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Publication numberUS898293 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 8, 1908
Filing dateOct 16, 1907
Priority dateOct 16, 1907
Publication numberUS 898293 A, US 898293A, US-A-898293, US898293 A, US898293A
InventorsCharles Wesley Warren
Original AssigneeWarren Mfg Co
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US 898293 A
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31 cm U/mrlcsn eslqy Warrm q/vihmo "04 1 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Sept. 8, 1908.

Application filed October 16, 1907. Serial No. 897,668.

i WARREN, a citizen of the United States, re-

siding at Marion, in the county of'Grant and State of Indiana, have invented new and useful Improvements in Containers, of which the following is a s eoification.

This invention re ates to containers, being designed to provide a container of sim le construction which may be interchangeably used as a box or bottle for holding various substances, the invention having for its particular object to provide a container of this character which may be conveniently and inexpensively manufactured of a single piece of paper or other sheet material and which when closed in bottle form will be provided with the usual filling and discharge mouth ada ted to be closed by an ordinary stopper. The invention consists of the features of construction hereinafter fully described and v claimed, and is illustrated in the accompanymg drawing, in which Figure 1 is a rear perspective view of the container. Fig. 2 is a front perspective view thereof. Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the container in partly folded or closed condition. Fig. 4 ma plan view of the blank from which the container is formed.

Referring to the drawing, 1 designates the blank, which is of oblong rectangular form and composed of a sheet of pa er, cloth, leather, metal, rubber or other sl ieet material. The side edges of this blank are cut inwardly on oblique lines to produce short end walls 2 adapted to be bent up ,vertically on the transverse dotted lines 3 to form supporting flanges, each of said walls being provided with a pair of triangular side wings 4 adapted to be bent inwardly on the dotted lines 5. The central portion 6 of the body of the blank is designed to form the bottom of the completed box or bottle, and the end portions 7 and 8 thereof are designed to form the front or rear or opposing side walls of the box or bottle, said portions 7 and' 8 being bent u wardly on the transverse dotted line 9 which are in alinement primarily with the side edges of the end Walls 2. i

In the o eration of forming the container from the b ank just described, the end walls 2 are first turned upward to avertical position on the dotted lines 3 and the wings or flanges 4 bent inwardly on the dotted lines 5, as indicated in Fig. 3, after which one of the walls 7 is bent upwardly on the adj scent dotted line 9 and pasted or otherwise secured at its lower free edges to the walls 2 and similarly secured at the base of the body portion to the/adjacent wings 4 of said wall. By this construction, the body or side walls 7 will have its side edges turned forwardly in the form of folds 10 which are held by an oblique disposition of the walls 2 at converging angles, the upper free ends ofsaid folds or side edges being arranged to overlap and pasted or otherwise united at the point 11 to impart to the body thus formed a triangular or pyrami dal sha e and to provide at the apex thereof a filing and discharge opening 12. The other side wall 8 of the container is then bent upward on the contiguous dotted line 9 and its side edges bent inwardly on converging angles to rovide folds 13 similar in arrangement to t e folds 10 and to impart to said wall a form corresponding to the wall -7. After the said wall 8 is bent up it is pasted or otherwise'secured at the base of its body to the adjacent wings 4 and its folds 13 passed around the folded wall 7 so that the upper free edges of said wall 8 will overlap upon the back of the wall 7, as indicated at 14, thus completing the construction of the container. It will be understood that the folds 13 are pasted or otherwise secured to the Wall 7 and their overlapping portions at the point 14 similarly secured to each other, thus providing a receptacle of pyramidal form which, notwithstanding its inexpensive construction, will be strong and durable and withstand rough usa e without collapsing and breaking. The mouth of the container thus formed may be closed by an ordinary form of stopper 15. ,Owing to the fact that the portions of the walls ofathe base of the container lie at converging angles and-are firmly united, and to the fact that the side walls 7 and 8' are firmly bound and united without connecting joints, it will be understood that a rigid construction is obtained and that when the material used is of a waterproof character, the receptacle may be employed as a bottle for holding various kinds of liquid without liability of leakage. In the use of the device as a bottle or receptacle for liquids or solids in powdered or comminuted form, it ma be filled through the opening 12 and closed y the stopper 15. In using the device as a container for solids, such as candies and the like, it may be filled before securing the closing wall 8, which may then be removably fastened in position so that it will serve the function of a cover which ma be readily 0 ened.

It will t us be seen t at-the invention provides a form of receptacle which is not only strong and durable, but may be manufactured of paper or other sheet material in an inexpensive manner and is well adapted as a container for both solids and liquids. When used as a container for drugs or medicines, the front and rear of the container may have printed thereon suitable forms, such as indicated, denoting the character of the contents or to receive directions for use or other matter.

Having thus described the invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1. A container 'of the character described composed of a single piece of material and comprising a bottom and opposing side walls one arranged to envelop the other, said walls being of pyramidal form and arranged to roduce at t opening.

2. Acontainer of the character described e apex thereof a filling mout or formed from a blank sheet of material and comprism a bottom, upright end pieces integral witli the bottom, and side pieces integral with the bottom and secured to said end pieces, said side pieces having their free side edges turned inwardly in converging relation with their upper ends overlap ing, one of the side pieces aving its side e ges enveloping the other, thus forming a container of pyramidal form and having an opening at the apex thereof.

3. A container of the character described comprisin a bottom wall and side walls fixed at t eir lower ends thereto, said side Walls being folded into tapered form and one arranged 'to envelop the other, the portions of the walls being secured to provide a body of pyramidal form and having a mouth at the apex thereof.

In testimony whereof I" alfiX my signature in presence of two witnesses.


Witnesses: D. H. WALLACE, Z'EB E. BooE.

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