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Publication numberUS897290 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 1, 1908
Filing dateMar 26, 1907
Priority dateMar 26, 1907
Publication numberUS 897290 A, US 897290A, US-A-897290, US897290 A, US897290A
InventorsAlbert Exton Jacobs
Original AssigneeAlbert Exton Jacobs
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Pneumatic eye-protector.
US 897290 A
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v rwrrgm mm A rmrprq Uilri hi 33 i ririiiiirr;

"IR/i1 EXTON JACOBS No. 8922290. Qpecificaticn 02 Frumctors, cl" Which she rollowing fixation This 'mveiiticn. rcla t to impriwvmmitri in a pncimmiyic (lcvice or ryc pwier-l'or oi' ihz'r'l' class in which-{ wo eye-pisses, mimic o'i vulcanized ru h her tuhing or cthm suiiirble ma.- terial, are joined iogi'itlxer-iis l; inhuhar nose bridge, forming ii pair oi gs lcs i-o ho worn by the chsmii'our of an mitomolii'ilv, ill! motorman 05 an electric car, lhc rngginmrr of a locomotive, or the driver of any olhrrlaiggh s eed vehicle. Each of the 0 ,o-piecm, in tlie periphery thereof, is iornml with a lino slot or series of holes; through which a current ofuir in motion is passed from an ai receivingtank, being part of tho nir-hmlais equipment of steam or 010. :tric 5211's and affixed thereto in the usual Way, Sill(l cur-v rent of air being carried iron: Hilhl haul; by means of metal Plplfi and 'llvxihlv luhing in the proper placoin closo woximiiy to thr- 0 erator, Whether behind his h zlll or to tho sldes thorooi.

The object of the im'rniion in pro said device. or goggles with :2 curtain oi moiion in from of rich oyr-pierir ing from all ilirimtiom' m3 pohil inn atcly in. from of the ron'ivr o1" ouch c i--pi u-o, thus dlspcnsmg with tho ill-8O of the glass 5 lenses usually )lacml there {or the purpose of prctccting tho eyes from the ciiimncr. oi dust or other foreign H'IZLULEK. I

The elements of luhe invcnlion will soverally and at large :ippsar inv thrfollowing description, and they will he sopzirzrioly or, combinmlly sob i'orlh or pointml out in film appendd claim or claims.

hc purposvs of tho invcniioi' :i-ro :rtt-irhiml by tho mechanism, devices and menus illuw similar rrl'r-roncc characters to i'hmigxmlv lilw parts throughout Lhc sown-ill \ivwhin WhlGll l Figure 1 1s a front elevation of lho pnir ol line :1; :1: in Fig. l, .,.so\ving tho hollow portion ho nir-rm-rivhur milk.

Saivt. l, 1986.

ll'Jil-Y. ll'o. 35l75.

of the air ilicrhtlirouglr. with p61- tiom or" 'tlie'ileriiulc tubing; connecting the ends; of mill oyo-pioccs'with ihe aim'ecciving 'ilxinh, hi-i'orh :nenif ncil; is a plan of m i-nil poriiorw of said flexible tubing, llhiiiliir" pinto :H1tziclrcil thereto to said mxihlrtubing position when .l gogglos 211T applied to hoard of the ope ator: Fig. 4- is 217; ch. o/iion of Fig. 3 as; it? zi'gapmiria whvn viiw'oal from below; 5% iv. an mini-god 'x 'i-riicai section of the right (ml (yo-plow, when on tho line 3 'y in Fig. 2, as it appears whim viewed from the right; li {"3 i.-;- 2m i-lrvnl-iou 0i i SUillilijlfi airwaiiil'v'lllf tank, hol'orc iHQDiJiOTKKi, with the anal pi rlions oi lghrflexible llllijlllfl, in place; l ig T'is an oloyiiticn of the outlet nozzle of Skill-l air-archiving mink, showing a valve to rogulnio the: iiow oi air 'l'l'lQIQilUHL in the drawing A ilosigmitcs the pneumatic lovici or eye protector, lmlurc mentioned, "til/i1 the and portions of the flexible tubing from the receiving mnh scrurcil to nipples (L of the (yo-pieces oi the goggle ironic A, the line slot :1 iormorl in tho rim o'leach of szrhl 9. 0-piQ0m-5 lwihp; so plnrml in l'ront o!" (m-h oi' siiizi vjr'o-pim-os as to lir =rl \ho air, passing ihorolhrough, iii: an angle of, 'l'orty-fivi lo o5, l':"-'(l';i:illf,f lrom all (lii'cutions, "iowzrrrl 1hr. whim, hub in front oi' snirloyooyos. ihror-hrzmrhcd tubular device or for-la A; proiomhly oi metal, has the forward cmls a" (1 ol two oi its branches scoured into this :uljm-rni owls of said ilcxilalc'ftu bing, 'whilo iho rw-rr c'mlS of 2Lil branches are rurwil marl joined by the forward and a of lho lhirrl hrimoh, lrhus romplciingihe fork, whirl: llltw ils rom- (nil secured into thc adjar' (t-ill om] ol' 1hr lloxihlo tubing leading from A; racial plate A, rurwrl us xhmvn in i ig. 3, has its cnils a i'ormorl will] rlump rings aflwhich embrace 1hr lli-xihlo tubing ill, tho roqiliroil distance liom 1hrronr omla ihorooi. il'iitlti' plate in holrl rho l()Ll"WiU'(l, portions oi the lhax. lv tubingin position Whom sirhl tubing is uppllml lo rho hcsril oi The operator.

