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Publication numberUS898391 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 8, 1908
Filing dateAug 8, 1906
Priority dateAug 8, 1906
Publication numberUS 898391 A, US 898391A, US-A-898391, US898391 A, US898391A
InventorsOlof Peterson
Original AssigneeThomas D Temple, Olof Peterson
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Chandelier-hanging device.
US 898391 A
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No. 898,391. PATENTED SEPT. 8, 1908.


Z I 22 25 i:


Gfiifilil No. mneoi.

Application filed August 8, 1906.

To aZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that i, GLO}? PETERSON, a cit-i Zon oi the United States, i'eoidin; in Do Roll; in the county of Dolioll: and State of Illinois, have invented a new and uool'ul imillustrated in the acooiupnnying droning, in i which lotteriliguro l is a vorticnl section of my invention. F 2 is :r bottom plan of tho porcelain disk or board, and Fig. 3 a like plain of the crows foot employed in the invention.

Referring to the drawing, 5 represents tho ceiling or other portion of the building to which the lamp is attached, and (5 represents tho orows foot by which the attachment oil'a ted. llii.-i device is secured to tho coiling in any suitable Way, for instance by screws 7. The orows foot is disk shape l or heinisphericol as plainly shown at Fig. 1. T he ehundolicr is attached to o piece of tubing 8, and this tubing is tin-muted intlo a. nippie 9, having side ports or openings 16 for the electric wires. At its uppor end, this nipple is throoded into a tubular extension 11 otinched to the (up or heniisphorioally shaped hood or supportin'g annulus 12. This Suppoi-ling annulus is located above and wiihin tho (impressed portion of the orows foot and rvsts thereon or upon theiusuiating waehor interposed hotween the two, and dim tubular extension ii. extends domiward through the crow s loot, as glziiniy shown. The; opening 1%. in the crows foot is madelarger th n the tubular extension 13, so that tho i'hundciier only swing a iimiiod disiance in any horizontal direction without bringing iho tubular extension against the \hsoll oi the opening id or against iiIG downward ilougo 15 provided upon thoinsulo'ting Washer 13.

the onizulus l2 and the oroivo foot are 'iispherioai it \Ylligbe seen that when 3 the iaxno is iii no it Wlil nuioinaticail Y move both h Specification of Lactate Fat-exit.

21's and lignis; and ono of itsv Serial No, 82 ,862.

y viii-iii l J t; oduptod movement witlioul. intt-rl'oi'onoof chuudolior or iixiuro iois lius :is proper position, it is reorgurod in sun. I by moons of o hmuisphoriczil i' dlou'cr rounding the tubular ision lion l Hur- In 11 and ii; [on

. oi po. ion of. tho .1 ire.

l H? a porcelain (llrlli or board ia'luria iron ploy to o niort the aontzu-is in l line and ti 0 iixiure WlFPS ooted. it i.-; provided on at opposiio Sidlfr; with plates I screws 2]. if pon the endoof those plot-on are blocks 22 Stit'ill'tti thereto by SL'l'UWS 2;; and

'WHGS may bu solrli'rod. 'ihoso terminals are readily and independently rouioi'nble l rol leasing the screws 315, whirh is :1 matter of l convenience oi times both in putting in'nnd i repairing the Wire ooi'inoctions, as in saves cutting the Wires. The disk is supported by l a nut 25 threaded on ihe oxionslon ll, niul said out loosely his the extonsii'm so that it is very readily positioned, and is provided with openings 26 through which the line wires may pass.

An important zidvz'mtnge attending the. use of the nipple 9 found in the iiioi' that it con be secured to the (tlllllh-Giitlf or other fixture mien the hitor is; wired, and tho part it) al ford opportunity for pizllingout tho wirr-s so that they con be. (litiliitiiilll' i-onnwtod at. tho porcolnin disk in the ,iuzinnor above do scribed.

crows foot and moving a depend h mi sion, the (,OflilQi' ion to the lump, oi l the nipdo or union threaded to the oxi'imio and y the coni'iection, and having side poiwires.

provided with itllllliilrllm' 24 to whiirll the 1 the insulnted :siiuporting head rooting-in no of & dishad crows foot, a head OI EZlward flange 15, and a second insulating an the chatd elier 01* 1mm fitting the Wwher 1'? between tha head and the folinterior of the GEfOWS 05m, and having a deiower.

gezlciing tubulm extension, a, follower below OLOF PETERSON; the prows i 'oot aqd mounted upcn sa-ld ex- Wmnessss: tensmn, anmsulatmg washer 13 between'the L. P. SEAHQLM,

crows foot and tha head and having a down- Elan ANDERgO'N

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