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Publication numberUS897783 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 1, 1908
Filing dateJun 19, 1908
Priority dateJun 19, 1908
Publication numberUS 897783 A, US 897783A, US-A-897783, US897783 A, US897783A
InventorsAlexander J Reynolds
Original AssigneeAlexander J Reynolds
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US 897783 A
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No. 897,783. 4 PATENTED SEPT. l, 1908.



LPPLIoATloH FILED Dnc.1o,19o4. nnunwnn nm: 19, 190s.

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PATENTED SEPT. 1, 19 08.`



APPLIogTmN FILED Dno.1o,19o4. nnxnwn :un: 19. 190e.

NORWALK WELLS lenunvlu.:

sursaut Husum civLou Manus sunuvswe LonluN Roof non suc aux AVON LINDA s1' Mcm msx CLEVELAND hslanlulnwlma m51: le

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Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented sept. 1, 1908.

Application filed. December 10, 1904, Serial No. 236,314.'y Renewed June 19, 1908. Serial No. 439,453.

To all whom it may concern."

Be it known that I, ALEXANDER J. REY- NoLDs, a citizen of the United States, residing at Cleveland, in the county of Cuyahoga and State of Oliio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Tickets; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear,

- and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it pertains to make and use the same.

My invention relates to what is known as conductors cash fare tickets, of that type in which a part of the ticket is given to, and supposed to be retained by the passenger as receipt for his fare, and another part which contains a record of the amount received by the conductor, the latter being turned in to the auditor or proper official of the road, the object of the tlcket being to prevent any dishonesty on the part of the conductor against the passengers and the company.

The ticket forming lthe, subject-matter of the application embodies a passengers slip and a voucher lslip, the slips being identical p in form and superimposed one on the other with a sheet of transfer material interposed between the slips and secured around its edges to the voucher'sli in order that it will be maintained normal y intact with said voucher` slip so as to serve as a means for concealing the marked face of the latter.

The invention resides in the novel features and details of construction, as will be hereinafter fully set forth and claimed.

In thedrawings Figure I is a view showing the tickets in pad form so as to be easily accessible and forming aback to su port the ticket. Fig.II illustrates the seale voucher or return voucher showing a portion of the cover of the voucher, at the upper portion, laid over, and at the lower portion torn away. Fig. ,III is a view of the detached passenger receipt. Fig. IV illustrates a modification of the return voucher. Fig. V illustrates a full ticket made according to my invention. Fig. VI illustrates the arrangement of the tickets in relation to each other, and Fig. VII illustrates a complete ticket folded and sealed..

In the :drawings I .have illustrated the ticket and return vouchers as I consider them best adapted and most convenient for the purpose, and objects above set forth. But it is obvious that I do riot Wish to confine myself to the specific arrangement. as the same may be `modified without departing suitable type,

from my invention, and hence in the following description I will describe and setforth only my invention as it is embodied and illustrated in the drawings.

A represents a passengers receipt record ticket upon which is printed dierent characters, such as stations amounts and dates, if desired, and also, if found necessary the proper instructions to passengers and conductorsv and the title of the road or owner or issuer of the ticket. Forming part of, or lying directly underneath this ticket, is a voucher slip B, having characters thereon coinciding with the passengers receipt ticket and being so arranged that as the passenger receipt ticket A is marked to properly indicate the amount received by the conductor from the passenger, this mark is transferred, throu h the sealed cover B, to the sealed return ody, and clearly indicating on the sealed voucher, although the indication, in its relation to the sealed voucher, is not apparent to the conductor, and cannot be tameredI with or altered by him, as the rule is that this voucher or return guard,.shall be returned to the auditor or to the company unsealed or untampered with.

For the purpose of the above, I refer tO form the tickets, concealing part, an voucher in one sheet and to double them upon themselves, as illustrated in Fig. VI, and padding them either in continuous sheets, as illustrated in Fi I, which is vthe preferable method, or ormin them individually as illustrated in Fig. V I, with pro er indentations or perforations, whereby t e complete ticket may be removed from the tab orpad, when one is usedz and the passengers receipt severed from the return voucher. Also as illustrated in the drawings, I provide the inner surface with a transfer material which u on pressure of the'4 marking pencil or arti-l c e, wlll transfer to the auditors check or voucher, a character or indicationf" showing the' amount received and other re istere matter on the passengers receipt. owever instead of coating the inner surface of the inner art, B', with a transfer material, I may emp oy transfer or carbon pa er, B2, of any tothe printed face of the auditors check. As a furt'her precautionary method, if found necessary ,the transfer medium', between the part B and the face of the auditors check, I may provide different colored transfer mediums on the different tickets or on the same with its coated ace contiguous ticket, at different portions thereof. Also `instead of using either of the above, I may employ a tool to indent or to punch the re quired receipt, which indentation or punch orifice will be properly shown upon the auditors check ticket, When it is opened.' I do not however consider this as an equal guard against dishonesty as the-method of marking or indenting, above set forth. The transfer material may also be em lo ed in connection Wgilsh the punching met o if found advisa e.

In forming the tickets I themvin sheets Whereon is lrlnted the passengers recei t ticket A, and etWeen it and the auditors c eck is located the coverBQWhich as hereinbefore stated by me, is preferably coated with a suitable transfer material. Thus any number of tickets, differently numbered may be rinted, the number of the auditorfs check ein the same as that of the preferably print passengers receipt, or the purpose of check# lng up the conductorsaccount or returns and these sheetsfolded as illustrated in Fig. VI

form a pad as illustratedin Fig. I. My invention may employed for ticket a ents check as Will be clearly apparent. T e characters upon the passenger receipt are immaterial with they exception, as to' noting the amount received or the services to be rendered or paid for. Also the characters upon the audltors check are immaterial With the exception that they indicate to the \auditor the amounts that should be .received or have been received or other actions of like nature by the conductor.

As hereinbefore stated I do lnot limit my ticket `or the invention embodied therein to thearrangement illustrated and set forth in the description, as modifications' can be made and undoubtedly will be made to adapt it to different services. i

What I claim is:

A ticket comprisinga passengers slip and a voucher slip, the passengers slip and voucher slip being identical in form and superposed one on the other, and a sheet of transfer material interposed betweenv said slips and affixed around its edges to the edges ofthe voucher slip normally concealin Athe face of the voucher slip and also normal y remaining intact With said slip.'

Signed at Cleveland in thecounty of Cuyahoga and State of Ohio, this 28 day of November, 1904. n l




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