ii." designates one oi lhc air-receiving tanks, 7

lmlorc rvlorroil to, Whii'h provided with an tubing, before mentioned.

tubing, shown in Fig. 7, as connecting the intake nipple a, to, which is attached the adjacent end of a tube or metal pipe conveying compressed air from the airpump, which is partof the usual air-brake mechanism, while an outlet pipe a receives the adjacent end of the flexible tubing communicating with the eye-pieces of the goggle frame and conveys the air from said tank to said goggle frame, only portions of which tubing or pipe are shown in the drawing.

In Fig. 7 is shown,,a piece of metal tubing (1, supplied with a globe valve A to regulate the llow of air from the tank to the eyepicces, said. metal tubing having its ends secured. in the adjacent, ends of the flexible nipples of the metal pipe (1 with the air tank, may be omitted and the metal pipe may be continued direct from the air tank to the desired point, so as to bring the globe valve A to a point within easy reach of the opcrat or, but any other suitable valve may be used in place of the globe valve, here mentioned.

An air accumulator, which is preferably in the form of a funnel, may be applied to the front part of the vehicle, having its open end forwardly and its converging sides rearwardlv disposed, forming; the apex of a horizontal cone, which apex is secured my 'the forward end a of the third branch, so as to have interior connection thcrcthrough with the fork A conducting the air accumulated by .raid funnel intothe flexible tubing; of the eye-pieces. The construction of this funnel and its tubular connection being so well known that the separate illustration thereof is deemed superfluous.

it will here be remarked that I. do not limit myself to the precise construction hcreinbcfore described, for minor alteratrons may be made without departmg ironr the spirit of the invention,

The invention having thus l'iecn ascerrtained and described, and the manner in which its functions are performed fully shown and. set forth what is considered new The fleXibl e plate l'ormet and desired to be secured by Letters Patent 1s:

1. in a device of the class described, consisting of an eye protector, a frame formed of two adjacent tubular circular eye frames formed with openings in their periphery, a tubular nosebridge connecting" said eye frames, means for connecting said eye frames to flexible pi ing, and meansfor supporting said flexil) e tubes and securing the device to the head of the wearer, for the purpose set forth.

2. in a device of the class described, consisting of an eye protecting frame formed of tubular circular eye frames; openings formed in the )6ll)l1( 1, of said eye frame, a tubular nose-l ri fge the ends of which are secured to the adjacent sides of said eye frames, nipples secured to said eye frames, flexible tubes having their forwardends secured to said nipples and their rear ends secured to a if-shaped connectin pipe, means for circulating air through said tubes and nipples, and means for liberating said air from the openings in the periphery of said frames.

3. in a device of the class described, an eye protecting frame, formed of two tubular eye frames, openings through the walls of their periphery, a tubular nose-bridge connecting said eye frz'nnes at adjacent points up'van their periphery, nipples secured to said eye frames at their extreme opposite outer cdg0s,lleXiblc tubes having their forward ends secured to said nipples, a Yshaped tubular connection connecting the rear ends of said flexible tubes with each other and to a source of air supply, a curved slide 1 with clam ings embracing said flexible tubes and slidab y ad irstable thereon.

in testimony whereof I ahix my signature, in presence of two subscribing witnesses.


Witnesses l\'lAlP-EL L. LEFEVRE, CnAs. F. BOWMAN.

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