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Publication numberUS897789 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 1, 1908
Filing dateSep 12, 1906
Priority dateSep 12, 1906
Publication numberUS 897789 A, US 897789A, US-A-897789, US897789 A, US897789A
InventorsEdward A Schneider
Original AssigneeEdward A Schneider
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US 897789 A
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18 i b1 asses No. 897,789. I PATENTED SEPT. 1, 1908.





Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented se e 1908.

Application filed September 12, 1906. Serial 334,328.

I To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, EDWARD A. SCHNEI- DER, a citizen of the United States, residing a perspective view of a match box constructed in accordance with my invention, Fig. 2 a front elevation of the same, Fig. 3 a vertical longitudinal section of the same.

Referring particularly to the drawings my improved match safe comprises a receptacle 1 approximately rectangular in cross section having a hinged lid or cover 2, whereby access may be gained to the interior of the receptacle for the insertion of the matches in quantity.

ing secured to the bottom of the receptacle slightly in rear of the relatively forward wall,

Within the receptacle is arranged a transversely disposed feeding partition 3, which is secured to the relatively rear wall of the receptacle and inclines forwardly and downwardly therefrom toward the forward wall, the relatively lower end of the partition beas shown in Fig. 3. A delivery box 4 is formed integral with the receptacle 1, com

prising side walls 5 projecting in alinement' with the side wall of the receptacle and the forward wall 6, extending in spaced parallel relation to the forward wall of the receptacle. The wall of the box 4 is preferably spaced from the forward wall of the recepta-v p minates mow the relatively upper surface of a the bottom edge of the box, said bottom be- 1ng formed with a finger recess 8 having a curved lower wall, which at the rear end terminates in coincidence with the upper surface of the receptacle bottom slightly in rear below the normally upper surface of the box bottom, all as clearly shown in Fig. 3. The forward wall of the receptacle 1 is also formed with a finger opening 9 disposed in alinement with the finger opening 7 in the box wall and terminating on a plane above the upper edge of the box wall, the opening 9 opens through the lower edge of the forward wall of thereceptacle, it being understood that said forward wall terminates a distance above the upper surface of the receptacle bottom to provide a match channel 10 between said botfiom and the lower edge of the forward wa In use the matches 11 disposed within the receptacle 1 are directed by the inclined partition 3 to and through the channel 10 and v into the delivery box, from which they may be removed by'grasping the match with the fingers and elevating the same in the space ceptacle and the wall 6 of the box, the graspopenings7 and 9 and the rounded recess v 8. As the recess 8 is formed wholly in the bottion of the match overlying the recess is free .of contact with any. portion of the device, and thereby in position to be conveniently grasped.

In connection with the description itis to tial height, being in this connection distinct from devices of similar character in which a simple flange is provided to retain the match in delivery position. The wall-6 is of such height as to require a very material elevation of the match in order to effect its comtial features of the invention. By this construction children and others are prevented from efiecting a delivery of the match without the operation referred to, and thereby the desired protection is afiorded. Itis to be further noted that. the substantial height of the wall 6 acts to effectually conceal the match therein except at the opening 7, and thereby serving as a further protection in that the presence of the match in the delivery box would ordinarily be unnoticed.

The invention primarily contemplates the formation ofthe receptacle 1 and delivery box as a single article, in which event, of course, the bottom of the receptacle and the providedbetweenthe forward wall of the rebe particularly noted that the relatively for-. ward wall 6 of the delivery box is of substanplete delivery, and this is one of the essening of the match being facilitated by the tom of the device it obvious that the porbottom of the box may be of the same piece.

It is to be understood, however, that the independentformation of these parts are contemplated if desired. 1

The relatively rear wall of the receptacle 1 is preferably formed with a transversely disposed opening 12, forming with the opening 9 in the forward wall a means for the c1rculation of air .through the box to prevent deterioration of the matches therein.

Having thus described the invention what is claimed as new, is

A match safecomprising a receptacle with a bottom extending beyond the front Wall thereof, and having thereon'a vertical .front wall and vertical side walls so as to form a match delivery compartment therein, the front wall of the receptacle having an opening therein, and said front wall of the match delivery com artment having a similar opening arranged in alinement therewith,

a transverse opening arranged between the lower edge of the front wall of the receptacle and the upper surface of said extension, an

wall of the match delivery compartment, and

a transverse ventilating opening arranged in the rear wall of the receptacle and above the upper secured end of the feeding partition substantially as specified.

' In testimony whereof, I affix my signature in presenceof, two witnesses.



' 0. H. DEAN.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47F1/08