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Publication numberUS89759 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1869
Publication numberUS 89759 A, US 89759A, US-A-89759, US89759 A, US89759A
InventorsJohn W. Gosling
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US 89759 A
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J.'W. aosuwe, v

Carriage Wheel Fender. N0. 89,759. Patented May 4. 1869.

. iilltiiiiid j @attwi flink. 7


' 'Lette'rs Patent N0. 9,759, dated May 4, 1869.

mxrndyrrimmwr mfq1mmnarnsnnrs Am: wnr:rmrnnnnns.

I'be Schelflereferred to in thes Letters Patent and making pa.rt of the aame.

- wheel-fender patented to me 011 the 26th day cf February, 1867, and consisizs in-- First, the provision, a.ronnd the sicles .and back of the step, of a! raised margin or boxing, whieh, in 0011 junebion with the flap or platze 0f my patent, serves to mbre completely proteet ishe step from mnd and dirt than ean be done by the flap alone.

Second, a pivoted conneetion bet;ween the flap proper, and tha,t part of it whieh is hinged to the caniage-door,

whereby the devieeis mde applicable 110 amueh greaber variety of styles and proportions of parts in the carwage. y Thiid, the provision 0f a 11p -er eushion of rubber, 0x other suitable material, ab the freut: edge of 1:11e' step,to save the step from eoncussion aud r atizling.

In the aecompanying drawings, portions f a eatriage-body, profided with my improved flap, are shown in perspeetive i Figur'e 1 repnsenting the flap in its elosed, and Fignre 2, in its open condition. A represents the earxiage-body. B, the rear wheial. O, the dem: D, the step.

d is a. raised. rim or boxing,around the back and si ies of be step, 110 the rea sides of the obliquelyprojecting bars F F, which support. the f ront edge of *the step. v

Bolted, 01 othenwise secured 150 tzhe ouiqer edge of the stkap, is pad o1 eushion, G, of rubber or leaiiher,- 110 r eceive the impaec of the door in the aot of closing -the same, and- 130 preven t rattling.

Proj ecting fiom thecorner of the step yvhich is nearest 130 the rear wheel, is an eye, H, whieh receives the bar Lupen the rea.r edge 0f the flzpp or plante E, whose upper end is attaehed, by a pivot, J, to aJ short fla.p er

nection, 130 the lqwer edge of the (1001,- 01 is itself flexible.

It will be seen, that by n1ea.ns of my above-deseribed improvements, the dimensions and relative distanees of the door, ishe step, aud the wheel .ea.u be allowed 130- hake a mach wider range, and that.the builder 02m arrange these parts 110 che best advantage, without reference 110 the step-eove-r, whose sliding lower connection, and. pivoted and hinged upper conneotion, enable it 130 assume any position required.

\ The flap, in this arrangement, is not necessarily flexible, and maty be 0f metal, leaisher, wood, or other s'uitaable material.

I elaim herein as new, and of my invention- G, and connections H I, epnstrueted, arranged, and' operating as am]. for the purpose sei; forth.

2. The a1rangementof flap E, having the eombin'ed pivoted and hinged. connection 170 the carriage-door, a.nd slidin conneetion iso the step, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

3. The pad er cushio n G, when used in oombination w1'th the fixed step D d, F, and flap E, in the 1'nanner a.nd for the purpose deseribed.

In testimony of whieh invent1on, I hefeunto sei: m?



' Witnesses;

G110. H. Knaur, J ms H. LAYMAN.

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Cooperative ClassificationB62D25/18