entire device is assembled, the

channels 21 and 22, the balls occupying the The channels 21 converge tbward the center the plaeket, a.nd durmg the lockmg a.nd u ns a1d edges being held in p osition by ball members 9 are passed through one set of channel 21, wliile the clamping portions of seid members oceupy channel 22; in the -san'ie manner the pocket or soketmembers occupy the other 'set of channels 21 and 22, and the tapes o'r straps to which the members 9 and 10 are a.'litached, extend thrugh the edges 24 of the Parts 18. As the guide is "pulled upwa.rd, the ba.ll a.nd socket members pas s" throgh the cha.nnels 21 und 22 und.

interlock in the channel 23. As the mmbers enter channel 23 the a.djalce1it extremities of the pocket members 10 opian just enough to allow the balls 120 enter said pockets and be -=loc ked 1zherein.t When the .-guide member waches the top of the tapes or straps it is fastened in any suitable manner to the band pulling on the up er extremity ofthe tapes or straps the mem ers 9 and 10 p ass through seid guide in the op os1ted1reetmn und are unlocked. After t e placket has been closed, the flap 26 is adapted to b e folded over to cover my deviee.

.It must be undrstood that this device can be applied t0 various things es: portin'as, gloves andi blankets, and that the coustruction herein descr1bed may be varied without de artin from the spirit of my invention as efine by the appended elaims.

Claims of suflieient scope to include the eonstruction described sind elaimed in this spplieation, gare contained in my later ap lieatiori entitled Improvements in sepdra le fasteners Serial N0. 424263, filed Mareh 30,- 1908.

Having thus deseribed my invention, what Iclaimis:

. 1. A air of flexible devices rovided with hell and? members arranged to interlock when passed through seid gu ide, substantially as de- 30 scribed.

- 2. A devicf the dass deseribed, comrising a guide, a pair Obstraps, ball mem- Eers mounted 01 one of Lid. straps and poeket members inounted on the other strap,

poeket members, an a;guide, saidl aoeose seid ball member s adapted to enter the pocket members und be-locked thereby es theyere assed through said guide.

3. A evice of tl1e dass deseribed, Comp'rising a uide,*male smd female members, said mem e1 s havi11g ball projieetions and pockets therefor, seid guide having arranged therein suitable eharinels whereby the male und female members interlock as they pass therethrough.

4, .A ddsvice of the dass -deseribed, corn grising a, guide, a. pair of straps, ball memers mounted 011 one of saiid straps sind .pocket members on the.other strap, seid ball members ad'a ted to enter the poeket members and to lEe locked thereby as they are passed -through seid guide, und seid poeket members being prov1ded with recesses for the easy insertion and removal of the baIl members substant ially as deseribed.

- 5. A air of flexible dev ices prvided with ball an pbeket menibers und ada'pted 120 be fastened to"the plaeket of a dress skirt, and

a. suitable g1iide therefor, slidably mounted Y upon seid flexible devices, seid members being arranged 110 engageand dis zng age es the guide is moved 1n opposite directions along seid flexible members.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature in presence of twe witnesses'.



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